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Around the Tubes

ntw_cv5_dsIt’s new comic book day tomorrow! What are you all looking forward to? Anything you’re really excited for? Sound off in the comments below!

While you decide on that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

Around the Tubes

CBLDF – Nahed Hattar Assassinated Before Start of Cartoon Blasphemy Trial in Jordan – Free speech doesn’t exist everywhere. It’s important to always remember that.

CBR – Mark Millar Wants John Cena For Superior Film – Who would you want?

Newsarama – First-Ever Jewish Comic Con Coming To Brooklyn – Very cool!

Newsarama – Iron Fist Writer Joins Hulu’s Runaways – Interesting.

The Beat – Trees looks to be headed to live-action via NBCUniversal – Nice! This is a great comic series.


Around the Tubes Reviews

Comic Attack – Aliens: Life and Death #1 (of 4)

Nothing But Comics – Black Dog: The Dreams of Paul Nash

The Herts Advertiser – Daredevil: Supersonic

Talking Comics – Nightwing #5

Talking Comics – The Vision #11

Preview: Trees #10

Trees #10

Story By: Warren Ellis
Art By: Jason Howard
Cover By: Jason Howard
Price: $2.99
Diamond ID: APR150682
Published: June 17, 2015

CONTINUING THE SECOND TREES STORY, “TWO FORESTS.” The new mayor of New York City has a plan, and it involves the drowned Downtown area. Dr. Jo Creasy doesn’t have a plan at all, and that’s why she’s been dropped into the remote Orkney Islands in search of something that might end the world.


Preview: Trees #9

Trees #9

Story By: Warren Ellis
Art By: Jason Howard
Cover By: Jason Howard
Price: $2.99
Diamond ID: MAR150512
Published: May 20, 2015

Beginning the second TREES story, “Two Forests.” The Orkney Tree, set among the standing stones of that remote island, seems almost like it was always meant to be there. But, following the events in Svalbard, it could be nothing but a vast unexploded bomb. Across the Atlantic, there is a new mayor in New York City, who grew up under the shadow of the Manhattan Tree. And he might be the bigger threat.


Preview: Trees #8

Trees #8

Story By: Warren Ellis
Art By: Jason Howard
Cover By: Jason Howard
Price: $2.99
Diamond ID: OCT140770
Published: January 7, 2015

Something is happening. There are shadows in the Chinese city of Shu, shadows falling across Cefalu and Puntland, and shadows crawling across the snows of Svalbard. Things are getting darker.


Preview: Trees #7

Trees #7

Story By: Warren Ellis
Art By: Jason Howard
Cover By: Jason Howard
Price: $2.99
Diamond ID: ICSEP140758
Published: November 26, 2014

Chenglei’s life is changing so quickly, under the shadow of the tree over Shu, that he doesn’t know if he can keep up with it. He’s worried that he’s running headlong into something awful. He has no idea what’s really waiting for him in the dark at the end of the line.


Preview: Trees #6

Trees #6

Story By: Warren Ellis
Art By: Jason Howard
Cover By: Jason Howard
Price: $2.99
Diamond ID: AUG140687
Published: October 15, 2014

Blindhail Station is a research post on Svalbard, in the Arctic Ocean, where observers have been watching a Tree since it landed ten years earlier. Out here, out of sight of the world, something is changing. And it’s going to change everything.


Review: Trees #5

Trees, a new Image series from Warren Ellis and Jason Howard, has been nothing short of interesting to follow thus far. I am not just referring to the unique story about seemingly banal trees that attached themselves to Earth from outer space, causing mass hysteria, but also to the ups and downs in quality. The series started out incredibly strong, poetically pulling one in through engrossing storytelling, and then the second issue came off as rather dull, for examples. Issue #5 is a good issue with especially captivating updates on threads that focus on individuals but sometimes boring beats on the larger picture.


The best piece of Trees continues to be the escapades of the sheepish young artist, and this issue is his best showing yet. He finds himself in a shocking situation that allows the book to expertly display the fascinating culture Ellis has developed throughout that setting. Another highlight of the issue centers upon a young woman and her attempts to learn proper combat skills, compelling for similar reasons. The old man mentoring her comes off as a great combination of creepy, noble and intelligent, offering solid characterization. The small, intimate looks at specific characters are where this book shines.

While important for forming the larger narrative at hand, the parts of this issue that instead decide to use characters as a window into bigger concepts find themselves as less enjoyable. Things get harder to understand, feeling borderline confusing at times. It all serves for the main storyline in a way that makes sense, but it just isn’t exciting either. While certainly always interesting, when there isn’t some confusion there is bound to be some boredom.

The art work is completely free of boredom, this issue providing the strongest showing since the debut. The biggest improvement found in this issue in regards to the visuals is the more interesting playing around with colors. Certain pages towards the end find themselves drenched in a certain color, making for a cooler comic to look at. As always, the scratchy, rough composition lends itself to the gloom of the situation while the slight hint of stylistic cuteness keeps things partially light and fun.

What readers are left with is a good comic that adds to an incredibly intriguing comic book. The one thing that can definitely be said of Trees is that one never knows what to expect, in terms of quality and content. This fifth issue comes out a winner, but not a gold medalist.

Story: Warren Ellis Art: Jason Howard
Story: 7.0 Art: 8.5 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation: Buy

To check out Matt’s about.me, click here

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Preview: Trees #5

Trees #5

Story By: Warren Ellis
Art By: Jason Howard
Price: $2.99
Diamond ID: JUL140584
Published: September 17, 2014

Luca has a plan for Eligia. It is not the plan she thinks it is. She is his knife now.


Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

BOOM_Sirens_001_coverBWednesdays are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in! Below are ten suggestions of comics, graphic novels, or trade paperbacks you should spend some extra time checking out and think about picking up.

Pick of the Week: George Perez’s Sirens #1 (BOOM! Studios) – The name George Pérez should say it all, but one of comics’ living masters is back with his own original title courtesy of BOOM! As an intergalactic force enslaves planets across the galaxy, the legendary team known only as the Sirens must reunite to save the galaxy—but is that even possible when the Sirens themselves don’t even remember who they are?

The Delinquents #2 (Valiant) – The first issue had me laughing the whole time. Just an amazing limited series that brings together Valiant’s Archer & Armstrong and Quantum & Woody.

Elric Vol. 1: The Ruby Throne (Titan Comics) – A stunning new comic adaptation of the classic Elric of Melniboné novels by Michael Moorcock! The ancient island of Melniboné has been ruled by Elric, the albino emperor, for millennia. Reliant on magic and herbs for his strength and prolonged life, Elric’s grip on Melniboné is crumbling, as his people slide into decadence. Now his envious cousin Yyrkoon, Prince of Melniboné, plots to overthrow him and claim the Ruby Throne for himself!

Meka (Magnetic Press) – The sci-fi action novel tells the story of two soldiers who pilot giant humanoid war vehicles called “meka” in an interstellar war. When their vehicle is disabled in the opening sequence, they must rely on their wits and each other to survive in the ruined warzone they inadvertently created.

Oddly Normal #1 (Image Comics) – It looks like a new all-ages comic from Image (though could be wrong on the all-ages part).  Meet Oddly Normal, a ten-year-old girl with pointed ears and green hair–a half-witch who will be the first to tell you that having a mother from a magical land called Fignation and a father from Earth doesn’t make it easy to make friends at school!

Stray Bullets: The Killers #7 (Image Comics) – Each issue is fantastic. What happens when when you find out you’ve been living in a prison your whole life and had no idea?

Thor: God of Thunder #25 (Marvel) – It’s an over-sized final issue before the brand new series featuring the brand new female Thor! One chapter in the God of Thunder’s life reaches its end…and another begins.

Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #33 (IDW Publishing) – IDW has been knocking it out of the park with their Transformers universe that moves the story along, but at the same time feels familiar for long time fans. What’s scarier than Megatron? Try a Megatron that’s a religious fanatic trying to do good.

Trees #5 (Image Comics) – Luca has a plan for Eligia. It is not the plan she thinks it is. She is his knife now. Warren Ellis’ series has been weird and fascinating with each issue.

The Wicked + The Divine #4 (Image Comics) -Kieron Gillen and Jamie Mckelvie’s fantastic series continues. The mystery is solved. But does pop-god Lucifer like the answer? The answer is a word that rhymes with “Go”, “Blow” and “Pro.”

Preview: Trees #4

Trees #4

Story By: Warren Ellis
Art By: Jason Howard
Cover By: Jason Howard
Price: $2.99
Diamond ID: JUN140584
Published: August 20, 2014

Chenglei is starting to find himself in Shu, the Chinese city built under a Tree: but things are starting to find him, too. There’s a storm coming, and the pressure is starting to be felt all over the world.


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