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Mini Reviews: Night Clubs, Immortal Sergeant, and Bane Wrestling!?

Immortal Sergeant #1

Sometimes, the staff at Graphic Policy read more comics than we’re able to get reviewed. When that happens you’ll see a weekly feature compiling reviews of the comics, or graphic novels, we just didn’t get a chance to write a full one for.

These are Graphic Policy’s Mini Reviews and Recommendations.


Night Club #2 (Image Comics) – This is basically Kick-Ass with vampires from Mark Millar and Juanan Ramirez. The second issue focuses on Danny showing off his new abilities to his friends and giving them to them as well with his sire nowhere in site. It’s definitely leaning into all power, no responsibilities with Danny and his friends recording YouTube videos and beating up bullies. Night Club is definitely derivative of other media/Millar comics, but stylish visuals (You tilt the page when the teens use their powers) and a $1.99 price point make it worth a read for superhero or vampire fans. Overall: 7.6 Verdict: Read


Batman: One Bad Day – Bane #1 (DC Comics) – I generally like the concepts of the “One Bad Day” stories which focus on Batman’s rogues adding a bit of depth to their characters or setting them up for a new direction. This one has Bane somewhat retired and now wrestling. Written by Joshua Williamson, the story is a bit to hit over the head in some many ways, beginning with the wrestling aspect. There’s the duality of what’s real and what’s fake, something that’s been danced around with the character in the past. There’s the whole “wrestling” with who he is. The issue has Bane attempting to finish eradicating the world of Venom as he recounts his and Batman’s adventures to do so. The art by Howard Porter is pretty good and takes the comic from a borderline eye roll in it’s parable to a bit of fun, a comic you can enjoy while relaxing during an afternoon. It’s not bad but Bane is a character that really has so much potential and this issue breaks things down in a way to simplifies his pathos instead of building upon it to return him as the juggernaut character he should be. Overall: 7.7 Verdict: Read

Immortal Sergeant #1 (Image Comics) – A new comic from Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura!? That alone had me interested in this comic about a comic retiring and still haunted by a past case. The first issue is all set up as we get to know Det. Sgt. James Sargent as he’s about to retire after 45 years. While he comes off as the grizzled cop veteran, unfortunately he also comes off as an asshole. The issue dances around what’s to come without really diving into it, putting the full focus on Sargent. There’s potential there but with a character I hope falls victim to “last day on the beat” tropes for the police doesn’t get me pumped to read more. While I expect things will eventually get good, the start is a bit slow. Overall: 7.0 Verdict: Read

Well, there you have it, folks. The reviews we didn’t quite get a chance to write. See you next week!

Please note that with some of the above comics, Graphic Policy was provided FREE copies for review. Where we purchased the comics, you’ll see an asterisk (*). If you don’t see that, you can infer the comic was a review copy. In cases where we were provided a review copy and we also purchased the comic you’ll see two asterisks (**).

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Barbaric: Hell to Pay #1

It’s one of two new comic book days today! What are you all excited for? What do you plan on getting? Sound off in the comments below! While you think about that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web.

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CBR – Barbaric: Hell to Pay #1
CBR – Night Club #2
Collected Editions – Robins: Being Robin

Night Club #1 rises again with a new printing

Inventory of the new hit Night Club #1 by writer Mark Millar and artist Juanan Ramírez has been drained dry at the distributor level and will be rushed back to print in order to keep up with rapid reorders.

Night Club is part of Millar’s growing bloodline of popular comics owned by Netflix and each issue of the series boasts an incredibly low price point of only $1.99.

In Night Club, a group of unsuspecting 17-year-olds is bitten by a vampire and suddenly imbued with super-heroic powers. The story unfolds as it asks: Now what? Do you live in the shadows and drink human blood? Or do you use your newfound abilities to become the costumed vigilante you’ve always dreamed of instead? You’re bulletproof, you can crawl up walls, and you can turn to mist, bats, or even a wolf. Why not have a little fun?

Night Club #1 second printing (Diamond Code NOV228348) will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, February 8. Night Club #2 Cover A (Diamond Code NOV220257) and Night Club #2 Cover B (Diamond Code NOV220258) will be available on Wednesday, January 18.

Night Club #1 second printing

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!


Wednesdays (and Tuesdays) are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in

Each week our contributors choose what they can’t wait to read this week or just sounds interesting. In other words, this is what we’re looking forward to and think you should be taking a look at!

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this week.

Batman/Spawn #1 (DC Comics) – It’s Batman and Spawn, together again. Do we really need to say why we’re excited for this? It’s the 90s, back again!

Blade Runner 2039 #1 (Titan Comics) – It has been three years since Niander Wallace introduced his brand of ‘perfectly obedient’ Replicants, and the ban on synthetic humans has been lifted, at least for the new Wallace models?

The Boxer Vol. 1 (Yen Press/Ize Press) – A story about a young man with superhuman athletic abilities who heads into the ring. But, what compels Yu to keep entering it?

Dark Ride #3 (Image Comics) – This twisted take on an amusement park has been fantastic so far delivering some family drama and horror mixed together.

Darkland #1 (Scout Comics) – A new apocalyptic tale focused on a young girl being thrust in the remnants of America.

Ginseng Roots #11 (Uncivilized Comics) – Craig Thompson’s comic series about growing up around ginseng farmers has been eye opening and educational and matched by its beautiful art.

Monica Rambeau: Photon #1 (Marvel) – The character is going to have a pretty big few years with Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and the character gets the spotlight further in comics here.

Night Club #1 (Image Comics) – Part of Millarworld, there’s a big event coming next year involving all of the various series and we’re interested in seeing how it all comes together.

Savage Avengers #8 (Marvel) – For those who haven’t been reading, the team has been thrust into the world of Marvel 2099 which has been a fun revisit with the classic characters.

A Vicious Circle #1 (BOOM! Studios) – A trained assassin from the future seeks revenge against someone with the same affliction. They’re forced to travel between the past and future.

The “Big Game” summer event launches in March with The Ambassadors

Bestselling dream team Mark Millar and Frank Quitely launch the first issue of The Ambassadors in March with a checklist of white-hot artists handling each of the six interconnected issues. The lineup includes: Olivier Coipel, Travis Charest, Matteo Buffagni, Karl Kerschl, and Matteo Scalera—a wish-list for any comic book fan.

This six issue Netflix miniseries will hit shelves in March from Image Comics as part of the highly anticipated “Big Game” summer event being prepped by Nemesis: Reloaded (with superstar Jorge Jiminez), Night Club with Juanan Ramirez, and the brand new volume of The Magic Order—currently being made as a huge live action show for the streamer. The Ambassadors will lead directly into the big 2023 Summer event “Big Game”, where all the Millarworld characters from Kick-Ass, Kingsman, Starlight, Jupiter’s Legacy, and more, come together in a huge adventure drawn by Marvel superstar Pepe Larraz.

The Ambassadors #1 will also feature variant covers by Larraz and Gigi Cavenago and give us a superhero comic unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

This new series promises an enormous story about ordinary people from around the world and explores what makes a select few worthy of power.

The Ambassadors #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, March 29.

Spawn teams up on seven more variant covers!

Image Comics has revealed seven more jaw-dropping Spawn team-up variants—ahead of the December Spawn takeover campaign—which will grace the covers of the upcoming I Hate Fairyland (2022) #2Creepshow #4, Flawed #4, Killadelphia #26, Manifest Destiny #48, Night Club #1, and Rogue Sun #9.

Todd McFarlane’s iconic, history-making, record-breaking Spawn will be everywhere next month and will appear on over nearly 50 different Image Comics series’ covers in addition to popping up on many DC variants as part of the Batman/Spawn crossover launch.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Image Comics—and of Spawn’s launch—and December’s Spawn team-up covers provide fans with the perfect way to celebrate the beloved character’s lasting impact and influence on the medium. Everywhere customers look, there Spawn will be.

Spawn will make an appearance on the covers of:

  • 3Keys #3 Cover C by David Messina – Diamond Code SEP228055
  • 20th Century Men #5 Cover C by S. Morian – Diamond Code SEP228056
  • All Against All #1 Cover E by Caspar Wijngaard – Diamond Code SEP228057
  • Antioch #3 – Diamond Code SEP228465
  • Art Brut #1 Cover B by Martín Morazzo – Diamond Code SEP228253
  • Blood Stained Teeth #7 Cover C by Christian Ward – Diamond Code SEP228058
  • The Bone Orchard Mythos: Ten Thousand Black Feathers #4 Cover C by Andrea Sorrentino – Diamond Code SEP228059
  • Creepshow #4 Cover C by Javi Fernandez – Diamond Code SEP228060
  • Dark Ride #3 Cover E by Andrei Bressan & Adriano Lucas – Diamond Code SEP228061
  • The Dead Lucky #5 Cover C by French Carlomagno – Diamond Code SEP228062
  • The Deadliest Bouquet #5 Cover B by Chris Campana & Tom Chu – Diamond Code SEP228063
  • The Department of Truth: The Wild Fictions Special Cover B by Martin Simmonds – Diamond Code SEP228117
  • Do A Powerbomb #7 Cover C by Daniel Warren Johnson – Diamond Code SEP228064
  • Eight Billion Genies #7 Cover C by Ryan Browne – Diamond Code SEP228065
  • Flawed #4 Cover B – Diamond Code SEP228066
  • Golden Rage #5 by Lauren Knight – Diamond Code SEP228110
  • Gospel #2 Cover B by Will Morris – Diamond Code SEP228067
  • Hell To Pay #2 Cover C by Will Sliney – Diamond Code SEP228111
  • Hexware #1 Cover D by Tim Seeley & Valentina Cuomo – Diamond Code SEP228113
  • Hitomi #3 Cover D by wraparound cover by Ashley Wood – Diamond Code SEP228069
  • I Hate Fairyland #2 Cover G by Skottie Young – Diamond Code SEP228070
  • Ice Cream Man #33 Cover C by Martin Morazzo – Diamond Code SEP228071
  • Image! #9 Cover B by John McCrea – Diamond Code SEP228072
  • Junkyard Joe #3 Cover E by Gary Frank – Diamond Code SEP228073
  • Kaya #3 Cover C by Wes Craig – Diamond Code SEP228074
  • Killadelphia #26 Cover D – Diamond Code SEP228114
  • Kroma #2 Cover E by Lorenzo De Felici – Diamond Code SEP228075
  • Little Monsters #8 Cover C by Dustin Nguyen – Diamond Code SEP228076
  • Love Everlasting #5 Cover C by Elsa Charterrier – Diamond Code SEP228077
  • Lovesick #3 Cover E by Luana Vecchio – Diamond Code SEP228078
  • Manifest Destiny #48 Cover B by Matthew Roberts & Owen Gieni – Diamond Code SEP228079
  • Night Club #1 Cover D – Diamond Code SEP228112
  • Nita Hawes’ Nightmare Blog #11 Cover C – Diamond Code SEP228115
  • Nocterra: Val Special Cover H by Tony S. Daniel – Diamond Code SEP228080
  • Plush #2 Cover D by Daniel Hillyard – Diamond Code SEP228081
  • Radiant Black #20 Cover D by Jonathan Glapion – Diamond Code SEP228082
  • Radiant Black #20 Cover E by Marcelo Costa – Diamond Code SEP228255
  • Radiant Pink #1 Cover D by Emma Kubert – Diamond Code SEP228083
  • Rogue Sun #9 Cover C by Marco Renna – Diamond Code SEP228084
  • Starhenge #6 Cover F by Liam Sharp – Diamond Code SEP228086
  • That Texas Blood #20 Cover C by Jacob Phillips – Diamond Code SEP228087
  • Undiscovered Country #22 Cover C by Giuseppe Camuncoli – Diamond Code SEP228088
  • Unnatural #5 Cover C by Ennio Bufi & Andrea Meloni – Diamond Code SEP228254
  • Vanish #4 Cover K by Ryan Stegman – Diamond Code SEP228089
  • Voyagis #2 Cover C by Sumeyye Kesgin – Diamond Code SEP228090
  • The Walking Dead Deluxe #52 Cover D by David Finch & Dave McCaig – Diamond Code SEP228091
  • The Walking Dead Deluxe #53 Cover F by David Finch & Dave McCaig – Diamond Code SEP228092
  • What’s The Furthest Place From Here? #9 Cover D by Tyler Boss – Diamond Code SEP228093

Mark Millar and Juanan Ramírez sink their teeth into Night Club

Mark Millar and artist Juanan Ramírez offer up a new series for readers to sink their teeth into with the launch of Night Club. This upcoming series will take flight in December from Image Comics and will join Millar’s growing line of popular comics owned by Netflix.

Each issue of the series will boast an incredibly low price point of only $1.99.

In Night Club, a group of unsuspecting 17-year-olds is bitten by a vampire and suddenly imbued with superheroic powers. The story unfolds as it asks: Now what? Do you live in the shadows and drink human blood? Or do you use your newfound abilities to become the costumed vigilante you’ve always dreamed of instead? You’re bulletproof, you can crawl up walls, and you can turn to mist, bats, or even a wolf. Why not have a little fun?

Night Club #1 will be released on Wednesday, December 14 at comic book shops as well as across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play:

  • Cover A by Ramírez – Diamond Code OCT220052
  • Cover B by Ramírez B&W – Diamond Code OCT220053
  • Cover C by Greg Capullo – Diamond Code OCT220054