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Scout Comics Reveals Drexler, a New Thriller Series from Bob Salley, Nathan Kelly, Marco Pagnotta, and HdE


Welcome to Marvin, a small isolated town at the edge of nowhere with a rotten history. A town where something sinister is stalking its residents in the darkness. Local Sheriff Cara Ramon is overwhelmed investigating a string of grisly killings and reaches out to the only person she knows capable of stopping the massacre: the resident “monster” and town outcast, her half-brother Drexler…As a youth, Drexler was ostracized by his community, evicted for crimes he allegedly committed. Now as a kinetic agent for Jupiter Security Branch, he will return to his home town to confront his past and help the public that despises him… 

Or will he? For Drexler is a hunted man and in his possession is a stolen weapon, a conduit of mass devastation. And one ruthless arms dealer with dark intentions is determined to have it no matter the cost. Willing even to track him down all the way to the edge of nowhere to get it back…

Drexler is by writer Bob Salley, artist and creator Nathan Kelly, colorist Marco Pagnotta, and letterer HdE. It’s out soon from Scout Comics.

Preview: Snarl


Story by Kelly Bender
Art by Nathan Kelly, Josh Jensen, Micah Myers
$2.99, digital comic, one-shot, horror/crime, 15+

Something sinister is killing people in a Washington State Park. Is it animal? Is it Supernatural?  When all the evidence points to the unexplained a veteran detective will have to go against all of his training to solve the unsolvable before it’s too late!


Almost American