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Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

The Bunker #2There are lots of choices each week to choose from as far as comics hitting the shelves. We go through the releases and let you know what we think are your best bets for comics to read.

This week’s top pick is The Bunker. What’s this issue about? Check it out:

Each of the friends must decide their fates, as they’re faced with the first day of the rest of their lives. By the end, lines are drawn between the Believers and the Skeptics, while another shadowy figure from the future is watching them to make sure they all decide ‘correctly.’

Check out what else we think you should give a shot this Wednesday!

Top Pick: The Bunker #2 (Oni Press) – The first issue was a sell-out and had folks buzzing. Oni has announced this book has already sold out at the distributor level. Make sure to grab a copy if you can find one, and if you haven’t, get the first issue too!

Furious #3 (Dark Horse) – The series that looks at fame with a superhero twist continues. This issue just dives in to take on the issue of misogyny.

Hacktivist #3 (BOOM! Studios) – BOOM!’s take on modern activism is entertaining and gets people to think with every issue.

Mind MGMT #20 (Dark Horse) – A great starting spot for the excellent Matt Kindt series.

Pariah #2 (Dark Horse) – This story of genetically modified children has been impressive so far. Where it goes has got be very interested, and at the edge of my seat.

Silver Surfer #1 (Marvel) – Dan Slott’s take on Marvel’s classic character begins here!

Skullkickers #25 (Image Comics) – Jim Zub’s off the rails fantasy adventure continues after a bit of a hiatus.

Transformers: Dark Cybertron Finale (IDW Publishing) – The end to what has been an epic event that has given us so much awesome.

The Walking Dead #124 (Image Comics) – The battle with Negan continues and I expect more fireworks!

The Wake #7 (Vertigo) – Scott Snyder and Sean Phillips’ series has shifted for it’s second volume catapulting us into the future to see what the Earth is like now that the undersea creatures have attacked. It’s a different series, with a different tone, but works so well as a continuation.

Graphic Novel/Trade Paperback Top Pick: The Red Team Vol. 1 (Dynamite Entertainment) – Garth Ennis’ crooked cop series is gathered together for this first volume. If you’re a fan of cop tales, this is a must read.

Interview: Aron Warner Discusses Pariah!

pariah #1 coverIn the new mini-series Pariah, trapped in space, the genetically engineered geniuses known as “vitros” must band together and create a plan to get back to Earth before their failing satellite turns into a deathtrap!

The series picks up after the first volume of Pariah which was collected and released by Dark Horse this January. A mix of science-fiction, survival movies and even a bit Lord of the Flies, the first issue of the new volume is tense and exciting.

We got a chance to ask series creator Aron Warner about it, some of the themes and even about a certain other recent movie that took place in space.

Graphic Policy: Where did the idea of Pariah come from?

Aron Warner: I was reading an article about genetic manipulation being done in vitro to correct some transcription errors.   I started thinking about where that could go – bodies are very complex and medical science is moving very quickly.   We don’t even understand some of the processes let along can we predict all the consequences.

At the same time, I read a lot of science news and so much of what I read is so mind-blowing that I’m surprised more people don’t know how much change we’re on the verge of.   Yeah, there’s a lot of bad news out there, but we’re also on the verge of so many amazing advancements.    I kind of pulled together my love for science with our natural fear of it and out came Pariah.

GP: How did you come to work with Dark Horse?

AW: The first four issues we’re published by another company but I was really bummed out with how they handled it. Dark Horse graciously offered to take it on.  They re-released the first four issues in January as a graphic novel. Check it out! I think it does a great job of setting up the cast of characters.

GP:  Reading through the first volume, it strikes me that there’s a lot of underlying themes that have resonated post 9/11 of sleepers among us, the things government might do to protect us, and the blaming of an entire group of people for the perceived actions of a few. Was this all intentional?

AW: I think it’s more personal for me.   Growing up hearing first hand horror stories of oppression and scapegoating meant these themes were always close to the surface.

GP: You’ve worked on a lot of films, writing some, producing some, and even acting in some. What does the comic form provide that movies don’t for storytelling?

AW: This has been the most direct and personal creative experience of my career.   It’s been the only thing I’ve done so far that wasn’t for someone else.

GP: The newest mini-series finds the Vitros stuck on a satellite in space that’s been sabotaged and kind of a death trap now. Can we expect to find out exactly how they got there and some of the machinations that lead to their situation?

AW: That’s all in the trade graphic novel. Check it out!

GP: I also couldn’t help think that they represent the issues of a new nation forming post pseudo revolution, and the dysfunction in that. We’ve seen some of this in the real world. Was this intentional or am I reading too much into it?

AW: I appreciate you giving me credit for being way smarter than I am…

GP: The final thing that stuck out to me about the themes that these kids are all disliked and not trusted due to their intelligence and more reason/science based focus. There’s lots of division in our real society due to those two things as well. Was this commentary on that?

AW: For sure. People fear what they don’t understand. Science increases our understanding of the universe which means it brings into question why we exist. Not all science is “good” – sometimes it leads to inaccurate, incomplete or even dangerous conclusions. These kids will struggle with those issues as well. Knowledge is power – that’s why everyone’s scared to death of them.

GP: Like the movie Gravity, also set in space, I read the first issue thinking how much they’re both character studies. This is also the first time we’ve really seen all the Vitros together interacting. What got you to want to focus on those personal interactions as opposed to some straight action story, which it could have easily been?

AW: I’d rather see people do stuff than watch a bunch of CG smash into more CG. The movie Gravity represents everything I love most about what movies can be – personal, emotional, transformational, beautiful to look at and the perfect use of the current state of image making tech. Can you tell I love that movie???

GP: Artist Brett Weldele has provided some beautiful artwork. How did you come to work with him as well as fellow series writer Philip Gelatt?

AW: Phil was introduced to me by my co-worker Jeff Fierson. I really like the tone of Phil’s work and he completely got where I wanted the story to go. Brett I found by walking around Comic-Con, table by table, booth by booth and picking up books until I found something that really spoke to me. I introduced myself to Brett who I’m pretty sure thought I was crazy at the time.

GP: What can we expect next for Pariah as well as yourself?

AW: The series ends with a couple of very distinct paths – I really want to continue with one or both of those stories. I’m also working on another comic book idea and a bunch of movies. Stuff takes so long to happen that I like to have a lot percolating.

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

WKE_Cv6_previews_ikd7i9cxxu__527d5ffaed0b43.28413751It’s a packed week of comics, with a lot of solid choices coming out from numerous publishers. So, to help you out , some of the Graphic Policy team has compiled our picks of the comics we’re looking forward to this week.


Top Pick: The Wake #6 (Vertigo) – It’s back. Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy’s merfolk horror story jumps 200 years in the future. I liken the break in this series with The Walking Dead’s mid-season hiatus, it’s been WAY too long.

King Conan The Conqueror #1 (Dark Horse) – This is the second part of Tim Truman’s adaptation of Robert E. Howard’s novel The Hour of the Dragon…and its start is just as fantastic as last year’s run. I can’t envision Conan any other way than this.

Pariah #1 (Dark Horse) – Genetically engineered geniuses known as “vitros” must band together and create a plan to get back to Earth before their failing satellite turns into a deathtrap. After watching Gravity, this series looks interesting.

Vandroid #1 (Dark Horse) – Tommy Lee Edwards and Noah Smith resurrect an early 80s grindhouse film script that was nearly lost in a studio fire. A rich playboy and a drugged out genius engineer create a humanoid entity that takes matters into his own hands. The cover of this issue alone deserves awards.

Trade Paperback/Graphic Novel: Breath of Bones A Tale of the Golem HC (Dark Horse) – This rounds out Dark Horse’s near sweep of my top picks this week. Steve Niles creates a poignant, gorgeous story of a Jewish boy’s stand against the Nazis…and the monster under his bed that helped him.


Top Pick: The Wake #6 (Vertigo) – It’s been too long since this series hit shelves, but boy am I ready to dive into the second part of writer Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy’s horror/sci-fi/apocalyptic story. He said to expect a twist at the end of the first volume and he was right. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.

Black Science #4 (Image Comics) – This series from Image mixes crazy science fiction with an almost Jules Verne vibe about it all. The action is awesome, science fun, and art fantastic.

Furious #2 (Dark Horse) – It’s celebrity meets superherodom. The second issue continues the fantastic story of a superhero in today’s age of 24 hour news and social media.

Hacktivist #2 (Archaia/BOOM! Studios) – The comic that focuses on online activism continues as the government and CIA make an offer to our keyboard jockeys.

Tomb Raider #1 (Dark Horse) – Writer Gail Simone takes on the recently rebooted video gamer heroine. Should be a great combination, and while I haven’t read the issue yet, it’s high on my anticipation list for the week.

Trade Paperback/Graphic Novel: Megagogo Vol. 1 (Oni Press) – A new ongoing graphic novel that lets us know what happens when you put a washed up loser, an awkward teen going through puberty, and an immortal being into a giant robot. Monsters have returned to wreak havoc on the South, and while the team must defend Atlanta, they must first get past the KKK! How does this not sound awesome?

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The weekend is here!!! What’s everyone doing to enjoy it? I myself will be taking advantage of the nice weather here in DC.

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In 24 hours we’ll be in San Diego and getting ready for San Diego Comic-Con 2011!  Wee!  Until then…. here’s the news you might have missed.

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