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Review: Powers of X #6

Powers of X #6

With Powers of X #6, writer Jonathan Hickman cements his manifesto. It’s a bold new direction and vision of the X-Universe for years to come. The finale continues his split storytelling focusing on three eras of the Marvel Universe revolving around the X-Men. With some callbacks and some final reveals, the picture is clear.

Hickman has positioned the future of the X-Men not as the allegorical representation of the struggling minority. Instead, Hickman’s X-Men has taken on the role of nationalist. Specifically, the white nationalist raging against their inevitable loss to demographics and the future.

As far as stories go, Powers of X and its sibling series House of X has been top notch science fiction. As far as X-Men stories go, the two have ripped the essence of the characters out from them. It has featured massive shifts in character outlooks and their overall position in the greater narrative.

The X-Men, and specifically Charles Xavier, are no longer the heroes but manipulating the system in an attempt to hold on to dominance. It’s a villainous role that Xavier and Magneto admit to in a pivotal scene involving Moira. While some might still see this as a fight for survival their actions are no longer one of equality. Their statements are those of superiority.

Moira being the deus ex machina that has made this shift possible. Moira is the lynchpin of it all. She is what the narrative, and now the Marvel Universe, revolves around. That becomes clear in the far future as neo-humanity faces the Phalanx and the reveals there.

It’s also clear a future conflict over all of this is on the horizon and years down the road when sales falter and things need to be redone again.

The art for Powers of X #6 by R.B. Silva and Pepe Laraz is amazing as expected. For the insidious nature of it all, the art for everything is beautiful to look at. The colors by Marte Gracia and David Curiel make it all pop. The lettering by Clayton Cowles helps evoke the emotion of dialogue. The X-Men haven’t looked this good in a long time.

While I’m excited as to where this all goes at the same time it feels like the heart of the X-Men has been ripped out from them. They have often reflected the socio-political reality of the time and here they take on the role of the bad guys, nationalists fighting for dominance due to a perceived superiority. And much like those nationalists in all reality they will lose… when Moira dies down the road and this is all rebooted again.

Story: Jonathan Hickman Art: R.B. Silva Pepe Laraz
Color: Marte Gracia, David Curiel Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Design: Tom Muller
Story: 8.25 Art: 8.75 Overall: 8.4 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Review: House of X #2

House of X #2

In House of X #2, learn the truth about one of the X-Men’s closest allies…and then begin the fight for the future of mutantkind!

Writer Jonathan Hickman has dropped, what feels like, a bomb on the X-Universe. In House of X #2 he rewrites the history of a key X-Men character adding depth and an interesting twist to it all. Hickman also delivers another nine different alternate universes while doing so. Thankfully, the issue gives us a handy timeline and map for us to see.

Writing this review, I honestly am not sure what I think of it all. The concept is great but the retcon of a character takes away some key aspects of the X-Men’s history in some ways. It takes a human ally and makes them a mutant the whole time.

It’s hard to go into depth in this review without spoilers and I’m not going to do so. But, there are some major changes to a longtime X-Men character that shows that Hickman is here to shake things up. That includes good and bad and this one is a bit of both. Your enjoyment will really revolve around the changes.

The art by Pepe Larraz is fantastic. With color by Marte Gracia and lettering by Clayton Cowles, the comic is beautiful to look at. There’s a lot of different histories presented and with them a bit of a different emotional punch. The team pulls it off.

The issue is an interesting one that really plants the flag. Hickman is making the X-Men his own, continuity and history be damned. This continues an exciting and somewhat controversial change that’s coming.

Story: Jonathan Hickman Art: Pepe Larraz
Color: Marte Gracia Letterer: Clayton Cowles Design: Tom Muller
Story: 7.5 Art: 8.35 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again – and No One Is Safe!

If you’re Deadpool and you kill the entire Marvel Universe, why not eat some chimichangas…and then kill all over again? Proving there’s nothing like revenge, the superstar team of Cullen Bunn and Dalibor Talajic reunite to bring you Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again, and the Merc with the Mouth has never been more ready to return to that katana.

How so? “Deadpool is pulling out all the stops on this killing spree,” continues Bunn. “In the second issue of the original series, he killed Spider-Man. In the second issue of this series, he goes after the entire Spider-Man family. And that’s not all. Good ol’ Wade is approaching these kills in all new ways, and he’s going after huge targets. How does Deadpool kill an entire pantheon of mythic beings? You’ll find out in the first issue. And that’s just the beginning of the carnage.”

Of course, if you’re Wade Wilson, it doesn’t mean things are going to be easy – especially when you’re on a mission to kill the X-Men, the Avengers, Gwenpool, Spider-Man, and more!

Featuring covers by Dave Johnson, Jay Fosgitt, Pepe Laraz, and Michael Walsh.