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Heavy Metal releases a message from new CEO Marshall Lees

We’re only 18 days in to 2023 and things have already seen a lot of changes and shakeups in the comic industry. Yesterday news broke that Matthew Medney was stepping down as CEO of Heavy Metal with Marshall Lees taking over the role.

The publisher has had troubles of late including a money crunch, a “reorganization”, accusations of selling foreign rights without the creators knowledge or compensation, and accusations the publisher has been having troubles fulfilling purchases.

Today, the company’s new CEO has issued a statement about the situation:

A message from Heavy Metal’s new CEO to all our valued partners, friends and fans.

As stewards of a renowned brand that has had a significant impact on cinema, art, literature, and culture for over 40 years, we recognize that we have made mistakes. As the new CEO, I am excited and honored to take on this role, but also aware of the challenges ahead. The brand, its legacy, our team, and all of you deserve better, and I, along with the new team, are committed to delivering that.

We recognize that creatives are the lifeblood of our company. They are the reason we exist. Moving forward, Heavy Metal will focus on being a conduit for unfettered creativity, providing support for your exploration and a platform for reaching the world without boundaries or restrictions. We want to hear your stories, see your art, and empower you to create without limits. As part of this commitment, Heavy Metal Publishing will publish a wide range of stories and content that pushes boundaries fearlessly. Additionally, we are implementing a more transparent creator portal to improve communication with all of our partners.

To all of our fans, including those who have remained loyal to us and those whom we have disappointed, we want you to know that we deeply value your support and contributions to the legacy of our brand. We are committed to doing better for you and enhancing your experience with Heavy Metal in new and exciting ways, while staying true to our roots. You can expect increased engagement with our community, great emphasis on timely delivery, and improved products that you will be proud to own. THe journey ahead is only meaningful if you join us on it.

There are many reasons to be enthusaistic about the future. The new leadership brings a desire to rebuild and a commitment to allowing creators to do their best work. The team is reinvigorated and passionate about what they do. Heavy Metal Studios, our emerging TV and film studio, is poised to break through barriers in the entertainment industry. Additionally, we have a variety of exciting new products and intellectual property that we are confident will excite our audience.

Our management team will continue to have some familiar faces. Tommy Coriale will remain our Head of Studio, Kris Long remains as our Chief Sales Officer and now serves as interim Publisher, Jamie Penrose has assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer and Joe Durko fills the critical role of Chief Restructuring Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

I am here to listen and learn from you all and I open my inbox for you to reach out to me at ceo@heavymetal.com if you would like be a part of the exciting road ahead as we rebuild Heavy Metal together.

Welcome to the new Heavy Metal.

Marshall Lees

Heavy Metal statement. Same as text above