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Review: Grimm Tales of Terror #12

tot012It is said that the best horrors contain elements of what is left unseen.  This horror which fills the mind with the thoughts of what could be there is often much scarier than to know what is there, as everyone’s personal bogeyman can be lurking around any corner when it is not shown, but the illusion is dropped when the true threat is revealed.  In the medium of comics this is often harder to realize.  Without camera tricks, lighting and sound effects, what can be off panel is just not as scary as maybe can lay at the end of a television or movie screen.

For most of its now 12 issues, this series has been one that has mirrored what was the early success of its predecessor, the main Grimm Fairy Tales story.  It took the format of showing someone is distress when series narrator Keres showed up and told them of a story where things had gone wrong for others.  This format has not been particularly heavily adhered to, but it is kind of the same thing here, with only a looser tie to this same story telling.  It tells the story of a mafioso who is in for a night in a gambling den, except that he has a dark past.  This is where the story diverges a little bit from this usual formula as the person learning the lesson is also the one that is involved with the main story featuring the horror element.  This story tells the tale of a man buried alive after crossing the mob, but one who fights back to find his family despite the odds.

Although it deviates a bit from the script, this issue ends up being one of the best so far in this series.  Instead of relying on shock value, the horror is played down where it needs to be and is mostly kept unseen.  At the same time, that both the narrator Keres and the one receiving her lesson are more present and related to the story makes this a bit better of a hook compared to others in the series.  Overall this is thus one of the best entries so far in the series, some of which had bit hits and others of which have been misses.

Story: Dan Wickline Art: Josh George and Ronilson Freire
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Read