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Unboxing: Mystery Mail Call – January 2022

What’s in the box?! We find out opening up our first Mystery Mail Call box!

You can get yours for $34.99 + $10 shipping: https://www.comictom101.com/


  • Regie Collects Presents: Guide to Smart Comic Collecting Trade Dress – Print count: 1075
  • Buffy the Last Vampire Slayer Virgin #1 – Print count: 886
  • Unikorn #1 (Dr. Seuss Homage) – Print count: 3000
  • Evil Ernie #1 (TMNT Homage) – $6 to $10
  • The Defenders #113 – $6 to $15
  • North Bend (comic tag) – $6.99

Scout Comics’ Wave Two Comic Tags Are Now Available!

The second wave of Scout Comics Comic Tags have been revealed and are now available. The second wave includes Grit, Metalshark Bro: Volume One, Once Our Land: Volume One, Solar Flare: Season Two, Heavenly Blues, The Shepherd: Volume One, Smoketown, and Infernoct.

Scout has hinted more publishers are coming on board in the future.

Comic Tags is a way to both distribute and collect digital comic books that addresses some of the biggest problems that comic publishers and comic collectors face. Comic Tags are a hybrid of comic books and trading cards.

These limited edition collectible cards each have a unique scratch off code to download a PDF copy of the graphic novel featured on the card. They’re attached to hangable backers that open, close, and look like a mini-comic book. These backers have interiors that are pulled right from the comic, giving you a glimpse at what you’re getting and a fun art piece to hang on to along with the collectible card.

Comic Tags have a price point lower than buying typical print and digital trade paperbacks. Most graphic novels are priced between $14.99 and $29.99 each.

Like the first wave release, the second wave of Comic Tags are launching at a retail price of only $6.99 each. For collectors, it’s a fraction of the trade paperback price. For publishers, it’s a whole new product line and profitable way to sell their digital books.

Comic Tags and Scout Comics Announce a Partnership for a New Way to Collect Comics

Comic Tags is a way to distribute and collect digital comics that looks to address publisher and collector concerns. Comic Tags are a combination of comic books and trading cards.

The limited-edition collectible cards each have a unique scratch-off code to download a PDF copy of the graphic novel featured on the card. They’re attached to hangable backers that open, close, and look like mini-comics. The backers have interior art from the comic delivering a nice preview and some art collectors can hang on to.

Comic Tags’ releases are made to look like miniature comic books including the clear plastic sleeve that each comes with. Inside each mini ‘comic’ cover is a limited edition collectible card that contains a unique code that allows the bearer to download a digital PDF of the comic book pictured on the card.

They also have a lower price point that physical copy. Collections and graphic novels can cost anywhere between $14.99 and $29.99 but the first wave of Comic Tages are priced at $6.99.

Comic Tags’ first wave includes 8 releases from Scout Comics, The Mall, White Ash, Mindbender, Stabbity Bunny, It Eats What Feeds It, Gutt Ghost, Solar Flare, and The Source.

Comic Tags will be tailored to each publisher’s library with custom special variants, holographic chase cards, limited edition foil, and metal cards and of course, one-of-a-kind limited edition and artist signed variant covers. It’s a new way for collectors to pick up some of their favorite series, and a way for publishers to put both new and back catalog titles into the market in a fresh way.