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Fung GI Is A New Series Inspired By Samurai Tales Set In An Epic World Of Humanoid Mushrooms!

The planet Mykko, devoid of animals but populated by sentient bipedal mushrooms: the FUNG GI. An epic fantasy World like Feudal Japan and Ancient China, with fungi samurai, martial art mushroom fighters and wandering monks.

We follow Uril Barius, a resolute young female Fung Gi of the Cantha Clan, in her quest to unravel the mystery of her downfall. Her companions – wandering swordsman Basan Natta, as brooding as he is deadly, sagacious Dochiin, and wisecracking giant Kurya Sumu – are guided by their own desire for redemption in their travels through strange and perilous landscapes.

Fung GI features a story and art by J.M. Ringuet and is out this September from Scout Comics.

Jonathan Hickman’s East of West and Transhuman are Being Developed by Amazon Studios

Amazon Studios is working on two more comic series with East of West and Transhuman, both by comic creator Jonathan Hickman. Hickman has worked with artist Nick Dragotta on East of West and artist J.M. Ringuet on Transhuman.

Hickman is working with Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead, who will executive produce the series under Skybound Entertainment‘s first-look deal with Amazon Studios.

Both series will be exectuive produced by Hickman and Dragotta and Ringuet. Hickman will write East of West while another writer is being looked for to adapt Transhuman.

East of West is a re-imagined western with America divided into different regions and a conspiracy involving a prophecy. Death, as in the Four Horseman, searches for his son while the other three Horsemen work to bring about the end times.

Transhuman is a science fiction story about a divorced couple who ran a corpration allowing humans to enhance themselves through robotics and genetically.


(via Deadline)

Preview: Undertow #5

Undertow #5

Story By: Steve Orlando
Art By: Artyom Trakhanov
Cover By: Artyom Trakhanov
Variant Cover By: J.M. Ringuet
Price: $2.99
Diamond ID: APR140612
Published: June 25, 2014

Mammoth hunting! Subzero temperatures! A barbarian aqua-god and three fish-men in battle suits filled with water! What could possibly go wrong? And if Anshargal’s team doesn’t make it back soon, their home might be under Atlantean management.


Preview: Repossessed #4 (of 4)

Repossessed #4 (of 4)

By: JM Ringuet
Price: $2.99

The miniseries ends with a bang and a boom when the repo from Dee Agency learn way more than they bargained for and are left to decide on a trip to the West Coast to face the biggest threat they have ever encountered!


Preview – Repossessed #3 (of 4)

Repossessed #3 (of 4)

By: JM Ringuet
Price: $2.99

In this roller-coaster ride of an issue the crew heads to the swamps of Florida to finally repossess Sarah from a mysterious Demon. But they have to deal with more than redneck survivalists and gators: a surprise guest makes an explosive entrance and an old friend reappears. Demons galore!


Preview – Repossessed #2 (of 4)

Repossessed #2 (of 4)

By: JM Ringuet
Price: $2.99

In this explosive new issue the repo crew heads to Death Valley and Miami, closing in on the possessed Sarah. But some traps are laid in their path and powerful Demons ambush them. Is there more to Sarah than they know? Who wants her and who’s protecting her?


Review – Image’s The End Times of Bram & Ben #1 and Repossessed #1

The End Times of Bram & Ben #1

endtimes01_coverWhat would you do if you were caught in the Biblical End Times? When Heaven raptures total bastard Bram Carlson in a “clerical error” – he’s sent back and immediately uses Armageddon to his benefit! Can his anxious roommate Ben save Bram from himself – AND the gathering forces of Armageddon?

Maybe it was because of the cover (though not sure why), but I went in to reading this new comic series from Image Comics with low expectations. Boy was I off on that one. I walked away having laughed almost the entire time and looking forward to what might one of the funniest series to come out in a while.

The series reminded me a lot of Chew in both it’s tone and look. That’s a huge compliment as Chew is one of my favorite series. The humor, the writing, the characters, it’s fantastic. My only issue at all is you’d think there’d be more chaos if this happened with people running amok.

But, again, the humor here is a draw. There’s few comics I’ve read in the last year where I’ve laughed this hard. This is truly a case of don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Do yourself a favor and buy this one this week.

Story: James Asmus and Jim Festante Art: Rem Broo Cover By: Jim Mahfood

Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Repossessed #1

repossessed01_coverIn a world where Demon possessions are commonplace it’s up to a crew of overworked blue-collar repo guys to repossess the victims with old grimoires and big guns. The Dee Agency is hired by a rich NYC banker to repossess his daughter Sarah who ran away to Vegas. But the job is tougher than they expected and Demons of all sorts start popping up on the trail.

Take Ghostbusters and mix it with Hoax Hunters and you get this series. An action fueled comic that has three folks kicking demonic ass. The series was pretty solid and entertaining and this seems like it’ll wind up being an entertaining mini-series as it plays out.

I definitely like the characters and where the series will go, but overall I have a feeling this one might read better in one sitting (not a bad thing, some comics and stories are like that).

If you like Ghostbusters or Hoax Hunters, definitely check out this series. It’s a solid addition to their brand of entertainment.

Story and Art: JM Ringuet

Story: 7.5 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation: Read

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Preview – Repossessed #1 (of 4)

Repossessed #1 (of 4)

By: JM Ringuet
Price: $2.99

In a world where Demon possessions are commonplace it’s up to a crew of overworked blue-collar repo guys to repossess the victims with old grimoires and big guns. The Dee Agency is hired by a rich NYC banker to repossess his daughter Sarah who ran away to Vegas. But the job is tougher than they expected and Demons of all sorts start popping up on the trail.


Fight Your Inner Demons with Repossessed

A plague of demons getting you down? Has a loved one started gibbering in the inscrutable language of Hell? Not to worry—there are people trained to cast out those spirits! In January 2013, Image Comics will introduce you to the Dee Agency and three of its tough-as-demon-claws agents in Repossessed, a raucous new mini-series by JM Ringuet.

No-nonsense Joe, swaggering Clay, and whip-smart Martha are the best repo team at Dee Agency. Their demon-vanquishing gear consists of big guns, bigger grimoires, and a good supply of silver bullets and saints’ teeth—and they know how to use them! (Though Clay does tend to be heavy on the bombastic combat talk). They’ll need all of their skills to complete a seemingly easy mission to repossess a rich girl who has run away to Las Vegas—because this is one case of something that happens in Vegas not staying in Vegas.

Repossessed is a supernatural action-fest, with the wryness of Hellboy and the badass attitude of classic Grindhouse films—exactly what Ringuet wanted to create.

The first issue of this Dodge Charger (with a sweet flame paint job) of a comic is due in stores on January 9. Pre-order it at your local comics store from the November issue of Previews now, and save yourself the race down the interstate to snag the last issue on the shelves!

Kickstarter Spotlight – The Bargain: A Supernatural Graphic Novel Set In The 1950’s

The latest Kickstarter comic project from Kara Barrett, The Bargain is a supernatural graphic novel set in the 1950’s.

The premonitions don’t lie. Jackson Connolly knows the hellhounds are coming for him.

Twenty years ago Jackson signed his soul away to pay his mother’s gambling debt. Now his bill is coming due on New Year’s Eve.

Peddling potions and mojos as a traveling salesman most of his life, Jackson understands a thing or two about magic. But salvation always eludes him. Louisiana is his last hope.

Jackson’s hunt for a way to break the devil’s pact leads him to a haunted plantation in search of a crazy hoodoo slave ghost and then to the wild streets of 1955 New Orleans. With the assistance of an alluring creole healer named Lissette, can Jackson find a way to save himself before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve?

The Bargain will be a full color graphic novel approximately 65-75 pages. It’s a blend of moody noir, action and adventure. If you are fan of the supernatural you will love this dark tale brimming with ghosts, hellhounds and hoodoo magic. There story also has the potential for future volumes!

I’m a fan of noir comics, and add in a supernatural twist the pitch for the graphic novel appeals to me. But most importantly Kara delivers. She gets the comics out, and out on time, going out of the way to update folks and keep them in a loop. We should be supporting upstanding behavior like that for Kickstarter projects.

Art for the graphic novel is provided by J.C. Grande and J.M. Ringuet. We get some examples of what we can expect on the project page, and I’m impressed and am confident we’ll see a solid finished product. I think if you’re a fan of noir/crime comics or supernatural stories, or the combination (like Fatale), then this project is absolutely one to back.

Best Pledge: $20 or $25 gets you a copy of the book and more, it depends if you want it autographed or not. There’s lower tiers where you can get digital versions, but I’m a print person myself.