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Review: Mama Tits Saves the World #1

Mama Tits Saves the WorldOne of the most important, crowdfunded comics is here and Northwest Press made sure that the backers were not disappointed. If you haven’t heard of Charles “Zan” Christensen‘s new comic Mama Tits Saves the World then let me be the first to tell you that this needs to be in your collection! It is history in the making! Not only does Zan give the reader a fact-filled, informative and fun adventure and Terry Blas‘s artwork gives us something fun to look at. There’s also some fun and games thrown into the mix to educate the reader.

There aren’t a lot of comic books with LGBT characters and usually I applaud the ones where being LGBT isn’t the central issue of the characters. The difference between those and Mama Tits, is that the purpose of this comic book is to educate and entertain, so keeping the LGBT icons and drag queens in the forefront while they fight the oppression and hate is necessary to the story.

The story starts off with Mama Tits enjoying all the progress that the LGBT community has achieved. Unfortunately, she is struck with the reality that there are still bigots in the world and they will protest at any chance they get. Mama Tits calls upon the Queer Pantheon, comprised of great LGBT figures & icons and, uses her special power to unleash the truth. I really respected the fact that the protestors signs weren’t all made to say “I’m in the closet”. There was also an acknowledgment that some people are just hurt people who hurt others. It was refreshing to see that Zan didn’t go with a cop-out or a cliche when battling the bad guys.

In part two of the story, Mama Tits is dispatched to take down two super villains, who you might recognize even though they’re not named. These villains are covered in hypocrisy and within the story itself provides the reader with a glimpse of the ignorance that the LGBT community faces. Somehow in battling the bad guys Mama Tits never manages to feel like Zan is having his characters preach to the choir or convert the bigots. He manages to simply point out the flaws in the logic of most bigots and have the LGBT readers & allies cheer for the wrath of fabulousness that Mama Tits is going to unleash.

If the story isn’t enough to get you on board, Mama Tits even has some fun activity pages in it for the reader that wants to be a little more involved. From cover to cover, Zan lays his brightly colored history (and current events) lesson out in the open. The reader is made aware of the issues that the LGBT community faces. There is a message of perseverance and tolerance that is necessary in today’s political climate. I think that media especially comic books can go a long way in educating the public about important issues and the discrimination that racial and sexual minorities face. Mama Tits manages to not only tell a good story filled with fabulous fight sequences, dastardly villains (based on real life villains) and, beautiful costume changes but, it provides the reader with info that they might not have and calls them to action.

Story: Charles “Zan” Christensen Art: Terry Blas
Story: 9.1 Art: 8.7 Overall: 9.4 Recommendation: Buy

Northwest Press provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Mama Tits Saves the World from Northwest Press

Mama Tits Saves the WorldNorthwest Press is getting the word out that fabulous (and famous) drag queen Mama Tits is coming to comics in Mama Tits Saves the World!

Mama Tits made headlines when she confronted antigay protestors at Seattle Pride in 2014.

That fabulous activism inspired Northwest Press publisher Zan Christensen to team up with artists Terry Blas and Marissa Louise to bring Mama to comics.

The publisher has recently launched a funding drive on Indiegogo to cover the printing of the book, artists’ costs, and sending Mama herself to RuPaul’s DragCon to debut the comic! The funding drive runs through May 6th.

Northwest Press is an independent comics publisher that has been producing quality comics exploring the LGBT experience since 2010.




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