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Comixstravaganza is Now Tales From The Flip-Side!

roll-n-go-logoFor two years, Comixstravaganza, in partnership with GraphicPolicy.com has brought you weekly live stream comic news, reviews, and pop culture views. However, all good things must come to an end. Kind of. Beginning in Feb 2017, Comixstravaganza will become Tales From The Flip-Side Too and will again star “Big Daddy CoolJohn Pyka in a series of three weekly live stream programs!

In the announcement, Pyka said:

This is an opportunity to rebrand our programming and tie more directly into the existing “Big Daddy Cool” brand equity. With the release of the book series Tales From The Flip-Side we realized that we were missing a perfect branding opportunity” added Pyka, “and after a long hiatus we decided to start fresh as part of the BDC Entertainment Rebirth project.

Things kick off February 6th at 9 PM EST/8 PM CST with Tales From The Flip-Side: The Roll ‘n Go Game Review Show sponsored by Go! Games and Calendars retail outlets!

Pyka will launch the new Tales From The Flip-Side video and podcast series that will include several “micro shows” that showcase the “flip-side” of the retro culturalist.

In addition to the Roll ‘n Go show, Tales From The Flip-Side will also absorb Comixstravaganza as a weekly micro show,  as well as the return of the Dee & Johnny Super Show in March.

Fans may recall that Pyka took an extended hiatus to recover from an injury that severely impacted his ability to appear on stage or on screen. With that challenge behind, there is a new energy and commitment to provide the best quality programming possible. The new series of Tales From The Flip-Side shows will include live performances at comic cons and theaters, and weekly taped and live shows distributed across multiple platforms. Weekly live stream shows will be streamed live via our partner at GraphicPolicy.com, with additional taped programs distributed via YouTube and Vimeo. With the change come a renewed commitment to live stream more live shows and events, including BDC’s pledge to “leave no fan behind” and stream live from conventions and festivals when possible. Each live steam show will also be followed by a Facebook live video to allow audience interaction and follow-up. Additionally, Pyka will launch a supporting Tales From The Flip-Side Too podcast that will allow he and the team to connect with those fans who consumer pop culture programming via podcasts. The intended goal is to create a unified programming brand that crosses platforms and genres.

In anticipation of the new direction, John is currently seeking additional co-hosts and guests to appear, joining long time co-host Dee Bartee, who will also return. Anyone interested in becoming a co-host or being a special guest can contact John Pyka at johnpyka@johnpykaproductions.com.


John Pyka Re-Releases Theatrical Magic on Amazon

Nashville magician, broadcaster and storyteller John Pyka has re-released his best-selling book Theatrical Magic available in print exclusively on Amazon. The release precedes the release of his first novel, Tales From The Flip-Side published by Pro Se Press.

Originally released in 2007, Theatrical Magic was met with considerable critical and commercial success. The book went out of print in 2012 and until now has only been available as an e-book. In addition to Theatrical Magic, John’s beginner’s magic book Magic 101 is being released in print for the first time. While Theatrical Magic is written for the professional magician, while Magic 101 is intended for novice magicians.

John Pyka is most well known as the magical character “Big Daddy Cool” Johnny Dellarocca and can also be seen and heard as the producer and host of Comixstravaganza Live and The Diesel Powered Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. You can also watch Comixstravaganza right here each Wednesday on Graphic Policy.

Theatrical Magic, Magic 101, and Tales From the Flip-Side are available from Amazon.com.





John Pyka is a contributor to Graphic Policy as part of Comixstravaganza.

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Tales From The Flip-Side Comes to The Centennial Black Box Theater August 15th

11076691_10203804220481717_1028354956_oWell-known actor, singer, and magician John Pyka is proud to announce an ongoing partnership with the Metro Arts Center to bring his brand new mostly one-man show Tales From The Flip-Side to the Centennial Black Box Theater on August 15th, 2015.

“I’m very excited about this project,” says John Pyka, who is most well known as his signature character, the 1940’s zoot-suited hipster “Big Daddy Cool” Johnny Dellarocca. “It’s been nearly two years since BDC has been seen on a regular basis in Nashville, so it is fun to be able to bring him home for this new monthly series.” Previously John has been seen locally as “Big Daddy Cool” in Music City Magic and The Magic Cabaret.

“This project is different” added Pyka. “Not only will I be performing my award winning magic, I’ll be performing performance pieces pulled from my upcoming book of the same name published by Pro Se Press!” Audiences will get to meet Titanic Thompson, Al Capone, Jack Dempsey, Tahloola Jones, and many more larger than life characters during the 90 minute show. “Don’t call it a magic show. It’s a magical time-travel adventure.”

Tales From The Flip-Side debuts at the Centennial Black Box Theater on Saturday August 15th at 7 PM and will be presented monthly on the 3rd Saturday of every month.  “It will be a little bit different show every month too” added Pyka. “New stories and at least one guest performer every month will make this a show that is never the same show twice!”

For the debut performance, general admission tickets are a special “Pay What You Can” rate ($5 suggested minimum). The show is intended for grown-up audiences but families are welcome.  Seating is limited to 56 seats but can be reserved for $5 each by visiting johnpykaproductions.ticketleap.com/flipsidetales.

Pyka is the host of Comixtravaganza which can be seen right here on Graphic Policy on Wednesdays.

“Big Daddy Cool” Signs a Book Deal

1981781_806692262688824_313568951445405087_nPro Se Productions has announced the licensing of real life character, one who first appeared in person, not in print or elsewhere. Pro Se has licensed the character of and all concepts related to Big Daddy Cool Johnny Dellarocca and the Bombshell Kittens, a literal universe of concepts created by the man in Big Daddy Cool’s zoot suit, performer John Pyka. You might know Big Daddy Cool from right her on Graphic Policy coming live Wednesday nights on Comixstravaganza Live.

“Big Daddy Cool” Johnny Dellarocca (Pyka) is a larger-than-life, over-the-top ex-gangster turned entertainer who fuses smokin’ swing music, amazing magic and illusion and authentic swing dance. For nearly 20 years he has entertained grown-up audiences with his patented fusion of soaring vocal music, amazing magic and illusion, and larger-than-life theatrics. He is a 3 Time Champion of Magic, 2 Time Entertainer of the Year, 2 Time Variety Artist of the Year, and was featured on the Channel 4 documentary The Convention Crasher with Justin Lee Collins. He is recognized by his peers as one of the top entertainers worldwide, and has made a name for himself recently on the Pop Culture Convention circuit as both performer and MC.

10906215_10152738708944200_9130476829264588936_nThe concept behind The World of Big Daddy Cool is that the stories told within the line are real and are being chronicled by various writers, Pyka being the first. Big Daddy Cool has lived a pretty colorful life, and that was before he was time displaced from 1946 to the present.

Harry Houdini taught him magic and Wyatt Earp taught him to shoot. He knocked out Jack Dempsey in under a minute and out-conned the king of con men, Titanic Thompson. Al Capone was a pal and Johnny taught him magic tricks to impress the ladies. He’s been a gangster, an entertainer, an international celebrity, nightclub impresario, and a secret superhero.

In 1946 Doc Impossible and Professor Maxwell Marvel created a chronal event that saved the world, but sent Johnny and hundreds of others into the future. THIS future. The Bombshell Kittens and Big Daddy were flung forward into this present and now Dellarocca has one mission- To find the Kittens so they and help them remember who they are so that they can be ready to protect the Nexus of Reality and save the world from from a an ancient cosmic evil. Again.

The World of Big Daddy Cool imprint will debut in mid 2015 with Tales from the Flip Side by Pyka, which will outline Big Daddy’s origins, his initial time travel, and introduce various other characters that are a part of the BDC universe. From super heroes to gangsters, fictional scientists to real life celebrities, the possibilities of stories to be told about a myriad of over the top Pulpy characters is nearly limitless in ‘The World of Big Daddy Cool.’

Following Tales from the Flip Side, Pro Se Productions plans to have a World of Big Daddy Cool anthology and announces that calls for this anthology, as well as novel and digest novel proposals of any and all characters in the imprint, are open as of now.