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Marc Silvestri reveals his New Witchblade Armor Design

Marc Silvestri, Founder, CEO of Top Cow Productions, Inc. has revealed his brand new armor design for the epic retelling of Witchblade in 2024 through the Witchblade #1 Preview Edition, only available exclusively by backing The Complete Witchblade Vol. 3 Kickstarter.

To get the color version of Silvestri’s cover with foil logo, fans must become a physical tier backer. Backers can choose to add-on copies of this color version for $10. The black and white version of Silvestri’s cover can only be added on for $15 after fans unlock Top Cow’s $200K Stretch Goal. 

Within the preview edition, fans will also get a preview look into the first 12 Neo-noir pages of Witchblade #1 by Marguerite Bennett, Francesca Ciregia, and Bryan Valenza, set to release in 2024. Also included is a Thank You credit for anyone who backs this campaign. This preview edition has exclusive cover variants by Stjepan Sejic and Francesca Cirega that fans can add-on separately for $5.

In addition, Top Cow is also revealing:

  • 20 More Marc Silvestri Remarque Opportunities
  • Witchblade Collectible Metal Coin Unlocked at $220K Stretch Goal
  • Fan Question Section within Witchblade #1 Preview Edition

Top Cow is asking backers to submit their questions to be featured within the preview edition for Brian Haberlin, David Wohl, and Marc Silvestri! Submit your questions by commenting on the following threads on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Witchblade #1 Preview Edition black and white cover

Witchblade Complete Collection Vol. 3 comes to Kickstarter with a new Witchblade #1 Preview Edition

Witchblade Complete Collection Vol. 3

Top Cow Productions, Inc. is heading to Kickstarter for the Witchblade Complete Collection Vol. 3. Fans can pre-register that fans can now pre-register for its launch which will take place on Wednesday, February 1st at 7AM EST. The Kickstarter features a new limited collectible hardcover of iconic series and a backer only preview edition of the new Witchblade #1 by writer Marguerite Bennett, artist Francesca Ciregia, and colorist Bryan Valenza, and new cover by Top Cow founder and Witchblade co-creator Marc Silvestri unveiling the new Witchblade gauntlet

This Complete Witchblade Hardcover Volume 3 is a limited edition reprint of the iconic series featuring art by Randy Green, Keu Cha, Brian Ching, Francis Manapul with the main story by Paul Jenkins and collects Witchblade #37-57, Destiny’s Child #1-3, and Witchblade/Lady Death.

This Volume 3 hardcover will have an exclusive Kickstarter dust jacket and every copy will include a limited edition bookplate signed by Marc Silvestri.

For the fans who have been searching for Volume 1 and Volume 2, Top Cow announces that they will make new printed editions available via a special tier.

Also, Top Cow has confirmed that the original Witchblade wielder, Sara Pezzini, will return in a new series debuting in 2024 which will be resurrected with a special Kickststarter Witchblade #1 Preview Edition. Through this Kickstarter’s backer kit, this special edition will give fans a preview of what’s to come!

Kickstarter backers will also have their names featured in the #1 Preview Edition’s Thank You section.

Preview: Kingdom Bum #1 (of 4)

KINGDOM BUM #1 (of 4)

Writer(s): Adam Wollet and Rick Marshall
Artist Name(s): Jon Reed (pencils and inks), Jen Hickman (colors), Adam Wollet (letters).
Cover Artist(s): Main Cover: Jon Reed
Variant Cover (limited to 1500): Francesca Ciregia

32 pages/ Mature Readers/ FC
$3.99 (reg)/ $ 4.99 (var.)

It’s Game of Thrones with cardboard homes as this wild new series brings an inner city’s hidden world to life in contemporary fantasy style! First Coast City’s homeless suffer under the thumb of tyrant, Philip the Ax. As the seeds for a violent coup begin to sprout, it falls to benevolent vagabond Simon to try to stave off war and bring peace back to the alleys.

KB_01_variant cover_2x3 Preview

Preview: Art Monster #2

Art Monster #2

Writer: Jeremy Holt
Art: Francesca Ciregia
Letterer: Renzo Podesta
Colorist: Adam Wollet
Price: $0.99
Pages: 20
Rating: 15+

Unsure of how to prevent his imminent expulsion, Victor’s thoughts are sidetracked when Erin introduces him to her twin sister Emma, who is visiting for spring break and unexpectedly takes an immediate liking to him. Too preoccupied to notice her interest, Victor enlists Ivan to assist with a revolutionary art piece inspired by a vision of death and reanimation.


Preview: Art Monster #1

Art Monster #1

Writer: Jeremy Holt
Art: Francesca Ciregia
Colorist: Renzo Podesta
Letterer: Adam Wollet
Price: $.99
Pages: 16
Rating: 15+

Victor, a struggling artist in his seventh year of art school, is unable to complete the requirements for his degree. With expulsion looming, he is further sidetracked by meeting Erin, a beautiful and talented furniture designer. Around the same time, he also meets Ivan, a successful performance artist with a penchant for bizarre interactive exhibitions. Unbeknownst to Victor, these serendipitous interactions are the catalyst for what will become his artistic breakthrough.