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Hellions #1

It’s a new week and we’ve got lots coming including some debuts of things we’ve wanted to do for a while. While you await that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web.

Newsarama – Kubert School Opens To Students Worldwide with New Online Program – This is very cool news. Take advantage!

CBR – GameStop Tells Employees to Wrap Hands in Bags and Get Back to Work – Stop supporting this chain.


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Around the Tubes

Excalibur #9

The weekend is almost here! How will you all be spending it in these strange times? Anything geek planned? Sound off in the comments. While you wait for the weekday to end and the weekend to begin, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web.

Kotaku – GameStop: We Can Stay Open During Lockdowns Because We’re ‘Essential Retail’ – Pretty sure digital downloads would disagree.


AIPT – Black Stars Above #5
AIPT – Excalibur #9
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Around the Tubes

Amethyst #1

It was new comic book day yesterday! What’d you all get? What’d you enjoy? Sound off in the comments below! While you think about that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web.

Comicbook – GameStop No Longer Plans to Sell Comics In Stores Called that one.

Newsarama – C2E2 ‘Meet The DC Publishers’ Panel Canceled Following Didio Exit Duh? It’d be insane to do since there’d be one question asked over and over.


Newsarama – 2020 Force Works #1
AIPT – Amethyst #1
AIPT – Batman: Curse of the White Knight #7
AIPT – Fantastic Four: Grimm Noir #1
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SDCC 2019: DC Collectibles Announce a Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Actio Figure Line

DC Collectibles has announced a new line of action figures that bring together Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Starting to be released in September 2019, the figure 2-packs will be sold exclusively at Gamestop and retail for $49.99.

Batman and Leonardo – In Store September 2019
Robin and Raphael – In Store September 2019
Batgirl and Donatello – In Store October 2019
Alfred and Michelangelo – In Store November 2019
Ra’s Al Ghul and Shredder – In Store December 2019

Gamestop is also selling a bundle of all five sets for $249.99.

Batman and Leonardo
Robin and Raphael
Batgirl and Donatello
Alfred and Michelangelo
Ra’s Al Ghul and Shredder

Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here and there’s so much for geeks to do. What will you all be doing? Sound off in the comments below! While you wait for the week day to end and week end begin, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web.

The Beat – Gamestop Increases Its Diversification; Soon to Begin Test-Selling Comics in Select Stores – Will you head to Gamestop to get your comics?

Plant Based News – Vegan Artists Join Forces To Create Graphic Novel Cookbook – Are graphic novel cookbooks the next big thing?



Comics Bulletin – Boston Metaphysical Society: The Scourge of the Mechanical Men

Talking Comics – Deadpool #1

IGN – Jupiter Jet Vol. 1



GameStop Levels Up with New Deadpool and Defenders PVCs!

Who’s in your Gallery? The Marvel Gallery line of PVC Dioramas has taken the collectible world by storm, offering collectors quality 9” scale sculptures of their favorite Marvel heroes at a fraction of the cost of a resin statue. From the beginning, the GameStop chain of stores has been a supporter of the line, offering variants on some of the line’s most popular characters, and now GameStop is offering a new wave of exclusives, including dioramas of Deadpool and TV’s Defenders!

Now available at GameStop stores and online, the Unmasked Deadpool diorama features an exclusive unmasked head sculpt, showing the scarred mug of Wade Wilson, the Merc with a Mouth. Leaping from a swirling flame, Wade wields his twin katanas with professional precision in this handcrafted sculpt by Jean St. Jean, based on a design by Nelson Asencio. Also available from GameStop is the exclusive X-Force edition of Deadpool, in which Wade wears a masked, grey version of his costume to mark his time with that black-ops team of X-Men.

Arriving in stores and online now, GameStop has an exclusive line of sculpts based on the Defenders, as they appeared on the popular NetFlix TV series. Designed by Nelson Asencio and digitally sculpted by Rocco Tartamella, the teamed-up vigilantes Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Iron Fist each arrive in an action pose unique to GameStop, featuring the likeness of each actor.

Coming this fall, the comic version of Thanos arrives to take on the heroic forces of the Marvel Universe! Standing atop a mountain of skulls, the death-obsessed Mad Titan strikes a menacing pose, with a sculpt by Alterton based on a design by Caesar.

Each 9-inch scale PVC diorama comes packaged in a full-color window box with a hinged fifth-panel cover, decorated with art of the product on the outside and comic or promotional art on the inside.

All of these new releases join current GameStop exclusive variants, including the Unmasked Gwenpool variant, showing off the dyed locks of Gwen Poole, the Merc with a Smirk; Red Hulk, a variant on DST’s green Hulk PVC with an all-new head sculpt; and Symbiote Spider-Man, our favorite wall-crawler in his living black suit.

Find these PVC Dioramas online at GameStop.com, or look for them at your nearest GameStop store!

GameStop Black Friday Exclusive: Funko Mystery Box!

Funko has revealed the first-ever Funko Mystery Box, available exclusively at GameStop in the United States and EB Games in Canada this Black Friday!

Each box will contain 1 exclusive Black Friday Pop! vinyl figure, 2 ReAction figures, 1 Pocket Pop! Keychain and 1 Pop! Pin all for just $20! On top of everything else, each box also has a 1 in 8 chance of containing a super-rare chase Golden Pop! vinyl figure. The thrill of the Funko chase is on at GameStop this Black Friday!

Each box is guaranteed to contain one of the following exclusive Black Friday Pop! vinyl figures:

  • Blackest Night Superman
  • Batman
  • Batgirl
  • Claptrap
  • Power Amor

All Funko Mystery Box Pop! figures are 100% EXCLUSIVE to the box – so once they’re gone, they’re gone for good! Get to your local GameStop early on Black Friday and try your luck starting at 5am. You might even Strike Gold and be the envy of Pop! collectors everywhere.

Head to your nearest GameStop location, the hunt for Pop! vinyl is on this Black Friday at GameStop!

GameStop Black Friday Exclusive Funko Mystery Box!

Cryptozoic Entertainment Expands Product Sales into GameStop

CryptozoicCryptozoic Entertainment, premier developer and game publisher, announced today it has partnered with GameStop to expand its sales of games and trading card sets. With more than 6,600 GameStop retail locations and online sales, this partnership delivers the opportunity for players to easily find their favorite games and trading cards.

Games now available include Spyfall, The Big Bang Theory: The Party Game, The Walking Dead: Don’t Look Back Dice Game, Adventure Time Card Wars releases, DC Comics Deck-Building Games and Bravest Warriors Dice Game. Along with games, GameStop also sells Cryptozoic trading card sets including Walking Dead Season 3, DC Comics Super Villains and Supernatural Seasons 1-3.

This is the latest in numerous moves by the company to expand its footprint and distribution network. In April the company modified their exclusive agreement with Alliance to allow for distribution elsewhere. In May the company announced it would cease selling trading cards direct to consumers, and then expanded their relationship with Publishing Services, Inc. In June they announced they were expanding their relationship with Diamond. This all kicked off in April when the company announced they hired a Vice President for Global Sales.

This is clearly a company looking to expand their footprint and sales and we wish them luck.

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