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The All-Ages Graphic Novel Gear Gets a New Printing

Writer/artist Doug TenNapel and colorist Katherine Garner will release a new printing of the full-color graphic novel Gear this July—just in time for its 20th anniversary.

Four incompetent cats hijack a giant killer robot to change the course of a war between cats, dogs, and insects. But while these three species fight for control of the world, a powerful mechanical being named GEAR arrives to risk his own life to save the lives of good cats.

This 20th anniversary edition has it all: an action-packed story with robots, harpoon guns, talking cats, mantis kung fu—plus pin-up art by Rob Schrab and Mike Mignola!

Gear (Diamond code: APR180538, ISBN: 978-1-5343-0917-3) hits comic book shops Wednesday, July 11th and bookstores Tuesday, July 17th.

Scud: The Disposable Lego Movie Director

The_Lego_Movie_posterRob Schrab has been tapped to direct the sequel to Warner Bros.The LEGO Movie. This is his feature directorial debut, but he has helmed episodes of Community, Parks and Recreation, and The Mindy Project. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who directed the first film, will be writing and producing the movie along with Dan Lin and Roy Lee.

Schrab has a long and impressive history in entertainment where he wrote, directed, and produced for The Sarah Silverman Program, and earned a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics for writing for the 81st Oscars. He directed six episodes of Community, four of The Mindy Project, 19 of The Sarah Silverman Program, and much more.

Schrab is also the creator of the comic book, Scud: The Disposable Assassin. He created the series in the 90s and featured a world where you could buy robot assassins out of vending machines. The series wrapped after 24 issues in 2007.

(via Deadline)

Preview – But I Can’t Do Anything Else! The Art of Rob Schrab HC

Official Press Release


art & cover ROB SCHRAB

56 PAGES, FC, 8.5 x 12 INCHES, $24.99

In 2007, Rob Schrab completed Scud the Disposable Assassin after a ten-year hiatus. Fans rejoiced but demanded to know what had taken him so long. The answer lies within these pages. This is a collection of concept sketches from his many sci-fi, horror and animation projects in TV/film that never saw the light of day. Some were abandoned, some are coming soon, but all are here to enjoy. From the co-creator of Monster House and The Sarah Silverman Program

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