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DC Deck-Building Game Organized Play Kit Coming This Summer

Cryptozoic Entertainment will be releasing the first DC Deck-Building Game Organized Play Kit. Designed for the popular DC Deck-Building Game series, the kit includes instructions for retail stores to run tournaments, as well as prizes for participants. Cryptozoic and Warner Bros. Consumer Products plan to release kits biannually, launching this premiere kit alongside the DC Deck-Building Game Multiverse Box this summer and the subsequent kit in the late fall or winter of 2017.

The first DC Deck-Building Game Organized Play Kit will be sold exclusively to local game and hobby stores through PSI Distribution for $25. The instructions outline various options for tournaments (Single Elimination, Point-Based) and league play (Competitive League, Cooperative “Crisis” League). In addition, there are suggestions for how to configure tournaments depending on the number of players, spread the word about tournaments, and utilize the included limited-edition Playmat and 12 Vixen Super Hero Promo Cards as prizes. To help stores promote their organized play events, each kit also comes with a poster featuring DC’s Vixen that encourages players to sign up for an upcoming tournament.

Future kits will have similar content with a rotating roster of Promo Cards. The late 2017 kit will come with Black Lightning Promo Cards. Starting this year, players at Gen Con will have a chance to preview and win the following year’s DC Deck-Building Game Organized Play Kit Promo Cards before their wider release to stores via the kits.

WizKids’ Dice Masters Classic Avengers Monthly OP Event

If you’re looking to add some classic Avengers to your Dice Masters you’re in luck as the next organized play event for WizKids‘ Dice Masters is Marvel Dice Masters: Classic Avengers. Organized play is exactly as it sounds and encourages stores to hold regular events where participants can win prizes and also receive items for just participating.

This OP kit features three cards, Iron Man: Pro Reg, Ant-Man: Classic Avenger, and Captain America: Classic Avenger. The first two cards are meant to be given out to those who perform the best in the events and the final cart is a participation card that everyone gets.

Ant-Man looks to be a new card using the Civil War set die, while Iron Man is also from that set with a card of the same name, and Captain America looks to be a new image for Civil War‘s Captain America: Freedom Fighter.


Wizkids Announces Dice Masters Thanos Imperative Monthly OP

Thanos Imperative Monthly OP 1Wizkids has announced the latest organized play kit for their popular Dice Masters game. The play kit riffs off of a Marvel Comics storyline.

Follow Star-Lord and the Guardians of the Galaxy on their journey to help Thanos confront Mar Vell in a battle between life and death. Will you be able to defeat Mar Vell and destroy the Fault or will you be trapped in the Cancerverse forever?

Organized play events provide opportunities for stores to host local gaming events to get individuals to play in their stores with a chance to win limited edition cards.

The organized play kit features instructions as well as the following cards:


  • Five (5) Star-Lord: Reluctant Prince Limited Edition Alternate Art Competitive Cards
  • Twenty (20) Nova: Nova Prime Limited Edition Participation Prize Cards
  • Five (5) Thanos: Gauntlet Wielder Limited Edition Competitive Prize Cards


Age of Ultron HeroClix OP and Tournament Boosters Details

heroclix_age_of_ultron_opWizKids has announced details about the Marvel HeroClix organized play products for Marvel Heroclix Age of Ultron. Beginning in June 2015, a four-month organized play program begins featuring two OP Kits and two Tournament Boosters with the first shipping in June.

The program features 56 figures, 28 in each series. Each Tournament Booster Brick (1 and 2) contains 8 commons, 7 uncommons, 6 rares, 5 super rares, 2 chase figures, and 5 Avengers I.D. Cards. Each Booster Brick contains 10 Tournament Boosters, enough to support 10 players for Marvel HeroClix Age of Ultron Storyline OP events.

Retailers may order two Tournament Booster Bricks for every OP Kit they order, and the Booster Bricks will ship with the corresponding OP Kits. The program includes prizes each month and a Grand Prize for the end of the four-month event series.

Wizkids has a lot of Heroclix plans for Avengers for 2015 all leading up to Avengers 2: Age of Ultron which hits theaters that summer.

Fantasy Flight Announces Their 2015 Store Championships

FFG-Logo-BlueFantasy Flight Games has announced Store Championships, the first major tournament season of their 2015 Organized Play schedule. Stores have until October 3rd to apply to take part and host games.

The 2015 Store Championship season will run for three months, starting January 1st through March 31st. This allows stores more flexibility in their scheduling, and also gives players a chance to play in larger local events.

Store Championships began in 2014 as part of Fantasy Flight Game’s Organized Play Program. They use the same structure as events such as Regional, National, and World Championships. And brought a competitive level to local events, allowing players to vie for the title of Store Champion. The winners of each event receive one bye at a Regional Championship of their choice. Players that finish high enough also receive a playmat, set of tokens, or other prices depending on their standing. The top 32 players will each receive an alternate art card.

Each store that is approved to host a Store Championship will have the opportunity to purchase an event kit containing prizes and support for hosting their event. Check out the links below to see what those kits are and get more information on each game.

Players who want to take part should encourage their store to apply! These exclusive items and alternate art cards in the kits are only available for the 2015 Store Championships.

For stores interested, applications close October 3rd at 23:59 CST.