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Valiant Reveals the Bloodshot Rising Spirit #1 Glass Variant and Pre-Order Edition Bundle!

Valiant has released a first look at Bloodshot Rising Spirit #1, the FIRST ISSUE of a PULSE-POUNDING NEW ONGOING SERIES by acclaimed writers Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson and legendary comic artist Ken Lashley – including a new cutting-edge innovation in comic publishing, the Bloodshot Rising Spirit #1 Glass Cover Variant!

Following in the footsteps of Valiant’s ultra-successful run of Brushed Metal Variants, the Bloodshot Rising Spirit #1 Glass Cover Variant will be printed via a special multi-colored process on a carefully devised pane of glass, with artwork by superstar creator Doug Braithwaite!

Retailers, take note: the Bloodshot Rising Spirit #1 Glass Variant Covercan be obtained for every qualifying order of 250 copies of Bloodshot Rising Spirit #1. There is no limit per store. Orders will open in late August through Diamond Comics.

But that’s not all! Valiant has also announced the Bloodshot Rising Spirit #1-8 Pre-Order Edition Bundle – eight massively expanded issues packed with trade paperback-style extras and bonus content, plus exclusive covers by renowned artist Ken Lashley! This bundle can only be obtained by pre-ordering all eight issues with your local comic shop by the final order cut-off date of October 22nd, 2018 – no more copies will be made available beyond that date and subsequent issues will not be offered in later solicitations!

Bloodshot Rising Spirit #1 is out November 14th featuring covers by Felipe MassaferaDavid MackStaz JohnsonDoug Braithwaite, and Ken Lashley!

Preview: Athena Voltaire #5


Writer(s): Steve Bryant
Artist Name(s): Yusuf Idris (art), Emily Elmer (colors)
Cover Artist: Steve Bryant (Cover A), Staz Johnson (Cover B), Brent Schoonover (Cover C)
32 pgs./ T / FC

ATHENA VOLTAIRE AND THE GOLDEN DAWN, part one. A new story arc begins as Athena travels to Portugal to retrieve a previously undiscovered DaVinci Codex. Of course, there are always other interested parties…

Preview: Torchwood #2.1


Writers: Carole Barrowman, John Barrowman
Artist: Neil Edwards
FC – 32pp – $3.99 –  On sale: February 8, 2017


Gwen Cooper has been pulled away from her domestic bliss by the reappearance of Captain Jack Harkness, and his companions, the crew of the alien tech-filled ship the Ice Maiden. No sooner has Gwen rejoined the team, than they has to contend with jetski-riding ninjas, a mystery involoving an alien race known as the Navigators, the return of the roguish Captain John Hart, and the revelation that the current Lady of Torchwood House, Karina is far from what she seems. As we rejoin events in the midst of a stand-off, things are more than a little tense…


Preview: Hook Jaw #2


Writer: Si Spurrier
Artist: Conor Boyle
Colorist: Guilia Brusco
Cover A: Conor Boyle
Cover B: Staz Johnson
Cover C: John Aggs
FC – 32pp – $3.99 – On sale: January 18

The Brit horror classic reimagined by superstar writer Si Spurrier (Cry Havoc, Weavers)! Illustrated by rising star Conor Boyle!


Preview: Judge Dredd: City Limits, Vol. 2

Judge Dredd: City Limits, Vol. 2

Duane Swierczynski (w) • Nelson Daniel, John Stanisci, Staz Johnson, Andy Belanger, Steve Scott, Shane Pierce (a) • Jimbo Salgado (c)

In the 22nd century, crime runs rampant in Mega-City One, home to over 800 million citizens, robots, criminals, and lunatics. The only line of defense between order and chaos are… the Judges. Contains stories such as “The American Way of Death,” “Black Light District,” and “Mega-City Manhunt” from issues #13–30 of the Judge Dredd series as well as all of the short back-ups.

TPB • FC • $34.99 • 404 pages • ISBN: 978-1-63140-770-3


Preview: Assassin’s Creed: Templars #5


Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Dennis Calero
COVER A: Staz Johnson
COVER B: Dennis Calero
COVER C: Antonio Fuso
FC – $3.99 – 32pp – On sale: September 7

With the revelation that the puppet master of the corruption in the Shanghai rite is a dangerous political figure, Black Cross is forced to take matters into his own hands as the honor of the Order is at stake. But a moment of distraction could destroy everything he’s worked for…


Preview: Vikings #4


WRITER: Cavan Scott
ARTIST: Staz Johnson
Cover A: Peter Snejbjerg
Cover B: Photo
Cover C: Photo Shield
FC – 32pp – $3.99 – On sale: Aug 31

Ragnar Lothbrok has emerged from the bloody battle victorious, but will he survive the night that follows as he’s betrayed by one of his closest friends? Meanwhile, back at home in Kattegat, the rebellion against Ragnar’s family takes a deadly turn, as all seems lost.


Preview: Assassin’s Creed: Assassins #11


Writers: Conor McCreery & Anthony Del Col
Artist: Neil Edwards
COVER A: Staz Johnson
COVER B: Blair Shedd
COVER C: Paul Duffield
FC – 32pp – $3.99 – On sale: Aug 24

A new arc! And an explosive new secret! While Charlotte is reeling from the meeting with Erudtio, it is time for the Assassin cell headed by Brotherhood stalwart Galina Voronina to pull her team together, but will she be able to do it alone, or is it time for reinforcements?


Preview: Vikings #3


Writer: Cavan Scott
Artist: Staz Johnson
Cover A: Mirka Andolfo
Cover B: Photo
Cover C: Photo
FC – $3.99 – 32pp – On sale: Aug 3

Viking vs viking! English king Ecbert has harnessed the power of Ragnar and his Vikings to unleash them against another band of norsemen harrying England’s South Coast. But as Ragnar leads his warriors into battle, their opponents are waiting for them…


Vikings: Uprising #1 – new comic book series based off hit MGM show!

Titan Comics has announced that following the fantastic sell-out response to the Vikings: Godhead mini-series, Vikings is returning for an all-new story!

Superstar writer Cavan Scott re-joins series artist Staz Johnson to further expand the Vikings lore with Vikings: Uprising #1! This new story follows after the explosive events of the MGM TV show’s Season 4 mid-season finale.

Released September 14thVikings: Uprising expands on Titan Comics’ hugely popular Vikings: Godhead, which sold out of its debut issue and went to a second printing!

This thrilling new #1 comes with five variant covers to collect with art by artists Mark HammermeisterClaudia CaranfaVerity Glass, Joe Glass and a regular cover by Chris Wahl.

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