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NYCC 2018: AfterShock Announces Out of the Blue, their Next Graphic Novel from Garth Ennis and Keith Burns

At their New York Comic Con panel, AfterShock announced a brand new graphic novel, Out of the Blue. Written by Garth Ennis with art by Keith Burns, Out of the Blue is a brand new war comic story from Ennis.

The Second World War is almost over, but no one seems to have told the Germans- as Royal Air Force pilot Jamie McKenzie finds out when he’s assigned to deadly shipping strikes along the enemy coast. Flying the Mosquito fighter-bomber against heavily armed targets is dangerous enough at the best of times, but after incurring the wrath of his vengeful commanding officer, Jamie is assigned the most unpopular navigator in the unit- not to mention the least reliable aircraft. Worse still, the commander’s sights are firmly set on Jamie’s beautiful young wife, Beth.

Ennis and artist Burns re-unite after the success of their series Johnny Red, presenting another tale of World War Two aerial combat- featuring skies black with flak and enemy fighters, nail-biting low-level action, and the dark humor of men whose lives can be snatched away at any second… Out of the Blue.

Out of the Blue features colors by Jason Wordie, lettering by Rob Steen, and a cover by Burns. The 72 page graphic novel will retail for $19.99 and be released March 2019.

Preview: Tank Girl: World War Tank Girl #1


Writer: Alan Martin
Artist: Brett Parson
Cover A: Brett Parson
Cover B: Keith Burns
Cover C: Shaky Kane
Cover D: Photo variant
Cover E: Chris Wahl
FC – 32pp – $3.99 – On sale: April 5, 2017

With a few bars of gold left, and Sub Girl’s uneasy feeling that she left something behind, Tank Girl hires her scientist friend to reinvent time travel. The Third Reich have no idea what is coming their way!

Aces Weekly Asks You to Pick a Card, Any Card

Aces Weekly, the on-line comic magazine, founded in 2012 by David Lloyd and Bambos Georgiou, has announced the release of a set of collectible “trading cards”, which give purchasers access to volumes of the award-winning publication.

Each of the ten cards features an image from a specific volume on one side and a unique code on the other, which allows access to that volume. Volumes feature at least six different stories spanning seven issues and are often over 200 pages in length.

The cards are limited editions of 100 per volume, and are available from direct sales comic shops retailing for £6.99 for one card.

The first ten volumes feature a stellar line-up of established talent such as David Lloyd,  Herb Trimpe, Marc Hempel, Henry Flint, James Hudnall, Val Mayerik, JC Vaughn, Mark Wheatley, Phil Hester, John McCrea, Yishan Li, Algesiras, Alain Mauricet, Alexandre Tefenkgi, Roger Langridge, Dan Christensen, Kev Hopgood, Ferg Handley, Dave Hine, Shaky Kane, Keith Burns, Lew Stringer, Carl Critchlow, Phil Elliott, Lew Stringer, Stephen Baskerville, Jim Hansen, Mychailo Kazybrid, David Leach, Batton Lash, Jimmy Broxton and Bambos Georgiou.

Aces Weekly has also managed to launch plenty of breakout creators during those first ten volumes, including Paul McCaffrey, David Hitchcock, Ben Dickson, Gavin Mitchell, Esteban Hernandez, Kathryn Layno, Jok, Santullo, Rachael Smith and Lawrence Beveridge of the Fearless Vampire Killers, to name but a few.

The cards feature the following artist;

Volume 1 David Lloyd
Volume 2 Henry Flint
Volume 3 Marc Hempel
Volume 4 Herb Trimpe
Volume 5 Shaky Kane
Volume 6 Roger Langridge
Volume 7 Nardo Conforti
Volume 8 Paul McCaffrey
Volume 9 Val Mayerik
Volume 10 Keith Burns

Comic shops can obtain wholesale prices and order sets of cards by contacting Bambos Georgiou at info@acesweekly.co.uk

Revealed! Tank Girl ‘Lori Petty’ Photo Variant By Jamie Hewlett!

Titan Comics has revealed a couple of firsts for Tank Girl comics! Not only is this the first ever photo cover variant for a Titan Tank Girl comic, it is also a never-before-seen photo of Tank Girl movie actress Lori Petty from the set of the 1995 cult hit flick by Tank Girl co-creator Jamie Hewlett!

Tank Girl: World War Tank Girl #1 is a brand-new series from the co-creator of Tank Girl, Alan Martin, and fan-favorite artist Brett Parson!

This series culminates Titan’s Tank Girl trilogy which started earlier this year with Tank Girl:
Two Girls, One Tank and followed up with Tank Girl: Gold.

Alongside this exciting new photo cover, this new series also features variant covers by comics’ brightest stars including Shaky Kane, Chris Wahl, Keith Burns and series artist Brett Parson!

In the issue with a few bars of gold left, and Sub Girl’s uneasy feeling that she left something behind, Tank Girl hires her scientist friend to reinvent time travel. The Third Reich have no idea what is coming their way!

Preview: Johnny Red #8


Writer: Garth Ennis
Artist: Keith Burns
Cover A: Keith Burns
Cover B: Ian Kennedy
Colorist: Jason Wordie
Letterer: Rob Steen
FC – 32pp – $3.99 – On sale: Aug 10

Johnny and the surviving members of his beloved Falcon Squadron face execution – not at the hands of the hated Nazis, but by their own side, as the Soviet secret police prepare to eliminate all knowledge of the ghastly secret hatched by Stalin and Hitler!


Preview: Johnny Red #7


Writer: Garth Ennis
Artist: Keith Burns
Colorist: Jason Wordie
Letterer: Rob Steen
Cover A: Mike Perkins
Cover B: Keith Burns
FC – 32PP – $3.99 – On Sale: May 25

As Johnny and the Falcons attempt to clear their tracks and make good their escape, a rogue German fighter wing threatens to shred their plans to ribbons! And as the flak gets heavy, Johnny discovers a secret that could shake the Russian state to its core!


Preview: Johnny Red #6

Johnny Red #6

Writers: Garth Ennis
Artist: Keith Burns
Colorist: Jason Wordie
​Publisher: Titan Comics​
FC – 32PP – $3.99 – On Sale: April 6

Against orders, Johnny has set out to discover the whereabouts of his beloved Falcon Squadron – sent off on a top secret mission but now vanished. What he discovers is utterly shocking and could change the course of the Second World War!!!


Preview: Johnny Red #5


Writer: Garth Ennis
Artist: Keith Burns
Colorist: Jason Wordie
Letterer: Rob Steen
Cover A: Keith Burns
Cover B: Adam Tooby
PRICE: $3.99

In search of his missing squadron, Johnny cruises the snowy wastes around Stalingrad in his trusty Hurricane. However, his fighter is in the sights of an old adversary and he is about to find himself in a blistering dogfight – with a truly shocking outcome!


Preview: Johnny Red #4


PRICE: $3.99

Johnny Red is a leader without a squadron. His beloved Falcons have been taken away from him and sent away on a very secret mission, leaving him to shepherd a new clutch of young pilots on their first mission. But, up in the sun, the Luftwaffe’s fighters wait, looking to rack up more kills…

JR4_Cover A by Kev Walker

Review: Johnny Red #3

Johnny Red #3_Cover A_Alex Ronald

Having been removed as leader of his beloved Russian fighter squadron, the Falcons, Johnny ‘Red’ Redburn is curious. What is this ‘all-Russian’ secret mission the Falcons are on and why has been forbidden to take part?

However, he now has a more pressing problem: he has to shepherd a bunch a new pilots who have cannon fodder written all over them!

Johnny Red #3 was always going to be the litmus test when it came to my near unreasonable love of this series. To say the first issue captured a memory of the old British war comics I read as a young ‘un is entirely accurate. I was concerned that my fandom was driven primarily by what the comic reminded me of, and not the comic’s quality.

Thankfully, my litmus test was passed with flying colours. Pun intended.

The third issue is every bit as good as the others, and with the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia finally being ignored, I’m able to look at this comic for what it is: a damn fine war comic.

Keith Burns’ art has been consistently great for the entire series, and this issue is no exception to that. There isn’t as many double page spreads in this issue, (which reading the review pdf I was thankful for) but when they were used for the flying scenes, there was a real sense of freedom given. Which when you look at the more line heavy, almost claustrophobic paneling of the ground scenes you get a sense of just where these pilots feel happier. As nice as the art is to look at, it wouldn’t mean anything without the superb writing of Garth Ennis. After all a pretty comic with bad writing isn’t worth your time.

A nice touch that has been included with the issue is the added history lesson at the end of the comic that details the truth behind some of the events, characters, or squadrons that you may have just read about. It’s not required reading, but for those who are interested it does add an extra level of investment to the story.

Johnny Red is, for me, the best non-superhero book on the racks right now, and it’s one that I firmly believe you should be checking out. Whether you love this series as much as I do, however, is a question that only you can answer.

Writer: Garth Ennis Art: Keith Burns
Story: 9.5 Art: 9.75 Overall: 9.75 Recommendation: Buy

Titan Comics provided Graphic Policy a FREE copy for review… I’m still buying it anyway.



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