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Canto is Clockwork Fantasy Beginning this June

IDW Publishing has announced Canto, a surreal six-issue journey beginning in June. Created by writer David M. Booher and artist Drew Zucker and featuring the talents of colorist Vittorio Astone and letterer Deron Bennett, this all-ages comic book miniseries explores a strange and fantastic world in search of the greatest prize of all: a heart!

Enslaved for generations, Canto’s people once had hearts. Now they have clocks. When slavers damage a little tin girl’s clock beyond repair, Canto must brave the darkest corners of his hostile world to bring back her heart. Can he overcome the dangers that await to save the one he loves?

Canto #1 features a regular cover by Zucker and a special variant by Nick Robles.

Canto #1

Preview: Euthanauts: Ground Control

Euthanauts: Ground Control

Tini Howard (w) • Nick Robles (a & c)

Death is like space: a seemingly unknowable, terrifying blackness, that yields incredible discoveries and truths—if only you’ve got the right kind of rocket ship.

What if suicide isn’t a desire to die, but a desire to be somewhere else?

What if there is a place we can go after death, but we have no way to phone home about it?

What if the Freudian death instinct is not destructive… but discovery?

After a near-death experience, lonely funeral home receptionist Thalia Rosewood is recruited into the Euthanauts, a select group of psychonauts, sick folk, and other intrepid explorers who pass over willingly to determine What Lies Beyond. Tini Howard combines her trademark black humor and grounded, realistic storytelling with an otherworldly and mind-expanding exploration of the one thing we all have in common in this collection of the first five issues. TPB • FC • $19.99 • 136 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-404-6

Nick Robles: comics artist on drawing Euthanauts, fan art & Rush. Listen to the Podcast

I wanted to be the Adam Hughes of Guys” – Artist Nick Robles discusses drawing wings and tails, the makings of a good pin-up and other professional advice.

Nick Robles is a freelance artist from southern Louisiana.  Self-taught, he works with digital art as his main medium.

He’s been published by BOOM!, IDW, BLACK CROWN, VAULT, DARK HORSE and continues to grow that list with a love for art and creating with passionate storytellers. His most recent book,EUTHANAUTS (with writer TINI HOWARD) has it’s first volume dropping on Feb 27th.

“After a near-death experience, lonely funeral home receptionist Thalia Rosewood is recruited into the Euthanauts, a select group of psychonauts, sick folk, and other intrepid explorers who pass over willingly to determine What Lies Beyond.” 

Nick shares his advice for aspiring artists on things like developing your own style, drawing diverse body types and getting your work out there.

Also on why “drawing Nightwing is relaxing”. For which we are thankful.

Preview: Euthanauts #5

Euthanauts #5

Tini Howard (w) • Nick Robles (a & c)

Thalia has learned that you don’t get to the afterlife without breaking a few eggs and planting a few seeds. In this issue—people die. Some of them stay quiet about it. When the ego is destroyed, what remains? Find out in the final issue of our first arc, Ground Control.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Euthanauts #5

Preview: Saban’s Power Rangers: Soul Of The Dragon OGN SC

Saban’s Power Rangers: Soul Of The Dragon OGN SC

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer:  Kyle Higgins
Artist: Giuseppe Cafaro
Colorist: Marcelo Costa
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
Cover Artist: Nick Robles
Price: $19.99

It’s morphin time in this powerful next chapter for Tommy Oliver, one of the most iconic Power Rangers in history.

It’s been a long time since Tommy Oliver laid down the mantle of the original Green Ranger, and now he leaves protecting the world to Space Patrol Delta.

But when his son goes missing, Tommy will call on all his training, his friends, and maybe even some of his enemies as he sets out on one last mission: find his son and bring him home.

From Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Nightwing) and artist Giuseppe Cafaro (Suicide Squad), with special consultant Jason David Frank, the original Green Ranger, comes the next adventure in the life of history’s mightiest Power Ranger.

Preview: Euthanauts #4

Euthanauts #4

Tini Howard (w) • Nick Robles (a & c)

No Mercy, No Quarter. With the absence of Dr. Wolfe, the Euthanauts must get their hands on the things that were left behind. Thalia must become a huntress in search of another daughter—Diana.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Preview: Euthanauts #3

Euthanauts #3

Tini Howard (w) • Nick Robles (a & c)

There’s nothing worse than someone coming into your life and solving all your problems. The mess of inheritance burdens Thalia with the ghosts of Mercy’s past while Indigo presents the future. Saga meets The Sandman in a series that explores death, dynasties, and psychonautic mindspaces.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Preview: Euthanauts #2

Euthanauts #2

Tini Howard (w) • Nick Robles (a & c)

The dead speak. Grant them Mercy. We learn who is alive and who is dead (for now). And who is the boy who burns things so brightly? A look at the very first Euthanaut. Funeral home receptionist Thalia Rosewood’s life has just changed forever in this provocative new series.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Review: Euthanauts #1

STL086173.jpegThe day my great-grandmother died was the closest I have felt to an out of body experience. It had been two weeks coming with Louise Risko stubbornly holding onto staying on this plane of existence as she did with most things in life, but I still couldn’t prepare for the sudden chestpunch of knowing she was fully gone. My dorm suddenly felt like a box I couldn’t escape from. I didn’t know who to call or who would even want the full brunt of this sudden wave of grief. When I went to bed that night, it felt like my soul was trying to escape my body. As if it wanted to chase after her.

I hadn’t really felt that feeling again since that day. Not even when my grandfather died two months later. Tinges of it came back listening to ‘Lazarus’ by David Bowie on repeat shortly after he passed and I certainly felt the same anxious buildup the day Prince died and it ended up compounded with Finn Balor losing the NXT championship that I just sort of ended up screaming in my kitchen. Maybe it was less of a “hadn’t” situation, but more that I didn’t want to. Not all the way.

But Euthanauts #1… It’s the only comic that has made me want to revisit that feeling.

Euthanauts #1 is the latest Black Crown book from writer Tini Howard following her hilarious and poignant shoot ‘em up mini-series Assassinistas with Gilbert Hernandez. I wasn’t certain if I should review this book because I do consider Tini a friend and we certainly did talk a lot about this book at MomoCon this year while I helped her with her table. But I couldn’t not know what it was about after spending a weekend hyping it up to people, parroting her spiel about it and hoping that it stuck in people’s minds. Finally reading it though, I think I was underselling it.

The issue follows funeral director Talia Rosewood on possibly the strangest day of her life when she encounters Dr. Mercy Wolfe, a “dead woman walking” out to dinner on her last day alive. Talia admits that death is all she can ever think about and “…in some way, I felt like this woman was calling me out for that.”

Talia would end up right about that, but probably not in the way that she thought.

Most of this issue is getting to know Talia as a protagonist as she gets immediately thrown into the deep end of her adventure and it’s a credit to Tini that I feel like Talia is someone I’ve known for years. Not in the sense that I can see the shreds of Tini in her, but in the sense that she’s someone in my friend’s group I’ve known for years, but haven’t really had a chance to hang out with. Somehow though, we inevitably end up having super deep conversations at parties probably because of that disconnect. And that’s probably the same reason Mercy picks her to be her tether as well.

Nick Robles is on art for this series and I have to say, while I wasn’t familiar with his work before this series, he makes a hell of a first impression. The way Talia exists so casually and so fashionably as a curvy protagonist is amazing in of itself in a way that it shouldn’t be in comics, but as soon as that oxygen canister makes contact with Talia’s head and she starts questioning what was real and what wasn’t, Robles’ art truly comes alive as we get our first look into Death Space. The digital review copies we receive are often just fine for reading and reviewing, but I desperately wanted to rip this one from my screen and somehow dive into it. To experience how that world glows and breathes.

After being away from comics for a while, Euthanauts #1 is one of the most engaging first issues I have read in a while. While the story does throw you into the deep end right away, it gives you the tools you need to begin to breathe and understand what it’s going for. Much like Talia, it stays rooted while beginning to look deeper into itself. While Tini Howard and Nick Robles’ story is ultimately rooted in something that is inevitable and terrifying, the fact it can make me look back at one of the worst days of my life and wonder just what exactly happened when I tried to sleep that night is a book that is definitely worth re-reading.

Story: Tini Howard Art: Nick Robles
Story: 9.5 Art: 10.0 Overall: 9.75 Recommendation: Buy

IDW Publishing provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Preview: Euthanauts #1

Euthanauts #1

Tini Howard (w) • Nick Robles (a & c)

Death is like outer space—a seemingly unknowable, terrifying blackness that yields beautiful discoveries and truths—if only you’ve got the right kind of rocketship. Thalia Rosewood has had a lifelong obsession with death, keeping her from living her life to the fullest. Mercy Wolfe has a brain tumor the size of a billiard ball, and a need for a new recruit before her next journey begins. Inigo Hanover is a reluctant tether to the world beyond, seeking to continue a cycle that exploration would halt. Go toward the light. Then go beyond. EUTHANAUTS.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

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