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Euro Thursday Review: Whispers in the Walls

whispers2016_8361_zoomedCzechoslovakia, 1949. What Evil lurks within the walls of an ancient children’s infirmary? After the brutal murder of her parents, Sarah, a young orphan, is about to discover that and much more. From long-buried secrets to imminent battles, the fate of man, and monster, lie with young Sarah. A gothic tale of horror from David Muñoz (co-writer of Guillermo Del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone film) and artist Tirso.

Whispers in the Walls is an interesting graphic novel in that while the story has very European roots (which will be discussed below), the art style has more in common with manga.

Written by David Muñoz, Whispers in the Walls is an entertaining read filled with double crosses and action, lots of action. It feels familiar, as the comic shares lots of familiar elements with other entertainment, most notably Underworld, but there’s enough there to make it stand out.

What’s interesting to me is the setting in 1949 and Czechoslovakia. With the specter of post-World War II on my mind when reading this I couldn’t help but think of some of the allegorical aspects to the story. On one side we have Nazis, on the other is Communists, and there’s the innocents caught in between. There’s an interesting aspect that had me trying to think which group represented what as I read this graphic novel and that upped by enjoyment factor in many ways. What could have just been a simple story about vampires, werewolves, and more, gets a layered added that adds to its depth. That sort of depth extends to the title, which while very clear its reference, could be interpreted to be so much more.

The art by Tirso is a cool mix that has an animated aspect to it mixed with manga. There’s a creepy style to it all that matches the horror roots of the series, but it also has a cool look that you’d expect in a story set in WWII. But, what really stands out to me is the fight scenes which definitely have a manga influence. Javi Montes‘ colors adds to it giving it an almost animated look to it.

Whispers in the Walls is an enjoyable read that gives us a slightly different take on the vampire/werewolf story. There’s a lot that’s enjoyable and entertaining and this is a world I’d love to see more of. While there’s a lot that’s familiar, there’s also a lot that makes it stand out.

Story: David Muñoz Art: Tirso Colorist: Javi Montes
Story: 7.5 Art: 7.95 Overall: 7.65 Recommendation: Read

Humanoids provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Preview: Chronicles Of Legion Vol. 4: The Three Faces of Evil

Chronicles Of Legion Vol. 4: The Three Faces of Evil 

STORY BY: Fabien Nury
ART BY: Tirso, Zhang Xiaoyu, Mario Alberti, Éric Henniot
PUBLISHER: Titan Comics
RELEASE DATE: August 04, 2015

Across the centuries, and in all their incarnations, the vampiric brothers Radu and Vlad continue their bloody feud. But how long can the immortals remain completely immune to the humanity of their hosts before their emotions and feelings start to merge? Now the brothers feel their will and that of the humans they inhabit become combined, and their fate, which they once felt so certain they controlled, is changed forever.

The epic conclusion to this fantasy saga will see the brothers face a new and unexpected battle – a battle for their minds.

Legion Chronicles vol4

Preview: Chronicles of Legion Vol. 3: The Blood Brothers


Writer: Fabien Nury
ARTISTS: Tirso, Zhang Xiaoyu, Mario Alberti
COVER: Tirso, Xiaoyu, Alberti
PUBLISHER: Titan Comics
RELEASE DATE: Wednesday, May 5, 2015

“I am legion… for we are many!”

In South America, Gabriella De La Fuente is quickly losing patience with her role as dutiful wife, and unleashes the full force of the terrifying power she possesses!

In Russia, Captain Armand Malachi has died, his body is no longer of any use. Among the rank and file, though, there is always a new soul to be pressed into service, a new vessel to be found…

In London, the man that was Victor Thorpe feels the judgmental eyes of society on him, and decides to take action to silence them all!


Preview: The Colossal, Blood-Steeped Series, The Chronicles Of Legion Volume 2!


STORY BY: Fabien Nury
ART BY: Tirso, Zhang Xiaoyu, Mario Alberti
COVER BY: Tirso, Xiaoyu, Alberti
PUBLISHER: Titan Comics
ISBN: 9781782760948
COVER PRICE: $10.99​/​$1​2​.99​ CAN/£9.99 UK

RELEASE DATE: Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The unholy trinity born of vampire blood is set for cataclysmic mutual annihilation as their time worn battle rages to a head…

Three lives, three incarnations of Vlad Tepes Dracula. The same blood flows in the veins of all three, the blood of Dracula. They will all be forced to take part in a fratricidal feud between Vlad and Radu: a battle that has lasted for centuries and has claimed countless lives.

South America, 1531. Doña Gabriella is surprised by her feelings for the bastard son of her future husband, the conquistador Hernan Torres.

Russia, January 1812. Captain Armand Malachi continues his search for a legendary treasure! But his followers might be getting more than they bargained for…

London, 1885. In the mansion of Lord Cavendish, Victor Thorpe faces a cruel dilemma: he stands as the only heir to Cavendish’s fortune, ready to inherit… on one condition: he must drink the cup of blood that stands before him…


Preview: The Chronicles of Legion Vol.1 – The Prequel To The Hit Story, I Am Legion!


WRITER: Fabien Nury
ARTIST: Mario Alberti, Mathieu Lauffray, Tirso, Zhang Xiaoyu
COVER ARTIST: Mathieu Lauffray
FORMAT: HC, FC, 56pp
PUBLISHER: Titan Comics
PRICE: $10.99/$12.99 CAN/£9.99 UK
ISBN: 9781782760931
RELEASE DATE: November 5, 2014

March 1531, Somewhere on the Atlantic: Gabriella Doña de la Fuente sails to Latin America in order to marry Hernan Cortés, and face an uncertain destiny.

January 1812, Moscow: Armand Malachi recruits mercenaries from Napoleon’s defeated army in order to recover a lost, mysterious treasure.

October 1885, Whitechapel, London: Victor Douglas Thorpe receives a curious, dramatic inheritance…

Three lives, three incarnations of Vlad Tepes Dracula.

The same blood flows in the veins of all three, the blood of Dracula. Against their knowledge and their will, they will be forced to take part in a fratricidal feud between Vlad and Radu: a battle that has lasted for centuries and has claimed countless lives.

This is how the vampires rise…

The Chronicles of Legion Vol.1: The Rise of the Vampires hits stores on November 5, 2014.

Legion Chronicles Cover_RGB