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It’s a trio of new releases from Magnetic Press and Harlequin on comiXology

There’s three new releases available now on comiXology. Get new releases from Magnetic Press and Harlequin now or check out the individual comics below.

Monolith #3

Written by Roberto Recchioni, Mauro Uzzeo
Art by LRNZ
Cover by LRNZ

Desperate, Sandra sets out to find help, only to be bitten by a venomous snake. Now the heat, venom, and exhaustion play with her mind, turning her into a road warrior hellbent on freeing her child from that iron prison…

Monolith #3

Small World #1

Written by Jean-David Morvan
Art by Toru Terada
Cover by Peach Momoko

Welcome to SMALL WORLD, a virtual reality tour of the seedy underworld that rich kids hack into their Dreamweaver ™ without their parents knowledge. Hosted by the charming Piedro, kids can live out their wildest adventures. But when the real-world Piedro shows up on Kumiko’s doorstep, the adventure is no longer virtual!

Small World #1

Mariée sous contrat

Written by Nina Milne
Art by Imeri Tsubakino

Cora n’en croyait pas ses oreilles : Rafael l’avait demandée en mariage. Pourtant, elle l’a suivi jusqu’en Espagne uniquement parce qu’il voulait lui parler de son travail. Elle ne s’attendait certainement pas à ce que Rafael, un des gérants de l’hôtel où elle travaille, ne lui demande sa main… Mais cet homme, malgré sa demande, ne ressentait pas une once d’amour pour sa promise. Ce mariage n’était qu’une excuse pour faciliter l’acquisition d’un nouveau vignoble. Et lorsque Cora sut la vérité sur leur union, elle fut anéantie. « Quelle imbécile… », se disait-elle. « Comment un homme aussi beau et merveilleux pourrait-il aimer une femme aussi simple que moi… Alors, pourquoi moi… ? », ne cessait de penser la jeune femme.

Mariée sous contrat

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Small World Comes to Kickstarter from Toru Terada and Magnetic Press on April 6

Small World Kickstarter

Magnetic Press has announced their latest exciting Kickstarter campaign, a dark sci-fi fantasy tale for grown-ups called Small World, by written by JD Morvan and illustrated by celebrated mangaka Toru Terada!

Small World mixes elements of anime-inspired futurism with the gritty flair rolled up into a vice-filled version of a European children’s book. Not only is the blend of elements wholly unique, but the book is also the only full-length graphic novel by popular mangaka Toru Terada.

To further complement the originality of the book, Magnetic Press is offering an exclusive, campaign-only variant edition featuring a brand-new cover by in-demand comic artist Peach Momoko. This variant edition will only be available through the Kickstarter campaign. Furthermore, fans can pre-register their support to receive an exclusive, Limited Edition 8.5×11” Linen Cardstock Print of Peach’s cover art for FREEOne lucky backer can even purchase Peach’s original 11×15” watercolor painting

Plus, all backers who pledge on the first day will receive a bonus exclusive, Limited Edition 8.5×11” Linen Cardstock Print by Toru Terada. That’s TWO FREE PRINTS for pre-registering and backing on Day-1! Toru will also create 30 original drawings for lucky backers at a limited tier level. 

Magnetic Press is also offering several other “manga-adjacent” books to the campaign – titles that would appeal to true mangaphiles while introducing global art styles influenced by the medium — including a brand-new edition of the sold-out ZAYA by JD Morvan and Korean wunderkind Huang-Jai Wei.

Pledge on Day-1 for your FREE print when the campaign launches at 10am CST Tuesday April 6th.

Small World, A Spider’s Web and Royal Bonus in November

Small World – A Spider’s WebDays of Wonder has announced new expansions for their popular game Small World. Two, Spider’s Web and Royal Bonus, will debut at the Essen Fair in October, and retail shelves in November. Royal Bonus was previously only available as part of the Small World 2 Kickstarter campaign.

At the same time, both The Necromancer Island and Leaders expansions, which have been out of print for years will also be available through game stores.

A Spider’s Web features entries from Andrew Capel, Alex and Bill Gurski, and Randy Pitchford, “Spiderine” backers from the Small World 2 Kickstarter campaign. It contains 3 new Races: Ice Witches, Skags and Slingmen; as well as 3 new Special Power badges: Copycat, Lava and Soul-Touch. This expansion comes complete with a plastic storage tray designed to store all the badges and tokens from A Spider’s Web, plus it includes room for all the additional recent Small World expansions. Retail Price is $15/€14.

The Royal Bonus expansion was previously available only to backers of the Small World 2 digital version of the game. It includes  3 new Race banners and tokens (Fauns, Igors & Shrubmen) and 3 new Special Power badges (Fireball, Aquatic & Behemoth). Retail Price is $12/€10.

Small World fans get another treat as Necromancer Island and Leaders, two additional micro-expansions for Small World that have been long out of print will be reprinted and available for $6/€5.

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