Choice Quotes

Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #2

Dum Dum Dugan – Jackie Robinson… Cassius Clay… the world wasn’t ready for him.  It was a different time.  A different world.

Tony Stark – That doesn’t excuse it.

Dum Dum Dugan – Never said it did.  But this wasn’t baseball or boxing.  It was politics.  Different animal, different rules.  You of all people should know that.  A black man with the power he had during that time in history made people feel… uncomfortable.


Kruetz – You hypocritical liberals are all alike.  You want the world to read like a mother’s day card.  But you don’t want to do what’s necessary to keep it safe.  A safe world costs something.  Someone, somewhere has to pay the piper when the bill comes due.

Tony Stark – Machiavellianism is often used as a euphemism for corruption.

Kruetz – You would know.