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It’s two second printings and two new releases for Scout Comics’ final order cutoff

Mr. Easta #1 – 2nd Printing

(W/A/CA) Kit Wallis

2nd printing! The gloriously demented mind of Kit Wallis brings the galactic adventures of the third best assassin in the universe to Scout Comics! Incredible, kinetically charged artwork blasts the blood, mayhem and quirky humor directly through your brain like a high-caliber bullet. In this issue, it’s Elvis night at an interstellar backwater bar, but with all due respect to the King, that doesn’t stop Mr. Easta. With the help of Frank, his teleportation parasite, who can also transform into any handheld weapon imaginable, it’s business as usual.

Mr. Easta #1 - 2nd Printing

Stanley the Snowman #1 – 2nd Printing

(W) Austin Janowsky (A/CA) Juan Pablo Montenegro Marcial

Scoot! Imprint: 2nd printing! Cool down from the summer heat with an uplifting “Christmas in July” special! Jenny Rose is a bit of a loner. She’s not into dolls, the latest cell phones or coolest games. She loves spending time with her family and learning about their traditions from her grandfather. He passes onto her a secret ritual that only one family member in a generation can do, bringing Stanley the Snowman to life! Stanley is a magical snowman, the embodiment of the holiday spirit and their family history.  After months of preparation, the night finally arrives… but things don’t go exactly as planned!

Stanley the Snowman #1 - 2nd Printing

The West Moon Chronicle #2

(W) Frank Jun Kim (A/CA) Joe Bocardo

Maddie Green, presumed deceased after going missing eighteen years ago, returns one fateful October night, having aged only seven months! She’s been roaming the Sky Wyld-a fey realm where time runs slower-looking for her kidnapped infant girl. Now back in our world, she asks Jae-Sun Rhee to help rescue their daughter and earn a second chance at fatherhood… if he can only confront his own culpability that led to their separation all those years ago.

The West Moon Chronicle #2

Road Trip To Hell #2

(W) Nicole D’Andria (A) Monika Maccagni (CA) Joaquin Pereyra

After finding out that his father, Satan, has died, Francis has been named the new king of Hell. The catch? Everyone from Hell has escaped and is trying to kill him in order to seize his title! As a ploy to get to him, a force of Nazis has overrun Angel of Mercy hospital intending to hold his sister hostage. Assisted by his new heavenly protector, Joan of Arc, Francis must go toe-to-toe with the likes of Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, and Josef Mengele to save his sister!

Road Trip To Hell #2

The Devil Has Been Destroyed And His Son Must Take The Road Trip to Hell To Accept The Throne

A dark comedy filled with action, adventure, and the worst the world had to offer, Road Trip to Hell follows Francis Rhoades, a young man with the ability to see horrible things in a person’s future just by touching them. His life has been full of hardship, but things get even worse when the demon Baphomet informs him that his father is Satan and he’s been destroyed. Now, Francis has been designated the new king of Hell. The catch? All the damned have escaped, and if one of them can kill Francis before he can reach the netherworld himself, that soul will become the new leader of Hell! With the help of his sister Star and his literal guardian angel Joan of Arc, Francis needs to survive his trip to hell… hopefully without losing his own soul in the process! 

Road Trip to Hell is written by Nicole D’Andria with art by Monika Maccagni, color by Joaquin Pereyra, lettering by Justin Birch, variant cover by Marco Fontanili, and logo designed by Jacob Bascle. It comes to comic shops this October from Scout Comics.

Road Trip to Hell