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Review – All Crime Comics #1 and Dames in the Atomic Age

All Crime Comics #1

All Crime Comics 1 Bruce Timm CoverCars, murder, revenge. That’s the makings of a solid pulp comic. And through a twisted tale of those three things, and dames, we get an entertaining read that fits right into the crime comics of old.

The comic is a tale of car theft and murder bouncing back and forth throughout the years telling the story of two friends and their slide into crime. It hits all the right beats, with a pacing that’s brisk and entertaining. I particularly like how the story is laid out and set up.

What stands out to me is the art. It’s fantastic, raising the overall quality of the comic. I especially enjoy the second chapter which throwbacks to the early days of art and coloring, dots and all. It’s a great touch that adds ton to the comic.

Finally it’s kind of hard to not mention the cover with a beat look that just screams pulp. The small details peppered throughout the cover alone shows the small details that really drives the comic and makes it feel like a great pulp story from years past.

If you’re a fan of pulp or crime comics, this is a great buy.

Story: The Art of Fiction Art: Ed Laroche and Marc Sandroni

Story: 7.75 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy

Dames in the Atomic Age

dames_of_the_atomic_age coverThe first original graphic novel from Art of Fiction, Dames in the Atomic Age is a unique pulp tale that pays homage to the B-movies, sci-fi serials, and crime magazines of the 1940s and ‘50s.

I’m a fan of pulp. Give me a cheesy B-movie and I’m happy to sit back and zone out. This comic covers it all. Everything is thrown in there with giant ants, cloning, crazy stuff and it’s a lot of fun. What adds to it all is it’s wrapped in a crime comic, so there’s a hint of noir in there as well.

When I think of these types of movies or comics, I want something that just screams fun. I don’t want to have to think or dissect the story. I want to relax and be entertained. It’s goofy fun! That’s what this comic does. It entertains just like those same movies.

It feels like everything including the kitchen sink is thrown in here, but that’s part of the fun. While we might have scene each of the things that pop up in other movies or stories, it’s still entertaining here and most importantly fun.

There’s also some great breaks of art with different artists throwing in a short strip or pin-up that adds to the overall feel of the comic. It’s a great package, well thought out from story to production.

Story: Christopher Ryder Art: Marc Sandroni, Mike Vosburg, Paul Little, Tony Fleecs, Andy Suriano, Chris Moreno, Tone Rodriguez, Mark Dos Santos, Brad Rader and Rahsan Ekedal

Story: 8 Art: 8.75 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Buy

Baltimore Comic Con 2012 – Highlights of the Show

Comic book conventions have become more fun and entertaining as I’ve gotten to know more creators. It was great to see talented folks like Josh Fialkov, Ron Marz, the BOOM! Studios crew, folks from comiXology, the FUBAR guys and many more people I’ve gotten to know. But, conventions aren’t just about seeing old friends, it’s about finding new talent to help promote. So without delay, here’s the comic book highlights of Baltimore Comic Con 2012!

Creator: Monica Gallagher

Comic: Boobage, Bonnie N. Collide: Nine to Five – Even Rollergirls Have Day Jobs, When I Was A Mall Model

You want an example of a female creator that should be on a high profile comic book right now? Look no further than Monica Gallagher. First, her art caught my eye, then I flipped through a few of the books, every page I read got me to laugh and put a smile on my face. Having read all six comics I bought, I can say, she deserves a bigger audience. How much did I like the art? I bought the cover to one of her books and making sure I purchase the books I didn’t pick up at the convention. I’m not the only one who enjoyed Gallagher’s talent, another who read all the comics purchased was hooked too. Do yourself a favor and check out her stuff right now!

Creator: Seth Kushner, Pierce Hargan and Ryan Alexander-Tanner

Comic: Schmuck: Bush, Boobs & Brooklyn Edition

For as much as Gallagher’s book celebrated women, this comic by three men, was a brutal take from the other side. Two stories make up this anthology series and both were brutal and honest. The art and story varied in both, but for $3, it was well worth the purchase.

Creator: Yehudi Mercado

Comic: Buffalo Speedway Vol. 1 – 3

Figgs is a lifer. He’s 23 years old, he’s been delivering for Houston’s Turbo Pizza for eight grueling years, he lives with his dead-beat best friend, Super Cheese, and he’s got a supreme crush on his Friday regular, a rich girl named Pia. Life sucks, but it’s about to get suckier. The day is June 17th 1994. Today the Rockets will battle the Knicks in the NBA Finals, America will host the World Cup and OJ Simpson will lead the LAPD on a slow speed chase…. That description sold me!

Creator: Christopher Ryder – writer, Marc Dandroni – art

Comic: Dames in the Atomic Age

I first saw this book at Tr!ckster this year in San Diego, but my laziness and incompetence made me unable to pick it up. I lucked out and was able to get the graphic novel in Baltimore. The story is a pulp/noir tale involving dames and lightning shooting revolvers. The art looks solid, and I’m just a sucker for this type of comic. I’m beyond looking forward to reading this. I also grabbed  All Crime Comics from the same publisher, Art of Fiction. It also didn’t hurt Chris was super nice and shares my fandom of Janet Lee’s work.

Creator: Chris Lewis – writer, Bruno Oliveira

Comic: Drones

Lewis pitched the comic as “the war on terror meeting a Las Vegas stage show…. with a goat.” I read the first two issues and can’t wait to read the next three when they’re released.

Creator: Too Many to Name

Comic: Game Over: Insert More Quarters

A Kickstarter anthology that I missed, the simple cover caught my eye and after flipping through the interior, the art looked solid. The graphic novel is a collection of short stories by artists from a wide range of disciplines who all share a love for comics. From Illustrators, Animators, Graphic Design and Comics, we are a group of 16 artist who have came together to create a high quality graphic novel. The result is a 148 page, gorgeous collection of 16 stories in Black & White, 6″ by 9″ graphic novel.

Creator: Justin Peterson

Comic: Very Near Mint

It’s a comic book, about a comic book shop. I didn’t pick up the two volumes, instead I’m waiting for the third volume to hit Kickstarter, then I’ll get all of them at the same time.