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Review: Coven #1

coven001Grimm Fairy Tales has mostly stuck pretty close to the same formula throughout its entire run.  Although it has vastly modified its source material, it has mostly depended closely on fairy tales, myths and legends in order to tell its stories.  There have been a few diversions where the characters involved are more or less completely original, although that has been the exception.  One of those cases was one which was a bit of a non-starter for Zenescope, a series called Salem’s Daughter and which told the story of Anna Williams, a witch who sought out to help people despite being constantly threatened because of her powers.  Although set in a different time, the character was still identified as part of the Grimm Fairy Tales universe on multiple occasions.

This new series is a combination of both inspirations.  The first part of the story deals with this same inspiration as was for the series of Salem’s Daughter as it shows a modern coven of witches in the Salem Woods, still targeted by witch hunters, though these witch hunters are a bit more refined than those in the past.  Out are pitchforks and in is full assault gear with state of the art weaponry.  While this serves as the introduction to the series, what follows is probably of note to many fans of the ongoing series, as it shows the return of Baba Yaga, a fan favorite who plays the anti-villain role, a female antagonist, who equally sometimes sides with the heroes when she doesn’t like what other villains are getting up to.  She leads the search for the abducted coven although she apparently isn’t aware of all of her actions as she seeks out help.

Grimm Fairy Tales has a tendency to get a bit bogged down in its main stories as it is so intricately woven together with its different inspirations.  This series on the other hand proves that there is a lot of hidden talent at this company, with the creative teams that it puts together to cover different concepts.  The result is this series which is a deviation from the usual Grimm Fairy Tales script, but a welcome one as it adds something extra to the universe which hasn’t been seen in some time, and manages to do so in an engaging way.

Story: Zach Calig Art: Diego Galindo
Story: 8.9 Art: 8.9 Overall: 8.9 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Grimm Tales of Terror #12

tot012It is said that the best horrors contain elements of what is left unseen.  This horror which fills the mind with the thoughts of what could be there is often much scarier than to know what is there, as everyone’s personal bogeyman can be lurking around any corner when it is not shown, but the illusion is dropped when the true threat is revealed.  In the medium of comics this is often harder to realize.  Without camera tricks, lighting and sound effects, what can be off panel is just not as scary as maybe can lay at the end of a television or movie screen.

For most of its now 12 issues, this series has been one that has mirrored what was the early success of its predecessor, the main Grimm Fairy Tales story.  It took the format of showing someone is distress when series narrator Keres showed up and told them of a story where things had gone wrong for others.  This format has not been particularly heavily adhered to, but it is kind of the same thing here, with only a looser tie to this same story telling.  It tells the story of a mafioso who is in for a night in a gambling den, except that he has a dark past.  This is where the story diverges a little bit from this usual formula as the person learning the lesson is also the one that is involved with the main story featuring the horror element.  This story tells the tale of a man buried alive after crossing the mob, but one who fights back to find his family despite the odds.

Although it deviates a bit from the script, this issue ends up being one of the best so far in this series.  Instead of relying on shock value, the horror is played down where it needs to be and is mostly kept unseen.  At the same time, that both the narrator Keres and the one receiving her lesson are more present and related to the story makes this a bit better of a hook compared to others in the series.  Overall this is thus one of the best entries so far in the series, some of which had bit hits and others of which have been misses.

Story: Dan Wickline Art: Josh George and Ronilson Freire
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Read

We Talk Grimm Fairy Tales with Nicole Glade

gft002Editors are the unsung masterminds of the comic industry, bringing together multiple talented artists and creators to produce a single finished product. Nicole Glade is one such editor, who has been working behind the scenes at Zenescope for a few years on various titles. She thus has an interesting insight into the inner workings of a comic company and she joined us to share her thoughts on fairy tales, swimsuits and the changing demographic of comic readers.

Graphic Policy: It is not very often that we get to talk to an editor as opposed to writers and artists, so can you start by telling us a little about what you do for any random issue?

Nicole Glade: Very true, and I appreciate the recognition! As lead editor, I oversee projects from concept to completion. I act as a bridge between all the creative personalities and make sure everyone is both accurate and on pace to get the project done in time for print. I even get a hand in the creative aspect, because I may have an idea that I suggest to the writer or one of the artists.

GP: Are there any particular issues or stories that you worked on which surprised you for how they turned out?

gft004NG: I suppose the biggest surprise for me would be Grimm Fairy Tales. GFT has been a mature title for a long time, but 101 changed all that and became Young Adult. It made a lot of sense, given that it now has several young adult characters. While I’ve read plenty of YA that I enjoy, it’s not my go-to genre. That said, I have really, really enjoyed each issue. I love the students and it’s been so much fun to watch their characters come to life.

GP: You have said that you are interested in making comics more inclusive towards everyone, especially female readers. On the one hand there seems to be somewhat of a shift underway, but on the other there still seems to be some distance to go. What do you think is the most important change needed in the medium to make this possible?

NG: Widening the audience is a huge personal goal, yes. I think a lot of creators are on board and taking steps to make this happen. It really seems to me that it’s the higher-ups who need to catch up. I see publishers at least acknowledge that they’d like to create comics that speak to a larger readership. However, they’re still not able to directly point out titles that meet that goal, or the titles they can name are few and far between. It’s definitely time to stop making promises and actually get to work.

gft003GP: Fairy tales in comics have a strange history in the medium. They started off as common staples in the early years of and then all but disappeared until recently. What do you make of their relatively recent comeback?

NG: I think fairy tales are never going to truly go away. There’s clearly something timeless about them that we love to explore time and again through various mediums. Perhaps it’s the morals they tell, or how the darker aspects shine a light on the most basic parts of being human.

GP: As an editor you get to work on a lot of different titles at Zenescope, and have had a hand in practically every Zenescope property at one time, from Wonderland to Neverland and from Oz to the Jungle Book. Does doing so give you a new outlook on any particular characters or settings?

NG: I oversee over half of Zenescope’s titles. It can be a bit of a handful to manage, but I really enjoy seeing how it all connects. Readers generally won’t miss out on anything if they prefer to stick to one, but there are always little easter eggs lurking in the background that allude to other titles.

GP: Did you find yourself liking any specific characters more after being exposed to all of them?

gft005NG: I can’t think of a character I don’t like the more I get to know them through editing a title they’re starring in. Cindy in particular stands out. When I first read her, she was a side character and I found her really annoying. But then I edited the Cinderella Age of Darkness miniseries. Pat Shand managed to write her in a really funny way and suddenly I saw her in a whole new light. It also helped that the art team did a fantastic job as well.

GP: Is there any specific series or characters that stand out to you as being the best that the company has to offer? On that same note, is there any specific character that you would think needs to be put in a little bit of a different direction so as to better use their potential?

NG: Robyn is easily a fan favorite. Pat has given her such a distinct voice that it’s hard not to fall in love with her. Personally, I love Baba Yaga. I’ve always had a soft spot for antiheroes and she’s constantly in this morally grey space.

gft001As for characters that I’d like to see more of, definitely Adraste. She certainly stands out in Oz, but the spotlight is still on Dorothy. When she got her one-shot in Tales from Oz, she had to share it with Glinda. I’d love to see her with her own a miniseries in the future.

GP: You have edited the swimsuit editions for Grimm Fairy Tales, and as they come our every second year, there won’t be one this summer, but how do you go about choosing themes for the selection? How do you choose the (sometimes fictional) locales?

NG: Dave definitely did most of the work when it came to concepts. He didn’t want to reuse a lot of covers, so he focused on coming up with about 30 unique and new concepts. He basically just made a list of the various realms and characters, then combined them. He also threw in a few real locations because who doesn’t like seeing beloved fictional characters in the real world? Once the list was complete, he turned it over to me. I spoke with each artist and asked what character they wanted to draw, then I tried to match them.

gft006GP: It seems that a lot of the variant covers for Grimm Fairy Tales often have the main characters in swimsuits. Is this kind of planned out to get a better field to choose from for the special?

NG: Like I said, Dave came up with totally new concepts to avoid reusing covers. Having so many bikini covers in order to compile them into the Swimsuit Special may have been the original line of thinking, but we’d like to create more content now. Fans deserve fresh material if they’re paying for the issue.

GP: Zenescope is putting on a big show this summer for its ten year anniversary, but where do you think that they will be in ten years?

NG: This year is definitely a major milestone for Zenescope and we’re all very proud to have made it to this point. What I’d really like to see for the company is less of a reliance on covers. That’s all well and good for the collectors and it certainly helped Zenescope during its early years, but it’s definitely time to let our interiors speak for themselves. This does not mean doing away with the flashier variants, but I think the interiors deserve an equal amount of attention.

Preview: Realm War Volume 1 Trade Paperback

Realm War Volume 1 Trade Paperback

Written by Joe Brusha
Art by Sami Kivela
Colors by Maxflan Araujo
Letters by Jim Campbell
Art Direction & Trade Design by Christoper Cote
Edited by Nicole Glade

Following the epic and shocking events of Grimm Fairy Tales #100, the Age of Darkness has descended upon the Grimm Universe!

The Dark Queen successfully merged Earth with the surrounding realms of Wonderland, Neverland, Oz, and Myst. She now rules over a frighteningly apocalyptic new world.

As thousands of innocents are being killed and enslaved daily, what is left of the Realm Knights fights a losing battle against the Dark Horde. But there is still one person left alive who has the chance to stop the Dark Queen and put an end to her reign… her name is Sela Mathers.

This trade paperback collects Issues 1 through 6 of Zenescope Entertainment’s 12-issue Grimm Fairy Tales: Realm War series.


Preview: Grimm Tales of Terror #8

Grimm Tales of Terror #8 – “Black Eye”

Story by Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, and Steve Yockey
Written by Steve Yockey
Artwork by Josh George
Colors by Rosario Costanzo
Letters by Micah Myers
Edited by Nicole Glade
Production & Design by Christopher Cote & Joi Dariel
Price: $3.99
Release Date:  2/18/15

Ghastly Award Nominated Series!

A lonely man picks up a young hitchhiker along the road. She turns out to be sweet and grateful for the ride. But what happens when a friendly ride turns into something else?

GFT_TOT_08_cover C

Preview: Realm War #7 (of 12)

Realm War #7 (of 12)

Written by Joe Brusha
Art by Sami Kivela
Colors by Maxflan Araujo
Letters by Christy Sawyer
Edited by Nicole Glade
Price $3.99
Release Date: 2/11/15

The four realms have fallen and the Age of Darkness has arrived.  The Dark Queen begins her reign after merging the realms with Earth.  The survivors must band together in order to defeat her and restore order.  With several Realm Knights dead and the Grimm Universe thrown into chaos, can Sela and her remaining team stand against her and her army?


Though Sela wanted to stay and fight alongside Shang against the Dark Queen’s attack, she made the choice to leave in the hopes of acquiring a weapon powerful enough to end her mortal enemy.  But the possible loss of her mentor leaves Sela shaken.  Meanwhile, the Dark One continues setting up his betrayal of the Dark Queen.  With Venus secured as his second in command, he knows he must strike soon.

RealmWar_07_cover A


Preview: Grimm Fairy Tales #107

Grimm Fairy Tales #107 – LAUNCH POINT

Written by Pat Shand
Art by Andrea Meloni
Colors by Erick Arciniega
Letters by Ghost Glyph Studios
Edited by Nicole Glade
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 2/4/15

Sela’s duties one again take her away from Arcane Acre when former HiboCorp agent, Jessica Ciampo, approaches her with a dangerous task.  Back at the school, a spirit appears to Ali with a message for Hailey.  A new evil rears its head at Arcane Acre and before sun falls, it will strike out against the students.


Preview: Grimm Tales of Terror #7

Grimm Tales of Terror #7 – Bloody Mary

Story by Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Josh Gorfain
Written by Ralph Tedesco
Art by Joel Ojeda (1-13) and Eleonora Carlini (14-22)
Colors by Fran Gamboa
Letters by Micah Myers
Edited by Nicole Glade
Price: $3.99
Release Date:  2/4/15

As the legend goes, if you say those words three times while looking in a mirror, the ghost of Bloody Mary will appear.  But what happens when an innocent ghost story becomes much more real?

The horror anthology series from Zenescope Entertainment continues!

GFT_TOT_07_cover A

Preview: Hollywood Zombue Apocalypse #2 (of 2)

Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse #2 (of 2)

Written by Ralph Tedesco & Joe Brusha
Art by David Lorenzo Riveiro
Colors by Jorge Alberto Cortes
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Nicole Glade
Price: $5.99
Release Date: 2/4/15

Hollywood and Zombies collide in this hilarious parody comic from Zenescope Entertainment!

After a zombie outbreak hits Hollywood, a group of star actors finds itself trapped in the Roosevelt Hotel.  With few options left, the A-List celebrities try to put their differences (and EGOS!) aside while chaos surrounds them. Can the eclectic group work together as a team or are they destined to fall victim to the zombie horde?

HollywoodZombie_02_cover A

Preview: The White Queen #1

The White Queen #1

(Mini-series) LAUNCH
Story by Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Troy Brownfield
Written by Troy Brownfield
Art by Luca Claretti
Colors by Leonardo Paciarotti
Letters by Charles Pritchett
Edited by Nicole Glade
Price: $3.99
Release Date:  2/4/15

This story takes place between the events of Wonderland: Age of Darkness and Wonderland #26. From the amazing creative team from Grimm Fairy Tales vs Wonderland.

The Age of Darkness has descended and the four mystical realms surrounding Earth have since merged.  Calie Liddle, Wonderland’s White Queen, becomes a pawn in the Dark Queen’s ultimate plan.  Though she opposes those plans, Calie must do the Dark Queen’s bidding….if she wants her daughter’s life spared.

Wonderland enters the Age of Darkness!!

WhiteQueen_AOD_01_cover A