Dan Slott on Avengers: The Initiative and It’s Real World Influences

In Wizard Magazine’s Marvel Mondays they interviewed Dan Slott this week about his work on Avengers: The Initiative. In issue #12 it did stick out of me about a character’s similar responses to a certain real world Attorney General.  Below is a snippet of the Wizard article:

One of the threads that grew out of the first year was that idea of conspiracy and deceit. The Initiative started out as a bright and optimistic idea�to train the heroes of the future. Then all this terrible stuff happened. Was that something you wanted to put in initially, or did having Gyrich and the crossovers and everything else turn you towards it?
SLOTT: One of the things I think Marvel does best is that Marvel is the world outside your window. And it would be really hard for me to write a book when you turn on your TV and see [Alberto] Gonzalez constantly saying, “I don’t recall” or a new story about Halliburton or stuff about the President’s approval ratings and have that not reflected. When the world gets happier, The Initiative will get happier. [Laughs] So you want to be able to reflect stuff that’s going on. I had so much fun in #12 where Gyrich keeps saying at the tribunal “I don’t recall.” I wonder who he’s parroting?