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Preview: Princeless Volume 8: Princesses


Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley
Artist Name(s): Jackie Crofts, Newt Taber, Takeia Marie, Robin Kaplan, Kaitlin Jann, Brett Grunig
Cover Artist(s): Emily Martin, Brett Grunig
128 pgs./ E / FC

You’ve been there from the beginning for the story of one princess and her long quest to save her sisters, but how much do you really know about those sisters? They’re the breakout characters of each volume, but then we sweep off on our dragon to find the next one.

Now Princeless proudly presents the return of the rest of the Princesses of the Ashe family in four stories all their own. Alize tells the story of how she came to be under the care of the Sphinx and met a very special prince. Angelica learns a little something about what she loves (other than herself). Angoisse and her spooky monster pet The Grimmorax find a new calling. And Andrea and Antonia try to find a way to use their magic for good – if they can get out of each other’s way. All this and a special bonus story about politics in the goblin kingdom! Come see the world of Princeless from perspectives you’ve never seen before.

Preview: Nutmeg #13


Writer(s): James F. Wright
Artist Name(s): Jackie Crofts (art, colors), Josh Eckert (colors), James F. Wright (lettering)
Cover Artist(s): Jackie Crofts
32 pgs./ A / FC
Digital Only

Spring, Chapter One: “Can’t Stand the Heat” – Poppy and Cassia are reunited, but why doesn’t it feel so good? The pieces of Cassia’s master plan are falling into place, and even intrepid investigators Ginger and Anise are starting to believe it. That is until Marjorie makes a decision that threatens to scatter those pieces anew.


Preview: Princeless Book 8 #2 Princesses

PRINCELESS BOOK 8 #2 Princesses

Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley
Artist Name(s): Jackie Crofts, Brett Grunig
Cover Artist(s): Jackie Crofts
24 pgs./ E / FC

Angelica is and has been the most beautiful princess in all of Ashland…but what does she do with that? Ever since Adrienne’s visit she’s been determined to find a calling and to do something more than just sit around and look cute.

And she’s been failing, miserably. But when a new game becomes popular among her followers, Angelica discovers that there’s more to this game than meets the eye and that she might be really good at something after all!


Princeless Volume 8 Begins in April!

Princeless, the multi-Glyph winning and multi-Eisner nominee, continues with its eighth volume. This volume does something no other book before it has: it spotlights a different princess each issue and a new artist as well! See what happened to Adrienne’s sisters before or after she rescued them!


Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley
Artist Name(s): Kaitlin Jann, Brett Grunig
Cover Artist(s): Kaitlin Jann, Brett Grunig
24 pgs./ E / FC

In PRINCELESS BOOK 8 #1, we learn oldest sister Alize’s backstory in the desert and when she first meets her intense guardian, the Sphinx. Artist Kaitlin Jann had this to say about her experience working on PRINCELESS and what the book means to her: “Princeless continues to be empowering and inspiring to its audience, and it has had the same effect on the creative team behind it. Seeing how the story and the characters within it come to life through the dedication of talented writers and artists has been an unparalleled experience. Having been able to contribute to this process has taught me so much about myself as an artist and in the power of comics as a whole.”

The first issue will be released in April 2019. Readers can pre-order the book with the Diamond item code FEB191305.


Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley
Artist Name(s): Jackie Crofts, Brett Grunig
Cover Artist(s): Jackie Crofts
24 pgs./ E / FC

In the second story, Angelica tries to find something she’s good at. It’s an arduous journey, but eventually she finds a strategy game that’s more than meets the eye. Now she must face numerous challengers and see if she’s truly a skilled tactician. Artist Jackie Crofts (NUTMEG) had this to say: “I was so happy to get the opportunity to come back and work on Princeless again, because my first real work in comics was doing a cover for an issue of it about 5 years ago. Jeremy was the gateway to a lot of opportunities I’ve had in comics since then, so I have a special fondness for this series. It’s full of fun, positivity, and great role models and that makes it an exciting project to work on and be a part of!”

The second issue will also be released in April 2019. Readers can pre-order the book with the Diamond item code FEB191306.


Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley
Artist Name(s): Newt Taber, Takeia Marie, Brett Grunig
Cover Artist(s): Newt Taber, Brett Grunig
24 pgs./ E / FC

In the third issue we have Adrienne’s vampire sister Angoisse. Still living in the swamp, Angoisse is approached by goblins asking for help. Can she be the swamp’s guardian? This issue’s main story features art by Newt Taber, who had this to say about her experience: “Working on ‘The Swamp’s Dark Defenders’ was a really meaningful and exciting experience for me. I learned so much from every single page, and was very grateful to be working on such a fun and wholesome project! I really feel like this story, though short, is part of something very important. I’ll always be proud to have helped get it out there.”

Takeia Marie worked on the follow-up story in this issue, ‘Goblin Politics.’ Takeia had this to say about PRINCELESS: “I was drawn to Princeless because the entire story flew in the face of the conventional princess tropes I had grown up with. I really liked that Jeremy used the humor of Princeless’ world and characters to comment on issues that we’re dealing with right now, everyday. I was excited to get a chance to play around with some of those characters in ‘Goblin Politics’ and have free reign to make it as ridiculous and funny as possible.”

The third issue will also be released in May 2019. Readers can pre-order the book with the Diamond item code MAR191325.


Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley
Artist Name(s): Robin Kaplan, Brett Grunig
Cover Artist(s): Robin Kaplan, Brett Grunig
24 pgs./ E / FC

Adrienne’s twin sisters are finally free from their tower, but not their bickering! And this time their spells get involved, turning them into rabbits! Artist Roblin Kaplan had a few things to say about PRINCELESS: “The twins were such a great pair of unexpected heroines to take me to the comedy gym and help me flex my humor muscles, though I don’t think they would like to join me for carrot juice afterwards.”

The fourth issue will also be released in May 2019. Readers can pre-order the book with the Diamond item code MAR191326.

Preview: Nutmeg Hardcover Edition: Fall

Nutmeg Hardcover Edition: Fall

Writer(s): James F. Wright
Artist Name(s): Jackie Crofts (art), Josh Eckert (colors, lettering)
Cover Artist(s): Jackie Crofts
160 pgs./ A / FC

It’s here and it’s sweet! The Nutmeg Hardcover Edition: Fall collects issues 1-6 of the coming-of-age culinary crime series in a single gorgeous volume. Witness Poppy and Cassia’s emerging friendship and criminal scheming as they build their illicit brownie empire in an attempt to take down rival Saffron and her Lady Rangers. Includes the extremely rare Halloween short story!

Nutmeg Gets a Hardcover Edition this Fall. It’s Baking Bad!

This fall, a brand new hardcover of Nutmeg is coming. This arc of Nutmeg collects the first six issues of a coming-of-age story about baking, friendship and crime. Poppy and Cassia become fast friends when they decide to upstage Saffron at her brownie-baking game. By using a questionable ingredient, the two are on the path to success… except their secret ingredient creates a lot more problems than it solves.

The series is written James F. Wright, with art by Jackie Crofts, and colors and lettering by Josh Eckert.

The successful Kickstarter hardcover, featuring 160 pages of content, is coming to a comic book shelf near you on September 26th, 2018. Pre-order Nutmeg with the Diamond item code JUL181436.

Preview: Nutmeg Vol. 4: Late Winter: Coven Cleaner


Writer(s): James F. Wright
Artist Name(s): Jackie Crofts (art, colors), Josh Eckert (colors, lettering)
Cover Artist(s): Jackie Crofts
96 pgs./ A / FC

Vol. 4 “Late Winter: Coven Cleaner” collects issues 10-12 of Nutmeg. After winter break, Poppy and Cassia’s bond is broken, perhaps irrevocably. But from the ashes, an alliance forms between a pair of one-time rivals. Can they restore the Patty Cakes brownie empire, or will they tear each other to pieces in the process? In the midst of winter, Vista Vale is heating up.

Read the First 30 Pages of Action Hospital: Half-Light Bleeds then Back it on Kickstarter

Dave Baker is the writer and an illustrator behind Action Hospital. For the past two years he’s been working on the comic which he describes as “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets Men in Black.”

Action Hospital: Half-Light Bleeds is the story of Joan Michelle Basquiat as she attempts to defend the eponymous Action Hospital against cave-dudes from the distant past, time traveling gondolier-themed assassins, a human-shark clone of Abraham Lincoln, and a demon with 9 and 3/4th heads.

Baker is currently running a Kickstarter to pay for printing of the nearly 300 page project. The project met its initial funding goal in 4 hours. And now it has raised almost 4x the original goal.

The original collection was published for San Diego Comic-Con 2016 and features 18 interconnected short stories. The whole project took four and a half years to make.

On top of the work by Baker, artists contributing pin ups are: Andrew Maclean, Te’shawn Dwyer, Kevin Woody, Buster Moody, Erwin Papa, Jonathan La Mantia, Daniel Arruda Massa, Ernie Najera, Bob Q, Daniel Whitfield, Mike Macropoulos, Jackie Crofts, Christian J Meesey, Scott Drummond, Tony Brown, Matthew Goodall, Daniel White, Tony McMillen, Sam Grinberg, Maciej Palka, Joey Navarra Jr., Walter Ostlie, and Jim Mahfood.

The comic is written, penciled, inked, and lettered. The funds raised go towards printing the project.

We’ve been hooked up with a 30 page preview of the comic and you can contribute and get your copy today. The Kickstarter runs until February 14.

AH2 Sample

Nutmeg Volume 4 – “It’s Betty & Veronica meets Breaking Bad. A Scarface for the Nancy Drew set.”

A pair of 13-year-olds, Poppy Pepper and Cassia Caraway, inadvertently build a criminal baking empire when a prank against a bitter rival leads to their discovery of a highly addictive brownie recipe. Creators James F. Wright and Jackie Crofts comment that “It’s Betty & Veronica meets Breaking Bad. A Scarface for the Nancy Drew set.”

You’ve seen countless books about teens and more than a few about teen detectives, but how many about teen criminals? Not many, that’s for sure! Nutmeg provides a dark-tinged, poignant, and heartfelt breath of fresh air, blending noir with a classic coming-of-age tale. Few other books can boast that.

What can readers expect to experience in Nutmeg 4? A glimpse into the triumphs and failures, in all their myriad forms, of a small group of 8th graders. With the hope that they will see something of themselves, of their own experiences, however filtered through this heightened reality, within these pages.

Nutmeg Volume 4, which collects Nutmeg #10-12, will be in a comic book store near you on February 21st, 2018. Pre-order this delectable delight with the Diamond item code DEC170992.

Nutmeg Gets a Kickstarter for a Hardcover Edition

The Fall arc of Nutmeg (collecting the first six issues) is now available in hardcover format on Kickstarter! This coming of age story is all about baking, friendship and crime. Poppy Pepper teams up with Cassia Caraway to beat queen bee Saffron Longfellow at her brownie-baking game. And thanks to a questionable ingredient, they seem to succeed. But now they have to deal with more than just Saffron. They also have to handle the PTA and the police!

The series is by Jackie Crofts, James F. Wright, and Josh Eckert. This edition features 164 pages of content including some bonus material with a cover by Crofts.

Rewards for backers include the 164 page hardcover with bonus material, patches, enamel pins, Nutmeg oven mitt, and the chance to have a digital portrait of yourself drawn in the style of Nutmeg. Help them reach their $7,000 goal by November 15th!

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