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Someone’s on to Veronica’s monstrous secret in this early preview of Vampironica #2!


Script: Greg and Megan Smallwood
Art: Greg Smallwood, Jack Morelli
Cover: Greg Smallwood
Variant Covers: Francesco Francavilla, Robert Hack
On Sale Date: 5/30
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

NEW ONGOING SERIES! The smartest student at Riverdale High uncovers Veronica’s secret. Will he lend a helping hand or try to drive a stake through her heart?

Elvira Returns of Comics in July

Dynamite Entertainment has announced that they’ve partnered with one of the most well-known pop culture icons of all time, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark to produce a new line of comic books and graphic novels. New tales of the gothic beauty with the razor-sharp wit from writer David Avallone and artist Dave Acosta will be making their way to comic shops this July.

The Mistress of the Dark has become unstuck in time and crashes Mary Shelley’s monster weekend, beginning an epic journey through horror history, stalked by the most terrifying nightmare to ever walk the Earth. (No spoilers!) Writer David Avallone and Dave Acosta bring you the thrills, chills and double-entendres in the first chapter of this four-issue miniseries!

Played by actress-writer Cassandra Peterson, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark was the first horror host ever to be syndicated nationally and has emerged as one of the most original and outrageous characters in popular culture today.  Her reign as ‘Queen of Halloween’ has now spanned thirty-five years and includes two nationally syndicated television series, two feature films (Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and Elvira’s Haunted Hills), an IMAX movie and two motion control rides. She has appeared in National ad campaigns for Pepsi and Coors, recorded five music CDs, written four books and licensed over Four Hundred products including pinball machines, action figures, guitars, a beer, wine, soda pop, perfume, slot machines and the best-selling female costume of all time.

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark #1 has a cover by superstar artist Joseph Michael Linsner and variant covers by J. Bone, Kyle Strahm, Craig Cermak, and Robert Hack with colors by Francesco Francavilla. Plus, a photo variant cover featuring Elvira from the set of her classic television series.

Preview: Centipede Vol 1: Game Over TP

Centipede Vol 1: Game Over TP

writer: Max Bemis
artist: Eoin Marron
cover: Francesco Francavilla
FC | 136 pages | $19.99 | Teen+


Based on the classic Atari game! When a terrifying creature from beyond the stars attacks his planet, Dale’s journey begins. But he is not out to save his world. It is already too late for that. As the lone survivor, the only thing he wants is revenge!

Writer Max Bemis (Worst X-Man Ever, Foolkiller) and artist Eoin Marron (Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original) bring you a tale of survival and vengeance like you’ve never seen before.

The Transformers Face Their Greatest Enemy Ever in this Summer’s Event Series Transformers: Unicron

The fate of all worlds are at stake, as the world-eating menace Unicron has set his sights on Cybertron, home of the Transformers robots, and next in line… EARTH! In what’s being descried as a “grand finale to the past 12 years of Transformers comics,” IDW Publishing has announced Transformers: Unicron. The event series arrives this July and will bring about the end of the Transformers universe as we know it. As Optimus Prime gathers his defense against this monstrous threat, it might be too little too late.

Veteran TRANSFORMERS creators John Barber and Alex Milne are joined by colorist Sebastian Cheng to tell the epic conclusion to the current Transformers comic book universe.

In the announcement Barber said:

Transformers: Unicron is a culmination of the years of Transformers comics I’ve been a part of… and the conclusion of one of the longest continued narrative in Transformers history. This is a story of heroism in the face of impossible odds; of a reckoning for an entire universe. I couldn’t be luckier than to have Alex [Milne] right here with me on this—if you know Alex, you know nobody puts more into the Transformers than he does, and nowhere before has he drawn drama, action, and pathos at this scale. Tying it all together is the incredible palette of Sebastian Cheng. We’ve never held back before on our Transformers comics, but this time we’re pushing ourselves—and each other—harder than ever.

Transformers mainstays from the past 12 years will be providing variant covers for the series, including Andrew GriffithNick Roche, and many more. Additionally, legendary comic artist Bill Sienkiewicz will be reinterpreting his classic cover to Transformers #1 as a special variant, along with a new cover by Francesco Francavilla.

The action kicks off on Free Comic Book Day, May 5th, with the #0 issue by the series creative; available for free at comic shops across the country. Don’t miss the world-ending first chapter of the summer’s cataclysmic event!

Batman and Robin Swing Into Riverdale in an All New Crossover

Batman and Robin are swinging their way to Riverdale and things are going to get really wild, really fast! Archie Comics and DC Entertainment are proud to present the crossover adventure 50 years in the making: Archie Meets Batman ’66! The groovy six-issue mini-series from writers Jeff Parker and Michael Moreci, penciler Dan Parent, inker J. Bone, colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick, and letterer Jack Morelli will see Gotham’s caped crusaders (as seen in the classic 1960s TV series) on a mission to Riverdale that upends the lives of Archie and the gang in a madcap adventure for the ages.

The action and intrigue of  Archie Meets Batman ’66 begins when a team of Gotham’s most notorious villains decide they need a new base of operations, one with a resident millionaire and fewer superheroes to stop them. Their plan doesn’t go unnoticed for long, and soon enough, Riverdale High has a couple new transfer students: Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon!

Archie Meets Batman ’66 #1 goes on sale July 18, 2018 with a main cover by Mike Allred and variant covers by Derek Charm, Francesco Francavilla, Sandy Jarrell (with Kelly Fitzpatrick colors), Dan Parent (with J. Bone inks, Tito Pena colors), and Ty Templeton.

Anthony Bourdain’s Hungry Ghosts is Collected in September 2018

Foodies and horror fanatics rejoice! Dark Horse is pleased to reveal that Anthony Bourdain’s Hungry Ghosts hardcover collection is now available for preorder!

Anthony Bourdain’s Hungry Ghosts features terrifying tales cooked up by the best-selling author and veteran chef, Anthony Bourdain and acclaimed novelist Joel Rose, back again from their New York Times #1 bestseller, Get Jiro!. This collection also contains all-new, original recipes prepared by Bourdain himself, plus a guide to the ghostly legendary spirits behind these horrifying tales.

Inspired by the Japanese Edo Period game Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai or 100 Candles, played by samurai warriors to test their courage, Anthony Bourdain’s Hungry Ghosts reimagines this classic game of dread and terror as a circle of international chefs invoke modern tales of horror, terrifying yokai, yorei, and obake, all with the common thread of food—and pray that they survive the night.

This horror anthology features art from stellar artists Sebastian Cabrol, Francesco Francavilla, Irene Koh, Leonardo Manco, Alberto Ponticelli, Paul Pope, Vanesa Del Rey, and Mateus Santolouco with fantastic color by Jose Villarrubia, and a drop-dead cover by Paul Pope.

Anthony Bourdain’s Hungry Ghosts goes on sale September 19, 2018.

Review: Black Panther: Man Without Fear – The Complete Collection

The popularity of the Black Panther movie, cannot be understated, as it being of the few movies to the cross Billion-dollar threshold, and for good reason. The movie had action, comedy, politics, history, and war. Never has a movie, come from the MCU, where it was self-contained, and fans were transported to an experience, one that fans will not forget anytime soon. In retrospect, the movie only scratched the surface on just how complex the character is, as describing as Marvel’s version of Batman, doesn’t do the character justice.

His journey in the comics also have takne T’Challa through the ringer, as he has faced series of trials and tribulations that’s has seen him get married, get his marriage annulled, become King of Wakanda and lose his crown to his sister, Shuri.  The movie briefly flirted with the idea that T’Challa can lose his crown and the mantle of Blck Panther. In David Liss and Francesco Francavilla’s Black Panther: The Man Without Fear, T’Challa ends up in New York city, more specifically Hell’s Kitchen.

We meet T’Challa,shortly after abdicating the throne, realizing he has to make a way without the mantle of Black Panther, he seeks a way to do good, as he finds his way to New York City, right after Matt Murdock , being corrupted by the Hand, leaves Hell’s Kitchen, for his own redemption. As T’Challa, looks to create a new identity and fight crime without the use of Vibranium or the Black Panther suit, he takes on the mantle of the Protector of Hell’s Kitchen, which brings the ire of the Romanian mob and its chief architect, Vlad The Impaler. As quiet as T’Challa is trying to keep his presence in NYC, he catches the attention of Spiderman and Luke Cage, who both don’t know he is secretly fighting crime, but Kraven the Hunter does, as he comes to the city to find him as  hatemongering version of himself pops up, in the American Panther,  both whom T’Challa defeats in some hard fought battles. By book’s end, Storm comes to aid him as he battles Lady Bullseye and finds out exactly where Matt Murdock has been, as he leaves city back in his hands, just a bit better.

Overall, an engaging book that reminds readers that though we love to see superheroes triumph, it’s when they suffer and struggle, is what builds character in them as it does in us. The story by Liss, is large, sweeping, adventurous, action packed and gives T’Challa a new light to see him under. The art by Francaviilla feels intimate, warm, and sparks in places where you least expect it. Altogether, an important part of his canon which would like a sin if it is overlooked, as any fan of Black Panther needs to read this book.

Story: David Liss Art: Francesco Francavilla
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Preview: Vampironica #1


Script: Greg and Megan Smallwood
Art: Greg Smallwood, Jack Morelli
CVR A Reg: Greg Smallwood
CVR B Var: Francesco Francavilla
CVR C Var: Audrey Mok
CVR D Var: Djibril Morrissette-Phan
CVR E Var: Marguerite Sauvage
On Sale Date: 3/14
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

NEW ONGOING SERIES! When Veronica is bitten by a centuries-old vampire, her thirst for blood threatens to turn Riverdale into a haven for the undead. Will she put an end to the vampire threat or give in to her blood lust?

Venom 30th Anniversary Variants in March

In preparation for Venom’s 30th anniversary, get ready for 20 key moments showcasing the symbiote’s epic history. These anniversary covers will feature art by some of the industry’s top creators and rising stars, including Mark Bagley, Mike Perkins, Francesco Francavilla, Ron Lim, Inhyuk Lee and more!

  1. All-New Wolverine #33 by Dustin Weaver
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #798 by Terry and Rachel Dodson
  3. Avengers #687 by Jamal Campbell
  4. Black Panther #172 by Greg Horn
  5. Captain America #700 by Mark Bagley
  6. Daredevil #601 by Ramon Perez
  7. Doctor Strange #388 by Chris Stevens
  8. Infinity Countdown #2 by Ron Lim
  9. Invincible Iron Man #599 by Akcho
  10. Marvel Two-In-One #5 by Dave Johnson
  11. The Mighty Thor #706 by Mark Bagley
  12. New Mutants #2 by Bengal
  13. Old Man Logan #38 by Greg Smallwood
  14. Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #303 by Rob Liefeld
  15. Thanos #18 by Mike Perkins
  16. Venom #164 by John Tyler Christopher
  17. Weapon H #2 by Mike Mayhew
  18. X-Men: Blue #25 by Francesco Francavilla
  19. X-Men: Gold #25 by Todd Nauck
  20. X-Men: Red #3 by Inhyuk Lee

The first wave of Venom Variant Covers will hit comic shops on March 7th. Don’t miss your chance to collect all 20 variants, coming to comic shops this February!

Vampironica Threatens to Turn Riverdale into a Haven for the Undead in this Early Preview


Script: Greg and Meg Smallwood
Art: Greg Smallwood, Jack Morelli
Cover: Greg Smallwood
Variant Covers: Francesco Francavilla, Audrey Mok, Djibril Morrissette-Phan, Marguerite Sauvage
On Sale Date: 3/14
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

NEW ONGOING SERIES! When Veronica is bitten by a centuries-old vampire, her thirst for blood threatens to turn Riverdale into a haven for the undead. Will she put an end to the vampire threat or give in to her blood lust?

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