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Documentary Film My Comic Shop Country is Out Now

Comic book characters are box office gold, but why do comic book stores struggle to survive?

In My Comic Shop Country, filmmaker Anthony Desiato sets out on a quest to explore the culture, business, and fandom of comic shops across America. Venturing behind the scenes in stores from coast to coast, he reveals an industry in transition as shops strive to remain relevant to the growing hordes of fans of movies, online gaming and mega-conventions. The film is a heartfelt exploration of the power of comic shops to build a community that honors the original form of the superhero: the comic book.

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My Comic Shop Country Gets a Debut Trailer

Anthony Desiato is back with a new feature-length documentary, My Comic Shop Country. In it, he explores the business, fandom, and community of comic shops across the country.

Shops featured include Acme Comics, Alternate Reality Comics, Las Vegas!, Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, Aw Yeah Comics- NY, Cave Comics, CHALLENGERS Comics + Conversation, The Comic Book Shop, Escape Pod Comics, Fat Moose Comics, Hi De Ho Comics, House of Secrets, It’z Vintage, Metropolis Comics & Collectibles, Parts Unknown: The Comic Book Store, The Spider’s Web, Torpedo comics, Undiscovered Realm, West Village Comics, Zapp Comics, & Alternate Realities.

My Comic Shop Country

Help Kickstart My Comic Shop Country and Go Behind the Counter

Back in 2014 we reviewed My Comic Shop DocumentARy and interviewed its director Anthony Desiato. Desiato is back with a new film, My Comic Shop Country which explores “the culture, business, and fandom of comic book stores across America.”

Currently running on Kickstarter through October 20, the documentary goes “behind the scenes and capture the business, culture, and fandom of the local comic book store on a national level. The movie will feature interviews with the stores’ key players—owners, staff, and customers—and show the stores in action on Wednesdays (AKA New Comic Day), during events (e.g., Free Comic Book Day and creator signings), and in those regular, day-to-day moments when a store’s personality shines brightest.”

Desiato is a former comic store clerk himself and knows the industry enough to give a realistic take on what it’s like in today’s comic shops.

Comic shops featured include:

  • Acme Comics (Greensboro, NC)
  • Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Aw Yeah Comics (Harrison, NY / Muncie, IN / Skokie, IL)
  • Cave Comics (Newtown, CT)
  • Challengers Comics + Conversation (Chicago, IL)
  • Comic Asylum (Palm Desert, CA)
  • The Comic Book Shop (Wilmington, DE)
  • Escape Pod Comics (Long Island, NY)
  • Fat Moose Comics (Whippany, NJ)
  • First Aid Comics (Chicago, IL)
  • Interstellar Comic Books and Collectibles (Palm Springs, CA)
  • It’z Vintage (Mendham, NJ)
  • Midtown Comics (New York, NY)
  • Packrat Comics (Hilliard, OH)
  • The Spider’s Web (Yonkers, NY)
  • Undiscovered Realm (White Plains, NY)
  • Zapp! Comics (Wayne, NJ)

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work in a comic shop and want a real take on the experience, this is a movie you want to back.