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Unboxing: Transformers Generations Selects Shattered Glass Optimus Prime & Ratchet Two-Pack

Shattered Glass is coming! The popular alternate Transformers world is coming to comics and Hasbro has already given us a look at what we can expect with the Transformers Generations Selects Shattered Glass Optimus Prime and Ratchet Two-Pack.

We open up the pack and show off the two figures as we get ready for the revealed Blurr, Megatron, and the teased IDW Publishing comic series!

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Hasbro Reveals Shattered Glass Megatron with Exclusive Shattered Glass #2 Variant Cover by Casey W. Coller

While it hasn’t officially been announced by IDW Publishing, Hasbro has been teasing details of the upcoming Transformers: Shattered Glass comic miniseries through its toy tie-ins.

Shattered Glass is an alternate take on the Transformers world where the Decepticons are good and Autobots evil. A popular setting, we’re finally getting an official comic series and toys to go along with it. So far, Hasbro has revealed Blurr and now a new take on Megatron!

The Shattered Glass Collection Voyager Megatron figure stands at 7″ tall. It converts between robot and Cybertronian spaceship mode in 18 steps. It’s Megatron, so of course, it comes with Fusion Cannon, sword, and shield. The figure also features detachable Energon wings in robot mode.

The Shattered Glass comic series is five issues and being written by Danny Lore with art by Guido Guidi. Shattered Glass #2 features a variant cover by Casey W. Coller that’s only available with the Megatron figure.

The figure is available for pre-order now for $29.99 plus shipping and will be released on October 1.

Transformers Shattered Glass is Coming to Comics from IDW and Hasbro

Transformers Shattered Glass

During the recent Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest, Hasbro revealed a new Transformers figure set in the “Shattered Glass” universe. “Shattered Glass” is a fan-favorite world that takes us to an inverse done so well in other properties where the bad guys are good and good guys are bad. The next figure being released is Blurr.

Announced with the toy was a new comic series Shattered Glass being published by IDW Publishing. The comic will be written by Danny Lore with art by Guido Guidi.

While the exact details are being held tight, the miniseries consists of five issues, each from the perspective of one character. Each character will be released with a special variant cover issue of the comic. Which characters are coming are unknown but one will be released each month from Hasbro alongside an issue from the series.

From the Blurr announcement:

The figures also comes with a brand-new comic book, IDW Shattered Glass Issue #1Shattered Glass isn’t your average TRANSFORMERS tale… “Shards”is the story of the ongoing battle between the power-hungry AUTOBOT autocrats and the freedom-fighting DECEPTICON laborers. And in issue #1, many kilocycles after the Cybertronian War has destroyed Earth, BLURR, an evil AUTOBOT Seeker, hunts down STARSCREAM, a DECEPTICON explorer who holds a piece of information that could reignite the war. Fans can join author Danny Lore(James Bond, King in Black: Captain America, Champions) and artist Guido Guidi (Optimus Prime: First Strike) in exploring this fractured alternate universe just before it shatters

Discover a universe that shatters everything you know about the Transformers robots…an upside-down world where the bad guys are good, and the good guys are bad. Welcome to Shattered Glass, an alternate universe where the heroic DECEPTICONS battle the evil AUTOBOTS. Fans can explore this topsy-turvy reality with the TRANSFORMERS Shattered Glass Collection, featuring classic characters with a twist! Look for other Shattered Glass figures to build the ultimate alternate universe collection

With Blurr comes the first issue and with that figure set to be released in September, we’re assuming that’s when the series wil launch too. IDW will have more information in May about the miniseries and we’ll have updates as they’re available.

You can order Blurr with the variant cover of the first issue of Shattered Glass now from Hasbro Pulse.

Transformers Shattered Glass Blurr