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Toy Fair 2019: Funko Reveals Pop! TV Xena, Hercules, Sanford and Son, Jeapardy, The Office, Cheers, and More!


Celebrate a beloved sitcom that ran for five years and 136 episodes by bringing home the titular characters. Pop! Fred Sanford and Pop! Lamont Sanford of Sanford and Son are rocking a classic ‘70s style.


Take a stand against monsters, evil warlords and selfish gods with Pop! Hercules straight out of The Legendary Journeys.


There are strong female leads and then there’s Xena, the formidable warrior princess whose adventures entertained audiences for six seasons and 134 episodes. Wearing her usual armor and wielding a sword and her signature Chakram, Pop! Xena will bring ferocity and a love of justice to any collection.


The world’s favorite goth family has provided endless entertainment with their macabre antics and now you can bring the fun home with Pop! Morticia, Gomez with a Chase, Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester and Cousin Itt.

Pop! Lurch is a Funko Web Exclusive and must-have for fans of horror and Halloween.

Pop! Fester with light bulb will be available as a Walgreens exclusive.

Pop! Gomez and Morticia will be available as a 2-pack Entertainment Earth exclusive.


Pay a visit to the beloved watering hole where everybody knows your name. Bring home the entire gang from Cheers including Pop! Sam, Cliff, Diane, Norm and Woody.


Get the community college experience without the enrollment fees or homework with the entire Community gang. Bring home Pop! Abed Nadir, Troy Barnes, Jeff Winger, Annie Edison, Shirley Bennett and Ben Chang.


Hate leaving the office at the end of the workday? Bring home the fun and camaraderie of office life with The Office Pop! figures including Michael Scott, Pam Beesly, Dwight Schrute, Darryl Philbin, Kevin Malone with chili, Jim Halpert with a Chase, and a Toby vs. Michael 2-Pack.


Pay a visit to small-town Capeside with the cast of Dawson’s Creek, including Pop! Dawson Leery, Pop! Joey Potter, Pop! Pacey Witter and Pop! Jen Lindley.


Television drama series Billions is getting the Pop! treatment with Pop! Chuck Rhoades, Bobby “Axe” Alexrod, Wendy Rhoades and Taylor Mason.


Celebrate geek culture with the longest-running multicamera comedy in TV history. The beloved hit series has run for 12 seasons with over 275 episodes and counting. Bring home Pop! Leonard Hofstadter, Pop! Sheldon Cooper, Pop! Penny, Pop! Howard Wolowitz, Pop! Rajesh Koothrappali, Pop! Amy Farrah Fowler, Pop! Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz and Pop! Stuart Bloom, but whatever you do, make sure you save just the right spot on the couch for Sheldon!


Now is its 36th season, Wheel of Fortune has entertains audiences with its clever word puzzles. Millions of fans tune in each day to watch Pat Sajak has serve as host and to see what gown Vanna White is wearing. Bring home these iconic pop culture and television figures as Pop! figures. Pop! Pat Sajak is holding a card and Pop! Vanna White with a Chase wears a fabulous gown.


For 35 seasons and nearly 8,000 episodes, America’s Favorite Quiz Show ® Jeopardy! has entertained and educated audiences on a wide range of subjects. Through each of these episodes, television personality Alex Trebek has become one of the most iconic game show hosts in history. Everyone’s a winner with this Pop! Alex Trebek and Chase Figure.


Bring some wubba lubba dub dub charm to your collection with Pop! Purge Suit Morty, Pop! Purge Suit Rick, Pop! Berserker Squanchy, Pop! Dr. Xenon Bloom, Pop! Resistance Goldenfold, and 6″ Pop! Exoskeleton Snowball.

A Get Schwifty Rick Pop! is available as a Hot Topic exclusive.

A Get Schwifty Morty Pop! is available as a Barnes and Noble exclusive.

A glow-in-the-dark Pickle Rick is available as a Diamond Comics exclusive.

Review: Conference Room, Five Minutes

When it comes to sitcoms, there is nothing like The Office. As many shows of the time did, it has its roots in England where it was cultivated by Ricky Gervais and starred a much younger Martin Freeman. Though Americans had enjoyed the fruits of British roots in shows like Who’s The Boss, and laughs from the likes Monty Python, Benny Hill, and Mr. Bean, there was a question as to whether this should would translate.

What made the American adaptation so indelible, is it didn’t seek to replicate the original. It was its own show with its own characters. Michael Scott is not David Brent, which is good, as Steve Carrell and Ricky Gervais’ individual comic sensibilities are what makes both of these shows stand on their own with or without being connected to each other. In Shea Serrano’s Conference Room, Five Minutes, fans get 10 love letters to the American adaptation and the show’s fandom will most assuredly love.

The book features numerous essays with a wide range of topics examining the popular show. The first essay entitled “The Basketball Scouting Report,” gives a pretty detailed description of the Warehouse basketball game episode, almost shot for shot. In “Prison Mike,” we get a thorough examination of Steve Carrell’s genius in “The Convict” episode where Dunder Mifflin receives six new employees with one of them being a convicted criminal. In “The Perfect Heist,” in what is my favorite of the essays, Serrano deftly compares different characters from the show to the different characters in Ocean’s Eleven, and who would you take on a heist. In “Dwight Club,” Serrano chronicles Dwight Schrute’s many personal battles. The next two essays thoroughly examines and celebrates “The Office Olympics” story arc. “There Are No Accidents” exhaustively examines the power structure in the show simply by where they are sitting in the office. In “Pam Has An Art Show,” Serrano obsessively details the many intricacies of “The Business School” episode. “To Me, You Are Perfect” makes the case for the most perfect duo in the show. The last essay, “Is Jim Halpert Hot?” breaks down the character’s appeal.

Overall, the book is an excellent collection of essays that not only celebrates this new modern classic but also showcases Serrano’s skills as an author and artist. The essays by Serrano are definitely love letters to the show and shows a fandom the runs deep. The art by Serrano is what pulls most readers in and for good reason. The art style more than complements each essay. Altogether, these essays and illustrations are more than love letters to the show, they display a devotion to this epic show that so many fans feel an d can relate to.

Essays: Shea Serrano Art: Shea Serrano
Essays: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

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