Are Obama and McCain Skrulls? Can We Trust Them?

From Secret Invasion #5, this spread depicts the Skrulls informing Earth that they’ve been invaded for their own good.  Marvel made sure to include some of the important politicos of our time, Barack Obama, John McCain, and even Steven Colbert (notice the Colbert ’08 sign in the center).

IGN asked Marvel’s Executive Editor Tom Brevoort about this:

IGN Comics: There’s generally been a trend in comics not to show politicians for fear of dating comics to a particular era. Yet the double-page spread shows many real life people, including Barack Obama and John McCain. Any particular reason for this or was that simply the preference of Brian Bendis and Leinil Yu?

Brevoort: I certainly understand the concerns about not wanting the work to date, but at the same time, if you’re trying to tell a story set in the here-and-now, and one with some relevance to the world the readers live in, you’ve got to represent that world accurately, as it is.  Those specific character choices were Leinil’s—Brian’s script was more general.

Have fun looking at the spread and all of the individuals depicted!