Spider-Man Saves Barack Obama

Following in the steep tradition Marvel comics on January 14th brings the team up of Spider-man and President-elect Barack Obama in Amazing Spider-man #583.  According to USA Today:

It was a natural after we learned the new president is a Spider-Man fan,” says Marvel editor in chief Joe Quesada about reports that Obama once collected Spider-Man comics. “We thought, ‘Fantastic! We have a comic-book geek in the White House.’

We do our best to be completely non-partisan and treat presidents with respect,” Quesada told USA Today. “This is not so much a pro-Obama statement but a tip of the hat to having a Spider-Man fan in the White House.

In the story by Zeb Wells, Todd Nauck and Frank D’Armata, Spider-Man stops the Chameleon from spoiling Obama’s swearing-in.  At one point, Spider-Man says he mistook Vice President-elect Joe Biden for the Vulture.

The issue will retail for $3.99, with a 50/50 split of covers.