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The Walking Dead: Survivors Presents Xpo 64 Details Revealed

The Walking Dead: Survivors Presents Xpo 64

Skybound Entertainment has unveiled the lineup for their May digital-pop culture event, The Walking Dead: Survivors Presents Xpo 64. Join The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman, Excellence’s Khary Randoph, and more on all things comics and video games!

Xpo 64 airs on May 14, 2021 on Skybound’s YouTube and Twitch channels. The schedule is listed below, and for the latest info, check out https://skybound.com/xpo.

SURVIVORS: Race to the Base

Would you have what it takes to build a community in the world of THE WALKING DEAD? Gaming superstars dive into the popular mobile strategy game THE WALKING DEAD: SURVIVORS and try to build up their settlement and defend themselves before an advance force of Saviors arrives and wipes them off the map.

ScreenPLAY: Writing for Video Games

Do you have any idea how hard it is to write a video game? Neither do we, so we asked some of the most prolific video game writers in the industry to compare notes with rising talent and share some wisdom about how to write words good for the video games.

The Horror Movie Trivia Schmoedown

The best of the best movie trivia competitors compete in a triple threat horror trivia match. Three rounds of deep cut trivia in the horror genre. The always unpredictable VideoDrew makes her Skybound Xpo debut against former champions William “The Beast” Bibbiani and last year’s Skybound Xpo Horror Free For All winner Adam “The Coyote’ Collins. Who will be the Ultimate champion in horror movie trivia?! If that isn’t enticing enough, on the desk for this historic event comedian Mark Ellis and WALKING DEAD creator and INVINCIBLE co-creator Robert Kirkman!


Celebrate TEN YEARS of Skybound and the exciting future to come in the new SKYBOUND X comic series with THE WALKING DEAD creator and company co-founder Robert Kirkman, joined by superstars Tillie Walden, Irma Kniivila, Khary Randolph and Ramon Perez!

Hosted by Arris Quinones.

Comics Vault Live 205

Big Clutch is back with another CVL special for the Xpo. As usual, he’s bringing the goods! Debuting for the fifth CVL of the year:

THE WALKING DEAD DELUXE #2 Second Print Color with Gold Foil Logo (Limit 1 per customer)

THE WALKING DEAD DELUXE #2 Second Print B&W with Red Foil Logo (Limit 1 per customer)

INVINCIBLE #1 Black Foil (Limit 1 per customer)

ATTACK! with Attack Peter & Urban Aztec

Skybound’s Peter Santa-Maria brings us another stunning exclusive print and catches up with artist Urban Aztec (Jesse Hernandez) for a never-seen-before collaboration!

STREAM ON: The Women of Twitch

Join an elite force of female streamers for a panel discussion about the grind of Twitch, the challenges of online fame, and which gaming chair is right for you.

SURVIVORS: Custom RPG One-shot

Four survivors attempt a desperate escape from their doomed settlement in our very first one-shot tabletop RPG set in the universe of THE WALKING DEAD: SURVIVORS. You don’t want to miss this all-star cast of celebrated actors and RPG streaming stars working together to triumph in the face of overwhelming odds.

Skybound Entertainment Unveils 2/19 Skybound Xpo: Creatorfest Lineup

Skybound Xpo: Creatorfest

Skybound Entertainment has unveiled the lineup for Skybound Xpo: Creatorfest, airing on YouTube and Twitch on February 19. The digital pop-culture event will celebrate creators, Black History Month, and various Skybound properties.

Please find the lineup for Skybound Xpo: Creatorfest below.

Skybound Xpo: Creatorfest Lineup


Join Hector Navarro & additional guests to talk the upcoming Amazon Prime original series!


Superstars Brandon Thomas, Khary Randolph, Emilio Lopez, and Deron Bennett discuss the future of EXCELLENCE, from new issues to a Skybound Signature hardcover on Kickstarter. Hosted by Danielle Radford.



All-star creators Brandon Thomas, Khary Randolph, Brandon Easton and more come together to discuss what’s inspiring and exciting them in pop culture today. Hosted by Danielle Radford.  


Cosplayer and costume designer Alicia Marie hosts friends from the cosplay community to talk about origins, inspirations, the ins-and-outs of cosplay, and more!


Shawn “Big Clutch” Kirkham cracks open the Skybound vault for season two episode two of Comics Vault Live, debuting two huge items. Get them before they’re gone!

  • The Walking Dead Deluxe #7 Virgin Variant featuring the stunning inked version of the cover by superstar David Finch. Each copy sold will be a minimum CGC grade of 9.8, limited to 200 copies.
  • Radiant Black #1 Tyler Kirkham Variant, featuring all-new cover art for the biggest super hero launch of the year from Kyle Higgins and Marcelo Costa. This is the first Image Comics variant to be offered through CVL and will be limited to 240 copies, with each copy sold graded at a minimum CGC 9.8.


We shine a spotlight on some new faces in the Skybound family and get a first-hand look at their creations and processes. Hosted by Danielle Radford.  


Our very own Peter Santa-Maria unveils his latest print and gives us the low-down on what’s new in the world of Attack Peter!

Black Cinema Movie Trivia Schmoedown!

The Movie Trivia Schmoedown is hosting a Black Cinema Trivia exhibition match in celebration of the countless works from black creatives that have inspired many and helped shape the film industry.

XPO Creatorfest

Skybound Xpo: Skybound Announces Kaiju Action with Ultramega Launching in March 2021

Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment will supersize fan frenzy this March with new series Ultramega by heavyweight James Harren and featuring the talents of multiple Eisner award winning colorist Dave Stewart.

But it’s not just the creative team that’s bigger-than-life. Ultramega’s debut issue will sink ships with its extra-length story—busting at the seams with a whopping 68-pages of colossal goodness. The new series was announced during a conversation between Skybound’s Editor-in-Chief Sean Mackiewicz and online host Hector Navarro during a Skybound Xpo panel today.

In the world of Ultramega, a cosmic plague has spread and transformed everyday people into violent, monstrous kaiju. Only the Ultramega—three individuals imbued with incredible powers—hold the line against this madness. Their battles level cities and leave untold horror in their wake. Now, the final reckoning approaches for the Ultramega… but is this a war they can even win? 

Pacific Rim? Puny. Godzilla? A guppy. Readers beware: no series launch in 2021 could possibly be bigger than Ultramega. Literally. 

Ultramega #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, March 17.

Ultramega #1

Skybound Unveils the Lineup for Skybound XPO: Halloween

Skybound Xpo: Halloween

Skybound has unveiled segments and guests to be included in Skybound Xpo: Halloween, a convention-like digital experience streaming on YouTube and Facebook on October 30, 2020. Segments will include:

  • The Walking Dead Reacts to Reacts: Actors and creatives behind the hit television series The Walking Dead react to fans, reacting to big moments from the show. Full circle!
  • Queer Horror: A History of Fabulous Fright: Horror personality, filmmaker, and podcaster Michael Varrati pulls back the curtain and reveals why queer representation is at the very core of Hollywood horror. With special guests Nay Bever (Attack of the Queerwolf) and Dru Phillips (Sister Hyde Design).
  • The Skybound Halloween 2020 Costume Xtravaganza: Throughout the Halloween-themed Xpo, costumes based on Skybound IP will be on display. Fans can show off their costumes on Twitter with #SkyboundHalloween for a chance to see themselves during the Xpo.

The full Skybound Xpo: Halloween schedule can be found HERE.

Skybound Xpo: Halloween continues the company’s ten-year anniversary celebration, being recognized through various digital streams, exclusives, and new projects throughout the year. RSVP to Skybound Xpo: Halloween HERE.

Skybound Xpo: Halloween

Skybound Entertainment is Going Virtual for a Halloween Event on 10/30

Skybound Entertainment has announced its next convention-like virtual experience, Skybound Xpo: Halloween, airing on October 30, 2020. Like the inaugural Skybound Xpo in July, the Halloween event will include a variety of panels, product drops, exclusive merch announcements, and first-looks, and will stream on YouTube and Facebook. Fans can stay up to date with Skybound Xpo: Halloween.

Fresh off hosting the first-ever Xpo, Skybound Xpo: Halloween will welcome back TV writer and actress Dani Fernandez and online gaming and geek culture host Hector Navarro for the one-day event.

Confirmed segments include:

  • Skybound’s one and only Shawn “Big Clutch” Kirkham brings his Comics Vault livestream to the Halloween extravaganza! This is THE premiere spot to get your exclusive comic books.
  • Father of the Schmoedown Kristian Harloff brings his competition to the Xpo, where everyone fends for themselves in this last-man-standing trivia competition. Eighteen competitors will fight to see who knows the most about the horror genre of cinema. Who will be the final girl in the Schmoedown’s first ever Horror Free4All?
  • Printmaking master Attack Peter talks about his love of all things monsters while giving a sneak peek into his process. And if you’re quick enough, you can grab one of his exclusives! 

The Walking Dead Goes Full Color in October

Read it again! Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment will revisit the historic independent series that took the entertainment world by storm 17 years ago—The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard—with newly, fully colored issues. Featuring the stunning work of the masterful Dave McCaig, these new issues will launch in October with The Walking Dead Deluxe #1. Kirkman announced the fully colored issues during Skybound Xpo, Skybound’s virtual pop-culture convention, earlier today.

This deluxe revival of the series will also feature a memorable array of variant covers—by such artists as David Finch, Tony Moore, Julian Totino Tedesco, and Arthur Adams—commemorating major character introductions and the series’ most memorable twists and turns. Each issue will include a new installment of “The Cutting Room Floor,” featuring Kirkman’s original handwritten plots along with commentary on abandoned storylines and plot points that may have changed along the way.

This definitive presentation of the story will NOT be collected into trade paperback any time soon, so fans and new readers should not trade-wait to experience this fully colored edition of the popular survival horror series. Issue #1 will be available on October 7. Each following month two issues will be released.

The Walking Dead Deluxe #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, October 7:

  • The Walking Dead Deluxe #1 Cover A David Finch & Dave McCaig – Diamond Code AUG200027
  • The Walking Dead Deluxe #1 Cover B Tony Moore & Dave McCaig – Diamond Code AUG200028
  • The Walking Dead Deluxe #1 Cover C Charlie Adlard – Diamond Code AUG200029
  • The Walking Dead Deluxe #1 Cover D Julian Totino Tedesco – Diamond Code AUG200030
  • The Walking Dead Deluxe #1 Cover E Arthur Adams – Diamond Code AUG200031
The Walking Dead Deluxe #1