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Mercury Filmworks and Goodbye Productions will Co-Produce Once Our Land from Peter Ricq and Scout Comics

Once Our Land

Mercury Filmworks and Goodbye Productions will co-produce the animated feature Once Our Land, a fantasy/sci-fi period piece for family audiences based on the graphic novel by Peter Ricq. The announcement was made today by Chantal Ling, VP Original Series & Co-Productions and Amber Ripley, Founder, Goodbye Productions.

Set in 1830’s Europe, Once Our Land tells the story of 11-year-old Ingrid; a young girl forced to fend for herself in a ravaged city overrun by fearsome beasts from another world. It’s in this cruel “past-apocalyptic” world where trust is in short supply that Ingrid forges an unlikely friendship with Fritz, a grizzled, old, eye-patched warrior with an unexpectedly eccentric personality. Together, Fritz and Ingrid embark on a dangerous journey to rid the city they love of the cruel beasts, and to learn to trust again.

Part light survival horror, part action, with strong heart and a healthy dose of levity-bringing humor, Once Our Land is a touching tale of trust and friendship set against the backdrop of eldritch horror.

The film adaptation reunites artist/director Peter Ricq with screenwriter Phil Ivanusic Vallée. The duo were the creative force behind multiple animated series including The League of Super Evil as well as the live-action feature film Dead Shack.

Once Our Land marks Ricq and Ivanusic-Vallée’s second collaboration with prolific producer Amber Ripley and their first collaboration with Mercury Filmworks. The team recently received Telefilm and Harold Greenberg development funds for the feature adaptation.

Just in Time for Halloween, Ghost Are People Too by Cartoonist Peter Ricq

Just in time for Halloween, cartoonist Peter Ricq is bringing Ghost Are People Too to Kickstarter. The 42 page illustrated book, about a simple ordinary ghost named Ethan Alby, is written and drawn for spooky living people of all ages and perfect for Halloween.

Ethan has a family—just like you. He likes playing with toys and his dog, Mini Ricky. Sometimes, though, Ethan gets scared. In Ghost Are People Too, Ethan shares what scares him, how difficult it is to share a home with a living girl he’s fallen for (when she doesn’t even know he exists), and why we shouldn’t be afraid of one another.

Ghost Are People Too is a charming spooky book for readers of all ages, especially young readers, adolescents and adults who love Tim Burton’s books and films, as well as the novels and picture books written by Neil Gaiman, and most especially fans of Edward Gorey’s The Gashlycrumb Tinies.

The Kickstarter campaign runs until November 20 and has a goal of $15,000 goal (Canadian dollars). You can get a PDF copy for $10 Canadian (about $8 in US dollars). The hardcover copy is $20 Canadian (about $16 US dollars). Other rewards include autographed copies, doodles, more art, and more.

Scout Comics and Peter Ricq’s Once Our Land Has been Optioned as an Animated Feature Film

Scout Comics & Entertainment is excited to announce that Peter Ricq‘s Once Our Land has been optioned by Amber Ripley of Goodbye Productions to develop as an animated feature film. Ricq will adapt with Phil Ivanusic-Vallee.

Set in 1830s Germany, Once Our Land is a post-apocalyptic tale of two survivors, Ingrid and Fritz, as they battle each day against mysterious, monstrous invaders that have surfaced and wiped out everything they once knew.

The second volume of Once Our Land is slated to hit comic book stores in 2019 from Scout Comics.

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