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The West Moon Chronicle Opens A Portal To The World Of Korean Myth & Folklore–In East Texas!

The elusive creatures of mud and blood known as the dokkaebi live just off of Route 4 in east Texas, in the ancient pine forest known as the Tanglechase. Joon-Ho, a Korean immigrant with a shadowy past, and his estranged grandson Jae-Sun, a disillusioned small-time thug, are the only people in the nearby town of Vane who know the true nature of the dokkaebi. Together, they must figure out what’s causing the creatures to turn hostile. Perhaps it has something to do with the interdimensional portal at the heart of the Tanglechase, for it is from here that the past comes knocking, demanding a reckoning from both men.

The West Moon Chronicle is by writer Frank Jun Kim, artist Joe Bocardo, colorist Manoli Martinez, letterer El Torres, and editor Andrea Lorenzo Molinari.

The West Moon Chronicle

Zomben #1 Goes Back for a Second Printing

Titan1Studios has announced that Zomben #1 has sold out and going back to print. The comic was released this past week and written by Mike Heneghan, artist Abel Cicero, colorist Manoli Martinez, and letterer Aditya Bidikar.

Ben has many problems.  Being undead is just one of them. After surviving the ‘Multipocalypse’, Ben tries to live a normal life, hiding the fact that he is infected with a zombie plague. His new friends have just found out … and they think it’s kind of cool. Together, they’ll face killer robots, missing moms and the threat of new apocalypses. Plural.

Titan1Studios is a leading Canadian graphic publishing, branded content, and new media production house based in Toronto. Projects include digital, print, TV, radio and emerging new media such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality.