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Around the Tubes

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It was new comic release day yesterday, did you grab your pull list?  I didn’t, but that’s because I couldn’t sneak away from work.  The big news that broke yesterday was Julie Taymor being put to the side as far as directing the Spider-Man musical and it’s delayed…. again…. shocker.  Anyone want to take me up on the bet it doesn’t get released this year?  Below is the rest of the news that made the tubes.

Around the Tubes:

The Comic Chronicles – The difference 50 years makes – Do you know what comic sales were like 50 years ago?  The numbers as far as comics sold and revenue gained is quite interesting and makes the argument things might not be so bad.

Destructoid – Prequel for The Darkness 2 coming, will be free – A new Darkness video game is coming out and there’s a comic being released along with it.  I have a copy of the first game, but haven’t played it, any good?

Comic Book Movie – Michael Fassbender Talks Magneto’s Origins, X-Men: First Class Motives And More! -I still have no idea what to think of the movie.  The trailer gives me hope, but I’m nervous…

The Columbian – Author of graphic novel on Hurricane Katrina talks storytelling at WSUV – Washington State University Vancouver welcomed comic creator Josh Neufeld, creator of the graphic novel, A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge

Arts Beat – At Trial Over ‘Dark Knight’ Death, Prosecutor Says Guidelines Were Not Followed -I don’t remember hearing about this death on set.

Bleeding Cool – The Larry Lieber Deposition For The Kirby Family Vs Marvel Lawsuit – Bleeding Cool posts up the depositions from the lawsuit between Marvel and the Kirby family. First up is Stan Lee’s younger brother.

Bleeding Cool – The Stan Lee Deposition On The Origins Of The Marvel Universe For Kirby Family Vs Marvel Lawsuit – Next up is Stan (the man) Lee.

Bleeding Cool – The John Romita Deposition For The Kirby Family Vs Marvel Lawsuit – Legendary artist John Romita is up next.

Bleeding Cool – The Roy Thomas Deposition For The Kirby Family Vs Marvel Lawsuit -Comic writer, editor and historian rounds out the batch…

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Bleeding Cool – New Avengers #10 and Batman Inc. #3

Bleeding Cool – Sigil #1 and Captain Swing #3

Complex – The Best Comic Books This Week: Batman, Superboy, Venom and More!

Comicvine – Comic Book Reviews For The Week of 3/09/11

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WisCon Rescinds Invite to Elizabeth Moon

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WisCon which bills itself as a “feminist science fiction” convention has rescinded it’s Guest of Honor invitation to science fiction author Elizabeth Moon.  The reason for the cancellation of the invitation was due to a blog post where she covered 9/11, religion and remarks about the Islamic community center in lower Manhattan.  All pretty touchy subjects.

Organizers had expressed concern over the post but decided to rescind the invitation.

The convention will be held in Madison, Wisconsin in May, 2011.

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