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Review: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S4E4 “Chapter Thirty-Two: The Imp of the Perverse


So It Begins: Prudence sets out to murder her father just as he mugs the third terror of his Imp of the Perverse and makes himself the supreme ruler in “The Imp of the Perverse“.


The Fright Club: In the warped reality Robin the hobgoblin gets to go full Flash, Theo gets deemed a witch for defending him, Harvey goes junior SS officer in his service to Blackwood, Roz and Sabrina have to save the Greendale in the horror camp female buddy drama that we all needed and Nick and Sabrina flirt in the face of death.


The Third Terror: The Perverse is the Archieverse version of Loki and his level of petty mischief is kind of cool, he tells Ambrose how to reverse his own horror because Blackwood tries to pull a fast one and mugs him.

Overall: “The Imp of the Perverse” is a good one that has Sabrina focusing on something other than her love life and boys. In the end, she gets Nick back in a way that complements her instead of defining her. I really liked that Sabrina and Roz got to spend some sister/BFF time saving the town and restoring things. This episode had a fun twist with a very 1984 style layout and a call to resistance and doing what is right in the face of authority and even death. Overall it knocks another terror off the list and traded the show’s usual fun time campy horror with a real cautionary tale that managed to still tie in with the way the series normally runs. This season seems very into isolating each episode and making it a good stand-alone story while still keeping it tied into the overall season arc.

Overall: 9.6

Review: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S4E3 “Chapter Thirty-One: The Weird”


Oh The Terror: In “The Weird”, we meet the weird, where they turn Sabrina into Seven of Nine level baddie because she is the strongest and the weakest. The Weird has a squid-like appearance and Borg like demeanor. They take over Greendale absorbing its science class and demanding that they all kill themselves to feed the coming Void.

Sabrina’s Love Life: So, not only is Sabrina being slowly taken over and puppetmastered by The Weird, but she also has a new boo in her life who may or not be the love Gollum she created, named Luke who she’s got a crush on. But, Nick is still in the picture more than once when she needs him, even going as far as doing a Sound of Music duet to Sixteen Going on Seventeen while Ambrose extracts The Weird from her.

Plot Twist We All Should Have Seen: From the beginning of the series I thought that it was weird that out of all the families in Greendale, the witches that were slaughtered in the town’s early days chose to curse her family. Well, it turns out Roz comes from a family of witches who denied their power and named it the cunning, and turned on the other witches because they didn’t want to be thought of as in league with the devil.

Best Scene: When two of the Kings of Hell show up to kill Lillith’s baby with the Dark Lord, the coven attacks them, murdering one and sending the other on the run by, inflicting upon them the pain of childbirth which of course the men could not handle. It was campy and glorious.


Overall: “The Weird” is another solid episode that finally focuses on Sabrina and deals with her inner turmoil and finally chooses to forget about her love life and focus on taking a breather, while still trying to stop The Terrors, on romance and focus on herself. It’s a level of self-discovery and a path towards her own personal growth as a woman, giving her agency which is something that her character has needed and deserved since the beginning,

Overall: 9.1

Review: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S4E2 “Chapter Thirty: The Uninvited”


Episode Terror: This episode’s terror is “ The Uninvited” and his special power is removing the heart of the heartless. He appears as a beggar to people and knocks at their door, murdering anyone who does not endeavor to help him or invite him in.


Best Scene: Nick tries to release the incubus from Dr. Cee so that he’s free to enjoy his wedding to Aunt Hilda but, his plan doesn’t go according to plan. The incubus is released into the wild and the whole crew is worried as the incubus hates the divine feminine and is on the hunt for a perfect male host. The newly freed incubus finds its perfect host in THEO ! The reason it is the best, perfect scene because it is a big FU to anyone who is a TERF of anti trans, in cannon Sabrina just said something that most people already knew, TRANS MEN ARE MEN! and, they let people who didn’t know that they are as well and it was refreshing and wonderful to see.


Sabrina’s Bag of Tricks: Sabrina goes all in at Hilda’s wedding during a toast to love where she flames Nick during a pity party speech. She also tries to ruin Queen of Hell Sabrina’s engagement to Caliban who despite her best efforts to rip them apart instead makes him prove his love to her future self in the most painful way,leading Sabrina to approve of the union and Underworld Sabrina to lay out that Sabrina’s real problem is that she is lonely.

The Fright Club: Roz and Harvey escape the Terror by Roz using her cunning and deciding to invite him in. Later Harvey and Roz are able to ID the terror for Ambrose and Harvey uses the drawings from his dream to identify all eight terrors giving a preview of what is to come.

Overall: Beautiful episode that includes a game of incubus wack-a-mole as the demon pops from body to body at the wedding landing inside The Uninvited himself where it not only dies but, allows the terror time to eat Dorian’s heart and start a toasted his own where he tells his origin story. Each episode so far is a fully contained story that is not only well crafted and wonderful but, builds upon the last.

Overall 9.2

Review: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S4E1 “Chapter Twenty- Nine: The Eldritch Dark”


When season three ended, the Fright Club and the Witches joined forces to take down the Pagans, Future Sabrina decided to take her place as a Morningstar and reign as the Queen of Hell by her father’s side while OG timeline Sabrina returned to live her life out as a Spellman. The Dark Reverend Blackwood released something called The Eldritch Terrors to get his revenge on the Spellman family, while Prudence broke Ambrose’s heart and set out into the world to mourn the loss of one sister at the hands of the other. A lot went down in the finale all of which led us to this point, where we are at the edge of our seats waiting to see what will happen next because a time paradox, like the one Sabrina surely created allowing both versions of herself from different timelines to exist simultaneously, instead of merging and restoring the timeline, had to have some unforeseen consequences. That is where we pick up for the current, just released season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and, despite this being the beginning of the end for one of my favorite campy horror shows, I couldn’t be happier to watch how it all plays out.


Where We Begin: “The Eldritch Dark” kicks off with Blackwood in a church revival tent scribbling and chanting to himself a gust of wind signals to him that the Eldritch Terrors that he released in the Season 3 finale are finally free, setting the stage for the current season and this episode. Back at the Spellman homestead, things seem to have returned to normal and Sabrina is still Nick free, he is dating Prudence after their steps of the Academy link up at the end of the last season, so she’s playing the fifth wheel with her friends and she’s missing the band and the Fright Club since life is boringly normal. A murdered homeless man outside of the mines signals something that seems like a normal crime instead of supernatural since everyone seems to have forgotten where they live. Zelda is still in charge at the academy, and dating the voodoo high priestess Marie who she fell for last season, the coven is now the order of Hecate, and Hilda is still going strong with her fiancé Dr. Cee. Ms. Vardwell is visited by Agatha who invites her to join her new “church” which she strongly considers because of her memory gaps and witchy flashbacks.


The Fright Club: Initially the gang is all there for the invented Bloody Mary excuse but, things get a bit harder when the Terrors show themselves. The first terror is a darkness that preys on fears and has set up the mines as a home base. As the Avatars of Darkness shut down the power all over the town, Fright Club stands by as Prudence, Nick, Ambrose, and Sabrina get ready to face it head-on, setting the stage for the B time and the Varsity Squad to join forces to start taking it on.

A Tale of Two Sabrinas: With nothing else going on or sparking joy in her life, Sabrina wants to visit her other self to see how things are going for her, despite Ambrose’s very real and very logical objections. To get her friends back into her life she takes Aunt Hilda’s advice and gives the Fright Club a little something to be frightful of by making blood flow in the boys’ bathroom with a little help from Salem acting as the ghost Bloody Mary. The two get to meet up to generate some light to slay the darkness it’s kind of charming and sweet watching Sabrina see what her life could have been.

Best Scene: Roz and her cunning helped her see through the trick but, she had a one on one chat with Sabrina to explain to her that they’ll always be friends and if she misses her she just has to ask to hang out. I loved this scene most of all because it was the purest, girl-powered, grown-up friendship talks that I’ve seen on a teen show.


Episode MVP: Aunt Hilda. She has stayed the course as the heart of the show. She saved Zelda from the first terror and his emotional bullying by sowing seeds of doubt on her. She was there when Sabrina needed a way to get back in with her coupled-up friends. Plus she stays the epitome of speak softly and carry a big stick and I’m always here for her.

Overall: I tried to keep this spoiler-free because I really think “The Eldritch Dark” is worth a watch. The writing, pacing, and direction set the stage and world for the current season, and if this episode is any indication this season is going to be full of heart, hope, horror, and fun and that is something to look forward to as the end of the Sabrina era comes to an end.

Episode Rating: 8.4

Review: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Chapter Twenty-Three “Heavy is the Crown” S3E3

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Sabrina is hell-bent on finding a way to spend some alone time with Nick but, it doesn’t seem to be in the cards because she’s been summoned to Hell where she is challenged by Caliban for her throne and the must set out on a quest to find at least two out of three of the Unholy Regalia. At the Academy, Ambrose has been roped into working at the Library and Prudence is now Zelda’s second in command and while checking in on how things are going Zelda discovers that Hilda is a pretty well-known romance novelist. Ambrose and Sabrina take a road trip to Riverdale to hunt for Herod’s Crown and back in Greendale everyone is way too excited about the carnival that is coming to town which seems like good news so, what could possibly go wrong.

WHAT WORKED: The writing was once again on point in the way it handled Harvey’s insecurities about his virginity beautifully simultaneous brought light to the stigma around male “strength” via sexual prowess and alpha male aggression/strength and, laid waste to it by giving a name to his fears. I also like the way they handled the uncertainty of Theo wanting to ask the new guy out and talking about it with Harvey because it was all about the act of asking and not about Theo’s gender or sexual orientation. Sabrina has been really good at not being exploitative in their portrayal of LGBTQ characters and I’m still here for it.

WHAT MADE ME SAD: Sabrina and Ambrose retrieve Herod’s crown and for some reason don’t

BEST MOMENT: The reveal at the end that the carnival is full of all kinds of creatures and they want to bring back the old ones that Lucifer seems really worried about with the blood sacrifice and the magic seed of cryptic origin.

EPISODE’S MVP: Ambrose. Not only does he deduce the provenance of the Crown that Sabrina needs to keep her throne in Hell but, he re-calibrates The Flying Dutchman’s compass to track evil so they can find the crown, which they do in a tree in Riverdale. If that weren’t enough to secure his MVP spot, he also kills King Herod when he tracks Nick and Sabrina to the Tunnel of Love by blowing him up like a hot dog gone rogue in the microwave.

Overall: 8.2

Review: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Chapter Twenty-Two: Drag Me to Hell S3E2

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Sabrina tries to get a little alone time with Nick, who’s still body sharing with Lucifer before she heads to cheer practice and in her rush she accidentally breaks the salt circle, just a little bit. Madam Satan shows up to remind Sabrina that she still has a job to do and sends her off to collect the soul of a man who gave his up to be a chess master and in the end, she can’t so she sends him to heaven instead which results in her being summoned to hell. Zelda is still getting the witches at the Academy to pray to Lilith and abandon sexist traditions but, she’s having a bit of trouble commanding respect inside of the classroom.  If that’s not enough to get you interested, Sabrina has a new job dragging souls to hell and Prudence and Ambrose & Prudence has finally tracked down Faustus.

WHAT WORKED: For the starters, the soundtrack is a whole BOP! Between the It’s Tricky cheer routine and Harvey, Theo and Roz’s band doing a super good cover of Teenage Dirtbag, I think I”m going to need to cop this on vinyl and digital download.

This season they’re doing something new where they’re wading in the more serious end of the dark camp pool and it’s kind of amazing, I actually find this change in pace refreshing and prefer it to the previous seasons.

The low key, understated but, very there LGBTQ representation, shout out to the writers for making it so effortless and normalizing it as it should be.

WHAT DIDN’T: I am happy to report that I have nothing to report on this front.

BEST LINE(s): Not a line per se but, watching Sabrina and Roz do a whole cheer-leading routine and RAP the lyrics to Run DMC’s It’s Tricky gave me life!

BEST MOMENT: Theo on a possible date, nothing cliche or exploitative just two kids on a maybe date and I’m here for it. Especially because there is nothing more pure, heartwarming and beautiful than Theo with an ear to ear grin after all that he’s been through he deserves all the joy and good things.

EPISODE’S MVP: Roz and her I’ll ride but, why do we have to die moment. Roz had to give Sabrina a mini vibe check when she decided to go off half-cocked to travel by pinwheel to save a missing girl, she told her not to do it because she didn’t know what was waiting for her on the other side of the pinwheel and didn’t go with her. The reason that’s huge is, Theo, Roz and Harvey have been pretty ride or die so far, they even went with her into hell itself to rescue her boyfriend but, going to the lair of a serial killer who eats little kids hearts, that was a bridge to far and it turns out Roz was right. What makes Roz an MVP is that she called Sabrina on her impulsive nature, was willing to go with her if there was a plan (there was not),  told her why her lack of planning was bad and, told her she wasn’t down with going with her. Roz spent a lot of the episode using her cunning and I like that she’s getting more screen time and this episode reminded us why we all need a friend like Roz.

Overall: 8.9

Review: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Chapter Twenty-One: The Hellbound Heart S3E1

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After the events of the Season 2 finale, the Spellman Mortuary has become a boarding house for the wayward witches that escaped Faustus Blackwood’s attempted Jim Jonesing and Zelda is ready to move them all back to the Academy with her running the school.

Harvey has been letting Sabrina hit the mines daily before the crews show up so that she can try and open the gates of Hell and hopefully get Nick out, even if she doesn’t have a plan for what to do when she gets him back.

After a chat with the returning Ms. Vardwell Sabrina heads off to Dorian Gray’s bar where she strikes a bargain for a round trip to hell and then she interrupts Theo, Roz, and Harvey mid-My Sharona cover at band practice to tell them to get ready because they’re headed to hell. Prudence and Ambrose are running through, literally with a sword and everything, glamoured Judas Boys, in an attempt to find the twins and bring her father to justice, or death. And, Lilith is living her best life as Madam Satan and she’s even eviler than Hell’s previous ruler and is keeping Nick’s tongue in jar and Theo’s uncle semi crucified on the side of the road where he endures never-ending torment as they make their way through a twisted Wizard of Oz Hellscape.

WHAT WORKED: The episode length is perfect, it’s like getting a mini-movie which allows for a full story to be told. As a season premiere, it hit all the right notes by giving us all of the major characters, a slow reveal/hint of this seasons big bad, a unifying triumph and a couple of problems that will need to be resolved over the course of the season so, no matter why you’re watching, you found a reason/person/cause/problem that you will want to see play out. I also like the writing, it’s realistic (within the realm of a supernatural, campy, comic book based TV show), and the direction and lighting and the whole thing was so pretty and perfect, like looking at a super stylized graphic novel come to life.

WHAT DIDN’T: Honestly, the only thing that I could find wrong with the episode was there wasn’t enough Hilda and while I am happy for the few scenes she was in, most of the time she was wearing a Faustus Blackwood suit and while that was integral to the story and keeping Zelda and the school safe, I hella missed the way she manages to be both the voice of reason & compassion AND comic relief.


“Guys, what was that?” – Theo

“Nothing. It’s just the wind.” – Sabrina

After everything that they’ve been through, seen and done , they know and WE know that it is NEVER just the wind. So, choosing to end our final shot of the episode that contains our infernal foursome on that note, is ominous and bloody brilliant.

BEST MOMENT:  When Sabrina declares herself the Queen of Hell and Lilith as her Regent. Here’s the thing, Sabrina may be destined for the throne but, she doesn’t want it and is more than happy to give it to Lilith so she can take her love, Nick, and head back to Greendale. But, in this moment there’s a coup rising and Caliban, a Prince of Hell, really wants that throne now that all of the realms are standing behind him. Sabrina has a choice to make, she can say f* it and leave Lilith there to sort out the kingdom she so desperately wanted, she can just claim the throne and be the youngest ruler Hell has ever had throwing Lilith to the wolves, or she can give Lilith the throne without giving Lilith the throne by giving Lilith the power to rule in her absence and naming Lilith her Regent. It’s brilliant and low key feminist AF, in choosing to name Lilith her Regent, she is giving her dominion over all of the men clamoring in the room who would try to belittle her or rule her so that in Sabrina’s absence, at least for the time being, Lilith is safe from the male wolves at the door who do not wish to be led or ruled by a woman. Sabrina in one echo booming hell voice, sent the patriarchal oppressive powers of hell back to their respective realms and put a woman on top of the infernal food chain and pulled another woman up with her and I am here for it.

EPISODE’S MVP: Prudence! There is a lot going on in this season premiere and while her scenes were minimal but, they were potent. While Sabrina embarks on her mission through hell, with her friends to save her sort-of boyfriend Nick, Prudence is scouring this world and any other ones, if she has to, to rescue her twin baby siblings from her self serving, murderous father. While both of their actions are fueled by love, Prudence’s mission is selfless and shows a real evolution in her character. She is also a Judas Boy slaying badass who manages to stay flawless with her fashion while she uses her wits in her mission to bring her siblings home. Tati Gabrielle is an amazing actress who plays Prudence so effortlessly with such a range of emotion and so much depth that it is impossible not to be on team Prudence. When it comes to the character who stood out the most, in this episode, it was all about Prudence and I couldn’t wait for her brief returns to the screen. I stan a smart, loyal, badass, determined, fearless queen and Pru was all of that in this episode making her this episode MVP.

Overall: 9.8

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Kiernan Shipka Will Cast a Spell as Sabrina in Archie and Netflix’s New Show

Archie Comics and Netflix‘s live action Sabrina series has found its lead in Kiernan Shipka. Shipka is best known from her role in Mad Men as Sally Draper. Shipka also voiced Jinora in The Legend of Korra and has had previous comic work as Little Girl on Fire in the comic inspired Heroes and voiced Spider-Woman in the Marvel Avengers Academy video game.

The show is a live action series based on the comic character Sabrina Spellman the Teenage Witch and is a dark take on the character diving in to occult and witchcraft.

The series was originally being worked on to join its sister show Riverdale on The CW but the show has wound up on Netflix wit a 20-episode two season order.

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