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Taschen and Marvel Reveal The Marvel Comics Library

‘The Marvel Comics Library’ is an exclusive, long-term collaboration between TASCHEN and Marvel. Over the next decade, Marvel’s rarest classic comics, including Spider-Man, Avengers and Captain America will be reproduced in their original glory, in extra-large format. The library offers collectors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lay their hands on the world’s most desirable comics.

The inaugural volume of ‘The Marvel Comics Library’, Spider-Man. Vol. 1. 1962–1964features the first 21 stories of everybody’s favorite web slinger, meticulously honoring the original vision of Spider-Man creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. An in-depth historical essay by Marvel editor Ralph Macchio, an introduction by uber-collector David Mandel, original art boards, rare photographs, and other never-before-seen gems make this book the ultimate tribute to the teen who redefined what it meant to be a hero, right ahead of Spider-Man’s 60th birthday.

TASCHEN’s extra-large format, close in size to the original artworks, reveal startling new details in the work of Marvel’s most acclaimed artists. For each title in the series, the most pristine pedigreed comics have been cracked open for reproduction in close collaboration with Marvel and the Certified Guaranty Company. Rather than recolor the original production artwork (as has been done in previous decades’ reprints of classic comics), TASCHEN has attempted to create an ideal representation of these books as they were produced at the time of publication. Beginning with high grade, top-quality comics sourced with the assistance of the CGC, super-high-resolution photographs of each page were made as printed more than half a century ago, using modern retouching techniques to correct problems with the era’s inexpensive, imperfect printing. This included improved and balanced ink densities and color matching, proper registration of the four-color printing and correction of thick/thin lines resulting from the flexible plates “smudging.” The end result is a finished product — as if hot off a world-class printing press produced without economic or time-pressure constraints – tailored for readers, fans, artists and collectors alike.

Each volume features an essay by a comic book historian alongside hundreds of photos and artifacts. The books use three different paper stocks, including an uncoated and woodfree paper exclusively developed for this series that simulates the feel of the original comics.

The first 5,000 copies of Spider-Man. Vol. 1 will be numbered and released as a ‘Famous First Edition’. The book is also available as a Collector’s Edition, limited to 1,000 copies featuring an aluminum print cover tipped into a leatherette-bound spine, foil embossing, and housed in a slipcase. Each book is individually numbered. The inaugural purchase of the Collector’s Edition entitles the collector to preemptively secure the same identical edition number for all forthcoming Collector’s Edition titles in ‘The Marvel Comic Library’.

The next titles in ‘The Marvel Comics Library’ series will be Avengers. Vol. 1. 1963–1965Fantastic Four. Vol. 1. 1961–1963 and Captain America, all scheduled for release in 2022 and 2023.

A Holiday Treat? More Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red to Come this Week!?

Unless I missed an announcement somewhere it looks like we’re getting more Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red if DC Comicswebsite and comixology are to be believed. Originally announced as a 14 issue digital series, Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red will return with Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red #15 on December 21!

Running for four more chapters, the quartet all seem to have a theme of the holidays with a new round of creators. One focuses on Thanksgiving, another Christmas, another Hanukkah, and the last is New Years’. You can check out all of the listings below!

Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red was a DC Digital First release showing off where the publisher’s focus might be going in the future. The anthology series featured a new writer and artist for each issue as they put their own spin on the popular character. It’s one of the best digital releases of the year. A surprise release, the fourteen issues were released starting in June 2020 and ran through September 2020.

Check out what we might be getting soon! We’ve reached out to DC for comment about the releases.

Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red (2020-) #15

Written by Sam Humphries
Pencils Stephen Byrne
Inks Stephen Byrne
Colored by Stephen Byrne
Digital Release Date December 21 2020

“Happy Thanksquinning”
Thanksgiving at Arkham Asylum is nothing to be thankful for – but a massive riot and breakout? As far as Harley is concerned, THAT’S the reason for the season!

Harley Quinn Black + White + Red (2020-) #15

Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red (2020-) #16

Written by Frank Tieri
Pencils Tom Fowler
Inks Tom Fowler
Digital Release Date December 22 2020

“’Twas The Night Before Quinn-mas”
Harley thought she was doing a good deed by busting up the ring of crooks that stole all of Coney Island’s Christmas presents – but when her Gang gets a little overzealous and the gifts all wind up roasting in an open fire, the task of replacing every single one lands in her distinctly un-Santa-like lap!

Harley Quinn Black + White + Red (2020-) #16

Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red (2020-) #17

Written by David Mandel
Pencils Adam Hughes
Digital Release Date December 23 2020

“Title TK”
Harley learns the true meaning of Hannukah in a tale by TV legend David Mandel (VEEP) and art superstar Adam Hughes!

DC Digital FIrst

Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red (2020-) #18

Written by Paul Dini
Pencils Kevin Altieri
Digital Release Date December 31 2020

“Harley’s Seven”
Las Vegas loves to ring in the New Year with an epic fight – unfortunately for Catwoman, the gamesmaster Roulette has decided that the title card will put her up against the deadly Cheetah, VERY much against her will! It’s down to Harley and the strangest gang of criminals ever assembled to break Selina out and bust up Roulette’s winning hand!

DC Digital FIrst

Review: Hank Johnson: Agent Of Hydra #1

Hank Johnson Agent of HydraHave you ever wondered what Hydra agents do during their downtime? No? Well then,you’re probably better off reading something else. For everyone else with a burning (or even somewhat warm) desire to see a Hydra agent in his day to day existence, you’ll get to follow Hydra agent Hank Johnson as he struggles with all the usual day to day chores and activities that many of us undertake in our own lives, all while working for a terrorist organization that constantly run the risk of being attacked by the Avengers.

Who is Hank Johnson? That’s the question that nobody has ever asked, simply because nobody really cares.

Until now.

Lets get this out of the way before you go any further; Hank Johnson: Agent Of Hydra #1 is fantastic. It’s the comic book you never knew you wanted to read, giving you a brilliant look at the life of a regular guy who just happens to be working as a henchman for Hydra. The opening pages set the tone brilliantly for this comic, giving you a perfect glimpse at just who Hank Johnson is, and if he reminds you of a certain yellow skinned safety inspector, then you wouldn’t be alone. This is a light hearted comic that focuses on the life of a man who is more likely to get a fist in the face (hopefully not a clawed fist, but those are the risks of working for Hydra) than a glowing performance review.

Hank Johnson: Agent Of Hydra #1 came out of nowhere on the weekend to become my most anticipated comic released this week and it didn’t disappoint me in the slightest; which I’m genuinely surprised at because I was really looking forward to this comic, and usually when I’m looking forward to an unknown series then it inevitably will either fail to live up to my expectations, disappoint me, or on some rare occasions will meet and exceed them. This comic is one of those issues that just ticked all the right boxes for me. David Mandel has written a story in the vein of Curb Your Enthusiasm that is told in short scenes, much like a television show, before coming together for a climax that seems to very perfect for this comic.

Michael Walsh gives us some simple, yet oh so effective layouts with his art. Although they’re not flashy, they suit the pace and style of the story very well. By not overwhelming the reader’s eye as it flows across the page, Michael Walsh has allowed both the dialogue to shine, but also allows you to take in his uncanny ability to let us know exactly what Hank is thinking and feeling because of how Walsh has captured his facial expressions.

The only down side to Hank Johnson: Agent Of Hydra #1 is that it’s a one shot comic, and while Hank Johnson is as fully realized and likeable a character as you’re likely to get, I’d have love to see how the creative team would flesh out some of the supporting characters were this to become an ongoing series. How likely is that? Only time will tell, but I really hope we see more of Hank Johnson once Secret Wars has concluded.

Hank Johnson: Agent Of Hydra #1 is a breath of fresh air amidst some the more gloomier comics that are spinning out of the main arc right now, and while there’s barely any reference to Secret Wars throughout the comic, it really will have you looking at faceless henchmen in a whole new light.

And that light is awesome.

Story: David Mandel Artist: Michael Walsh Color Artist Matthew Wilson
Story: 9 Art: 8.5 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

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