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Brandon Easton Joins Lion Forge’s Incidentals

Incidentals, created by writer/producer Ramón Govea and co-developed by Lion Forge co-founders David Steward II and Carl Reed, has been a cornerstone title in comics’ most diverse and inclusive universe since 2017.

Now, as the series moves into its third volume, Brandon Easton will co-write the title’s most ambitious storyline, in a first-person look at the culture of celebrity and superheroes. Two Hollywood veterans will tackle issues that have long terrorized Tinseltown behind the scenes, pitting heroes against their greatest fears in an arresting fictional account of the uglier side of filmdom.

The Incidentals are making their mark in Hollywood! Marko is managing the group as the initial offering from Luminous Talent Agency—Bo Vincent Chen’s latest entrepreneurial effort to recruit superhero talent. But rather than enjoy their new celebrity status, the Incidentals still struggle with their lack of communication, which threatens to unravel the team. Meanwhile, a mysterious new power player enters the fold with an eye to recruit our heroes . . . but can the Incidentals really trust him, or is something more sinister in motion? While the City of Angels may be caked in a layer of glitz and glam, the team finds themselves faced with what lurks just beneath the town’s shiny exterior.

The ninth issue of Incidentals debuted in stores last week and will return in an all-new series and volume on July 25, alongside the second collection of the previous series. Incidentals #10 pairs the new writing team with artist Jose Jaro and features covers by Ryan Brown.

Exclusive: Lion Forge Reveals Interconnecting Variants for Superb #1 and Incidentals #1

We’ve got the exclusive reveal of two variant covers for Lion Forge‘s Superb #1 and Incidentals #1, two new debuts for their Catalyst Prime line of comics. The variants are part of a series of interconnecting series of covers being released.

Superb follows teenager Kayla Tate who is forced to move back to her hometown of Youngstown, Ohio where the mysterious superhero “Cosmosis” battles the supposedly-benevolent corporation Foresight. The superhero, Jonah has Down Syndrome and Lion Forge will be working with the National Down Syndrome Society on the portrayal of the character and will include educational material for readers.

Superb is written by David Walker and Sheena C. Howard with art by Ray-Anthony Height, LeBeau Underwood, and Veronica Gandini.

Incidentals follows billionaire Bo Vincent Chen who brings together a superhero team after The Event. Things don’t go according to plan.

Incidentals was created by screenwriter Ramon Govea who’ll also serve as the story consultant, will also bring on Larry Stroman (Penciller), Rob Stull (Inker), Snakebite Cortez (Colorist), and Saida Temofonte (Letterer) to work with writer Joe Casey.

Below are the 1:25 variants by Phil Jimenez.