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Review: Maroon Comix: Origins and Destinies

Maroon Comix: Origins and Destinies

As Americans, we tend to believe that our historical events are more important to history than the world’s. This fact became apparent when I watched the final season of Black Sails, which brought to light the plight of the Maroons who usually inhabited the mountains throughout the Caribbean. This isn’t some hidden history. I read about Nanny, the leader of the Maroons in Jamaica whose legend is as important to that country as Bob Marley. These valiant men and women rose up against their masters and became something immortal to anyone who came to find out about them. In an outstanding collection of comics from PM Press, edited by Quincy Saul, Maroon Comix: Origins and Destinies seeks to tell some of these stories of bravery.

In “Initiation,” we find about a bit of how one becomes part of their society and the different types of Maroons there were. In “Slavery and Liberation,” we find out exactly how slavery became acceptable in society and how it became outlawed first in Europe and then in the rest of the world. In “I Am Maroon,” the histories of several prominent leaders around the world which includes the aforementioned Nanny and America’s Harriet Tubman. “The Dragon Or The Hydra” tells both a chronological and ideological history of Maroons around the world and the common thread that leads to insurrections. In “Modern Maroons,” we find out about their connection to modern history and how their philosophies are at the very roots of the rebel spirit of every movement. In the final chapter of the book, Quincy Saul gives readers, an excellent manifesto which seeks to give the world a deeper understanding of these peoples and also an extensive bibliography.

Overall, an excellent collection that both educates and entertains readers. The stories are compelling and well researched. The art by the creative team is awesome. Altogether, a book that needs to be in every classroom while it will also satisfy every hardcore comic fan.

Story: Quincy Saul and  Russell Maroon Shoatz
Art: Mac McGill, Songe Riddle, Seth Tobocman, Hannah Allen, Emmy Kepler,
and Mikaela Gonzalez
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

What Do You Get When You Mix Comics and Social Justice?

michael_deforge_tcaf_2014_poster_1000px1This weekend sees the Toronto Comics Arts Festival and there looks to be some fantastic panels that mix comics, politics, and social issues!

Political Cartoonist and Protest Artist Seth Tobocman in Toronto for TCAF!

Since 1979, cartoonist and protest artist Seth Tobocman has found unprecedented ways of combining art with social justice. Decades later, his work continues to recycled by activists worldwide in the form of political posters, pamphlets, album artwork, tattoos, jewelry, graffiti stencils, and more. He also co-founded (and continues to edit) “World War 3 Illustrated,” the longest-running anthology of political comic art available in the English language.

“Political Comix and the Art of Protest”

Saturday, May 10th | 6PM
A welcoming party, presentation by Seth, and social mixer. Food and drinks available for purchase | Non-alcoholic drinks available for free | Entry is PWYC
@ Ad Astra Comix | 156 Bathurst Street | 2nd Floor
RSVP on Facebook

“35 Years of World War 3 Illustrated”

Sunday, May 11th | 1:30 PM
A presentation of the radical comics anthology by Seth Tobocman at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Organized as a workshop of TCAF | Entry is FREE.
@ Marriott Hotel | 90 Bloor Street East
RSVP on Facebook

An Original Ad Astra Workshop:

“GRAPHIC ACTIVISM: Using & Making Comics for Social Change”
Sunday, May 11 | 3pm – 4pm
Toronto Reference Library | Learning Center
RSVP on Facebook

What is a political comic? How have comics, cartoons, and other forms of narrative art been used historically for education– even social movements and political campaigns?

More importantly, how can YOU make a comic about an issue YOU care about? Join us for this crash-course workshop on how political comics may become this generation’s most powerful tool for social change.

I wish I could be at the show, because those sound like some great panels.

Aces Weekly Volume 3 Starts Today!

Aces Weekly News_page1_image1Volume three of Aces Weekly, the revolutionary digital comic art weekly, begins its seven-issue, seven-week run on Monday, February 4 .

Here’s what you can expect during this volume…

It features a further seven-week installment of Mark Wheatley and JC Vaughan’s, fantastic Return of The Human

Aces Weekly News_page2_image3

Roger Langridge’s, The Fez

Aces Weekly News_page2_image2

Antonio Bifulco and Giuseppe Rungetti’s, Gabriel – Warrior Exorcist

Aces Weekly News_page2_image1
The extraordinary and brilliant Paul Maybury’s, Astori

Aces Weekly News_page3_image3
Another chapter of Ben Dickson and Gavin Mitchell’s Santa Claus Versus The Nazis

Aces Weekly News_page3_image2
Steve Marchant’s, Six Minutes Past Midnight

Aces Weekly News_page3_image1
And a hymn of hope and a very special tribute to New Yorkers from the great creator of the Third World War series Seth TobocmanOne City

Aces Weekly News_page4_image1
Also Marc Hempel, Martin Griffiths, Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque and much more…

That’s seven weekly issues and up to 210 pages of great serials, short stories and extras for just over a dollar a week from www.acesweekly.co.uk