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Come for the Taco Bell Mystery Meat, Stay For the Marvel Comics

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I will stand up and say the lack of meat in Taco Bell tacos doesn’t phase me at all, so you’re likely to find me at my local restaurant to pick up the Marvel comic books that are being given away as part of their kids meals.

Think about the brilliance of this marketing.  Not only do you get a hearty meal, but you also get reading material for the hours you’ll spend in the bathroom from eating that hearty meal.  Win, win!

Marvel Taco Bell

Batman Robs a Taco Bell

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Batman Taco BellThe economy is tough for most folks and I think it’s hitting billionaire Bruce Wayne especially tough judging by his actions as his alter ego Batman.  A man ran through a Taco Bell drive through grabbing the food and stealing it from it’s intended recipient.

Almost American