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Denver Comic Con and co-founder Charlie LaGreca Mediation Concludes

DCC 2014 Logo HiResAfter lots of mediation, it looks like the battle between Comic Book Classroom, the nonprofit parent of the Denver Comic Con, and one of its co-founders Chalie LaGreca has reached a conclusion, though details of the agreement reached are being held under wraps.

A statement was released on the Comic Book Classroom website:

Comic Book Classroom (CBC) and Charlie LaGreca are pleased to announce we have successfully completed our mediation. Together we discussed the challenges in growing a successful nonprofit and have come to an agreement about how to move the organization forward with the vision of the original founders, including Charlie LaGreca. Both parties are satisfied and have mutually agreed to keep the mediation details confidential, but rest assured that CBC reaffirms its commitment to supporting artists, to the power of comic books in engaging students in the classroom, and bringing Denver the world-class comic convention it deserves.

Mediation had been going on since February after a meltdown that accused Comic Book Classroom of falling short of its goals and vision, after LaGreca was ousted from the organization.

CBC_Logo_250_137We looked into the available reports, from back in 2012, to see if the claims had merit. We’re still awaiting to see the 2013 filings for the organization, and will go through them when they’re released. We were contacted by the non-profit and convention over Twitter and were promised a simple response to our investigation, a response that has yet to come.

Some education programs have been announced by the non-profit/convention, but details have been scarce.

Though exact details and statements are scared LaGreca said to the Denver Post:

I’m happy with the outcome and our reaffirmation towards comic books, artists, and kids. I believe great things are coming and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the Con!

The Denver Comic Con returns to the Denver Convention Center June 13-15.

Comic Book Classroom Literacy Program in Denver

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Using comic books for educational purposes seems to be gaining acceptance around the nation.  The latest program has been launched in Denver, Colorado.  Charlie LaGreca remembers learning to read through comic books and has put together a program to promote literacy and vocabulary among underserved students using comic books and graphic novels.

The Denver Post reports:

LaGreca and his team go into participating schools once a week for eight weeks teaching the basics of the craft — starting with the comic-book language like, “What is a thought balloon?” They teach story, structure, character and the natural rise and fall of plotlines — essential storytelling elements that can help students in other classes. By the end, all the kids invent their own original comic book.

LeGreca created Comic Book Classroom two years ago with Frank Romero, the former manager of retail operations for Mile High Comics; Christina Angel, who teaches a course at Metro State and Arapahoe Community College about comic books; and Illya Kowalchuk, who has a master’s degree in integrating creative arts into classrooms.