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Preview: Reach: The First Inherits


Written by Michael Drace Fountain
Pencils/Inks by Chris Burkheart
Colors/Letters by Ben Glibert
$1.99 | 20 pages | full color

Samurai are on a hunt for an ancient treasure with mystical properties. During their journey, honor and loyalty are forgotten and replaced by greed and violence. Ultimately, the most courageous warrior must face a new enemy in fortune found.

Purchase: comiXology (live Wednesday morning), Amazon KDP, Printed TPB


Kickstarter Spotlight: Reach

Reach_TPB_FINALBy James Ninness

REACH is a three-part adventure that follows a family line over three distinctly different time periods as they pursue a particular type of mythical treasure. We begin in the time of King Richard, through to the samurai of the Sengoku Period, and eventually arriving in the American West.

A different team tells each of these tales. We’ve worked together to ensure that the elements that need to link the stories are there but outside of those links, these stories couldn’t be much different…

Joe Pezzula (Where the Witches Lurk) and Scott Irwin (SAMSARA) kick things off with a medieval heist tale. If Ocean’s Eleven and Ironclad had a baby, and that baby drank five or six cups of coffee a day, it would look something like their tale.

Next up, Michael Drace Fountain (IN SANITY, AZ) and Chris Burkheart (The O.D.D. Chronicles) take us on a journey through the Sengoku Period with some samurai seeking a mythical flower… Remember that movie The Last Samurai and the white guy who saved everyone? This is like the opposite of that.

Finally, Mike Vasquez (MikeGoesGeek) and I (Hammer Down) track some pioneers across the American West. Brigands, wolves, and shootouts await an unfortunate family of British folks hoping for an escort across some fairly ominous desert. Ever see City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly’s Gold? Our story and that movie have almost nothing in common.

Three distinct stories, each self-contained as a stand-alone tale, connecting over the centuries to manufacture a single narrative of warning to all those who would overextend their…reach.

This Kickstarter campaign is for the entire book. All three stories are here. It’s done. If we get this thing funded, REACH is finished. So don’t worry, you won’t have to wait for another volume because there isn’t one. Support this and get the whole shebang. The finished book will be between 80 and 100 pages.

To entice you even further we’ve lined up rewards from everyone involved in the book, including colorist and letterer Ben Glibert (IN SANITY, AZ).

Not enough? Fine. How about art from Joel Gomez (Detective Comics), Livio Ramondelli (The Transformers), and Vincent Kukua (Liberator)?

Still not enough? Okay. We’ve got stretch goals from Ray Anthony-Height (Midnight Tiger), Axur Eneas (The Adventures of Aero-Girl), and Andy Taylor (Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman)?

We’re pretty excited about the book and we hope you’ll take a moment to grab some goodies and help us make the REACH: A Graphic Novel Kickstarter a successful campaign, for all our sakes.

01 Cover_Final_HIGH

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