Choice Quotes

Captain America: Reborn #1

Vision – But that is how Captain America died… and America lost it’s symbol of hope…

Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia

It’s appropriate this comic was released around the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.  The X-Men have always been an allegory of race relations and now tells the oppression of those with “different” sexual orientations.

Simon Trask – And all we need to do to make sure it never happens again is to gently and humanely legislate when and how mutants are allowed to breed.


Franklin Richards – Why do people hate mutants mom?  Does that mean they hate me?


Newsreporter – They’re not out as super heroes or super villains or super-anything.  They’re out in the streets tonight because a million people showed up in their hometown demanding laws be passed that forbids them to have babies.

Secret Six #11

Mr. Smyth – What do all the Great Wonders of the ancient world have in common?  The Pyramids, the Great Wall… the Godly architecture that still makes the human heart sing even after untold centuries!

Savage – They were all built by slaves, Mr. Smyth.  That is the curse they all share.

Mr. Smyth – Yes.  The mind knows that.  But the heart… the heart knows better.  Tourists flock to see these grand gestures every day, people in faroff lands hear them call.  And the cost is what, the lives and toil of a few scattered souls?  For works that last an eternity and inspire awe and greatness in all who see them?  Most of the world lives and dies for nothing and no one.  Those “slaves,” they died for all.

Thor #602

Lord Balder – I have never understood how war can be civil.  If Asgardians turned brother against brother, the results would be most uncivil… and would destroy the legacy that is my obligation to protect.

Unknown Soldier #9

Cell leader – But you fight children… people call me a bad man and even I do not kill children.  You must reimagine how you will fight your war, our war.  Will you continue to kill countless children?  Or take out a single celebrity?  One bullet can move a moutain.  It is only a question of where that bullet is aimed.