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Jack and The Beanstalk heads to space this December in Grimm Space

Jack, a young mechanic, lives in a beat up old space ship called The Beanstalk. The captain is a human woman called “Mom,” and two aliens round out the crew: Zeke, who runs security, and Stilts, who handles their business relations. After a robot malfunctions on the ship, Mom orders Jack to sell it at a space station bazaar. Instead of selling it though, Jack gets sidetracked by a smooth talking alien who persuades Jack to give him the robot in exchange for a strange navigation unit. When he gets back, Mom is angry that Jack didn’t sell the robot and tosses the NAV unit aside, which mysteriously activates itself. As they’re sleeping, the ship somehow finds itself in deep space in front of a massive alien ship. Eager to prove that the NAV unit wasn’t a waste, Jack boards the ship and discovers a giant sleeping alien as well as a bunch of large golden eggs. Excited that they could sell one, Jack picks up an egg, which triggers an alarm, waking the alien. Jack races back to his ship, making it to safety just in time. Later, the crew celebrates their score while, unbeknownst to them, the egg begins to crack.

Grimm Space is written by Frank Martin, with art and cover by Dan Scalisi, variant covers by Rully Akbar and Periya Pillai, and a logo by Dave Lentz. It’s out this December from Scout Comics.

Grimm Space

NYCC 2021: Felix the Cat Returns!

The beloved black and white feline hits the pages and panels for an all-new series from Source Point Press! Felix the Cat, written by President of Studio Stario, Mike Federali and Bob Frantz, with art by Tracy Yardley; colors by Matt Herms and letters by Dave Lentz, has breathed life back into this silent-era classic character in a very exciting way!

In this new series, Felix the Cat and friends face the mysterious Xilef the Extraordinary, an all new foe more powerful than all of Felix’s past enemies combined. Can Felix and friends (classic and new) save the world from this Magical, Melodramatic, Machiavellian Malcontent?

In issue #1, Felix the Cat comes face to face with Xilef the Extraordinary, an otherworldly new enemy that will stop at nothing to get Felix’s Magic Bag.

Felix the Cat #1is scheduled to release January 2022 from Source Point Press, and will be featured on the New York Comic Con’s (NYCC) Sunday badge. Writer Mike Federali and artist Tracy Yardley are scheduled for a signing at the Source Point Press NYCC booth #2137 on Sunday, Oct. 10, from 11am-12pm.