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Wix Answers Some Questions About the DeviantArt Acquisition

deviantart-logo-wordmark-1024x762Yesterday we broke the news that Wix had acquired DeviantArt for $36 million adding the popular art site to their website platform. There were some interesting details but one stood out, that art posted on DeviantArt would be available for use on Wix websites.

There were also some lingering issues with the DeviantArt community like harassment. Luckily, the Wix team and CEO Angelo Sotira responded to our inquiries earlier today.

Graphic Policy: The news mentioned making the DeviantArt material available to Wix users. Is there any more information on how that would work? Is this going to be monetized? A mix of open source/monetized? None of the above?

Angelo Sotira: Important to note that artwork would never be shared without the artist’s explicit permission. Deviants would always have to opt-in to allow their art to be used.

How this works, and the options for our artists to broaden their audience reach are in the works. Whether this is brand building or new revenue streams, DeviantArt and Wix will look for ways for users to grow, find new fans and potentially monetize their work, if they choose to do so.

Graphic Policy: DeviantArt has had harassment issues and the site hasn’t done much to add tools to report harassment or even blocking tools. Is that a priority or on the road map for the future of DeviantArt.

Angelo Sotira: Our community is at the heart of everything we do – we are committed to providing all of our members with a safe and fun environment to create and grow.

DeviantArt’s community is more focused than other social networks on the expression of deeply personal feelings through art. In addition, the site demographics, again compared to other social networks, skew younger. The site has a clear, obvious and present reporting tool, a well enforced Etiquette Policy, blocking tools, and a well-trained Community Operations staff.

Are there improvements to be made? Absolutely. While it is early to comment on roadmap specifics, we are aware of the issues and are always looking to do better.

Wix Buys DeviantArt for $36 Million (Update)

deviantart-logo-wordmark-1024x762Wix.com has made an acquisition that greatly impacts the comic community. The Israel-based website building tool site has acquired DeviantArt, the online community for artists, designers, art fans. There’s around 325 million pieces of original art on the site with more than 40 million registered members. Wix purchased DeviantArt for $36 million in cash, including $3 million of assumed liabilities.

DeviantArt was founded in 2000 and raised about $13.5 million from backers including Autodesk, DivX, and individual investors. The site’s growth has really been through community with almost no investment in marketing or advertisement. DeviantArt also has been a supporter of artist allies such as at Comic-Con International San Diego (the site ended that in 2015 for SDCC). Still, it’s a site you see advertised by numerous artists and acts as a vital tool for writers to discover collaborators and artists to show off their skills.

The site will continue to operate on its own, but Wix will use it to help boost its website business. DeviantArt users will get Wix’s tools to build out their online presence, but beyond design, it’ll also cover commerce and other features.

Wix is also using DeviantArt to boost its own offering. The company will open up the community’s repository of art to Wix’s users for use on their own site building. It’s unknown how this will work.

Wix will also help develop DeviantArt’s desktop and mobile apps.

Angelo Sotira, co-founder and CEO of DeviantArt, will join the Wix management team. DeviantArt will continue to be based in LA.

Wix is currently valued at $2.86 billion and this deal will increase their revenue around $8 million to $417 million to $419 million, and its collections outlook by $9 million to between $461 million to $467 million. They said they will make $8 million in investments in the platform.

Update: Wix answered some of our questions concerning this announcement.

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While thousands gather in cities across the US to protest, something… Bruce Wayne steps up for “Occupy Gotham.”  Anjin Anhut posted up the below image in his Deviant Art account.  Though, I think this might be more appropriate with Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow.