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A New Magic: The Gathering Set Announced for April

Shadows of InnistradApril 8 sees a new release for Magic: The Gathering. Wizards of the Coast announced the new 297 card set which is the first in the next block for the popular collectible card game. Dubbed Shadows Over Innistrad the set will see its pre-release April 2-3 and Launch Weekend events April 8-10. There’s also an official Game Day planned for April 30-May 1 as well as a Magic Online version April 18, with pre-release events April 15-18.

The set will be released in Booster Packs, Intro Packs, Fat Packs, Deck Builder’s Toolkits, and Gift Boxes.

Before this set sees release, the second half of the Battle of Zendikar block, Oath of the Gatewatch, releases January 22.

Wizards of the Coast Announces Magic Origins on July 17

Magic OriginsWizards of the Coast announced today Magic Origins, a new Magic: The Gathering set releasing this July. This pivotal new set reveals the origin stories of five of Magic‘s most beloved Planeswalker characters.

In the Magic: The Gathering Multiverse, some mages are born with a rare gift, simply known as “the spark.” When such mages face a great ordeal, their spark’s potential is unleashed, elevating them to become Planeswalkers and travel between the planes of the Multiverse. Magic Origins will reveal for the first time these pivotal moments for five Planeswalkers: Gideon Jura, Jace Beleren, Liliana Vess, Chandra Nalaar, and Nissa Revane.

Doug Beyer, Magic‘s senior creative designer said:

Magic Origins is a different kind of core set than we’ve ever done before, one with ambitious story goals and deep creative impact. All core sets in recent years have had Planeswalker cards, but Magic Origins doesn’t just contain five Planeswalkers-it’s also about those Planeswalker characters. It’s about certain points in time in those Planeswalkers’ lives-the events that led them to become Planeswalkers-and is meant to set up a lot of our plans for Magic‘s future story. We’ll see these characters’ home worlds, learn about the joys and crises of their early lives, and discover how they became the Multiverse-traveling Planeswalkers we know today.

With an impressive 20 million players and fans worldwide, this sounds like a set whose release will be anticipated, adding even more depth to the Magic: The Gathering mythology.

Magic Origins will release worldwide on July 17, 2015.

Magic: The Gathering – Fate Reforged

MTGFateReforgedWizards of the Coast has revealed the title and release details for the second of three sets in the Khans of Tarkir block. Fate Reforged will be released on January 23rd, 2015 with pre-release events held on the weekend of January 17-18. The official Fate Reforged Game Day will be the weekend of February 14-15. The Magic Online release of Fate Reforged should see release on February 2nd, 2015. There will also be a Pro Tour even in Washington, DC February 6-8, 2015.

The 185 card set will be available in Booster Packs, Intro Packs, Fat Packs, and Clash Packs.

The Khans of Tarkir will be last 3-set block that Wizards of the Coast has planned for Magic: The Gathering. They have announced changes for future sets once this three block set wraps up.

Magic: The Gathering Makes Major Release Changes

magic the gathering logoWizards of the Coast has some big changes coming for Magic: The Gathering beginning in the fall of 2015. The game’s releases will be shifting, moving from a three block set to a two block, twice-a-year format.

This change will be due to perceived limitations and concerns with the current plan, including how to keep interest up as blocks progress, the needs of new players and experienced vets, and the overall story among other things.

This change means the elimination of the core set, and the rotation of Standard format cards every 18 months instead of 24. This change will affect the Khans of Tarkir release, which will be the last of the three set blocks. This changes how long cards from that set will be legal for the Standard format.

The yearly format will now include a large fall expansion and small winter expansion in “World 1,” and then a large spring expansion and small summer expansion set in “World 2.”

Standard will be changing a lot, so this’ll be interesting how it all shakes out in tournaments. In 2016 the format will play three two-set blocks instead of two three-set blocks.

Can’t wait to see where this goes!

(via ICv2)

Kaijudo Elite Series: Horde of Onslaught, Out Today!

Kaijudo LogoToday, Wizards of the Coast announced the release of Kaijudo Elite Series: Horde of Onslaught.

This Elite Series deck flashes its might in all gold foil! For the first time ever the cards in the set are printed with a premium treatment to include metallic gold borders. This event-ready 40-card deck features popular cards that are used frequently in the competitive scene. In addition, the set offers shiny versions of older cards and three brand new cards!

Horde Onslaught

Magic: The Gathering Enlists 14 Gaming Luminaries for New Set

Magic 2015 - campaign logoThe release of Magic 2015 – Duels of the Planeswalkers and the Magic 2015 – Core Set is right around the corner! And, this year, for the first time ever, players will be able to equip their decks with cards designed by 14 luminaries from the video game industry.

These playable cards were conceived by some of the brilliant, creative minds behind popular games, including George Fan (Plants vs. Zombies), Notch (Minecraft), and Rob Pardo (World of Warcraft), with each infusing their own personal flavor into the cards’ designs.

The designers and their cards include:

Spirit Bonds – Justin Gary
Wall of Essence – Isaiah Cartwright
Chasm Skulker* – Mike Neumann
Master of Predicaments – David Sirlin
Cruel Sadist* – Edmund McMillen
Ob Nixilis, Unshackled – Brad Muir
Xathrid Slyblade* – Rob Pardo
Aggressive Mining* – Notch
Goblin Kaboomist* – Stone Librande
Genesis Hydra* – George Fan
Yisan, the Wanderer Bard – Brian Fargo
Avarice Amulet* – Penny Arcade
Hot Soup* – James Ernst
Shield of the Avatar – Richard Garriott
Waste NotMagic community

*These cards will also appear in Magic 2015 – Duels of the Planeswalkers.

It’s great to see the classic game infuse itself with new ideas that makes it exciting with each release! Check out the cards below.

Magic: The Gathering – Khans of Tarkir in September

MTG Khans of Tarkir logoThis September sees the release of the next Magic: the Gathering set, Magic: The Gathering – Khans of Tarkir. This is the first in a three set block and will hit shelves September 26.

The set revolves around new setting for the game Tarkir, the homeworld of plansewalker Sarkhan Vol.

As reported by ICv2:

There’s something that people have been asking us to do for quite a while that we’re finally bringing back after a long absence in Magic.  And there’s something that people have been asking us to do that we’ve never done, that for the first time we’re doing in Khans of Tarkir.

The cards will be available in Booster Packs, Intro Packs, Event Decks, and Fat Packs.

Wizards of the Coast will hold the usual events and support for the new release. Pre-release events will occur on September 20 and 21. Launch Weekend will be September 26-28. A Pro Tour event is planned for October 10-12, and a Game Day on October 18-19.

MTG Khans of Tarkir Art

Magic: The Gathering 2015 Core Set in July

Magic 2015 - Hunt Bigger GameWizards of the Coast have announced that the 2015 Magic: The Gathering Core Set will hit stores this July. The set will clock in at 269 cards and be available in Booster Packs, Intro Packs, Fat Packs, and a brand new thing called Clash Packs. The tagline for the set is “Hunt Bigger Game.”

This set is slight bigger than the 2014 set, which had 249 cards, and brings some changes to the actual card design. A new holofoil stamp will appear as a small silver oval in the bottom center of all rares and mythic rares going forward. A second change in this set is that collector info will appear in the lower left of the card. This indicates that card’s unique collector number, rarity, set, and language.  A small dot between the set and the language will appear as a star on premium cards. Some style changes to the cards are also coming including a custom new font, a decreased border size, larger art and text boxes, and designer credits for some cards will now be included at the bottom of the flavor text box.

MTG Clash Pack_MDBeyond design changes, Clash Packs are new as well. Clash Packs will alternate with Event Decks in releases. These new packs introduce new players to more advance play and deck customization. These packs come with two ready to play 60 card decks, six premium foil cards with alternate art, a deck box, a strategy guide, and rules reference card. They’ll retail for $29.99.

The set’s pre-release even will occur July 12-13. Launch weekend will be July 18-20. The Pro Tour even will be in Portland, Oregon on August 1-3, and Game Day will be August 9-10.

WotC will support the release with the normal program of events.  Pre-release events will occur on July 12-13.  Launch Weekend will be July 18-20.  The Pro Tour Event will be held in Portland, Oregon on August 1-3.  Game Day will be August 9-10.

Wizards of the Coast Announces Kaijudo – Invasion Earth

image001Wizards of the Coast has announced a brand new Kaijudo expansion, Kaijudo – Invasion Earth! The new set will be available at retail beginning Friday, November 8th. The set arrives just in time as The Choten leads his army of corrupted creatures through the Veil to conquer the world and only a Kaijudo Duel Master can stand in their way.

The Invasion Earth expansion adds 90 brand new cards to Kaijudo that closely tie-in to the animated television series and gives players a variety of exciting options for deck-building, including powerful new Corrupted Creatures. Two dynamic new play mechanics are introduced along with a new Super Rare foil Monarch card: Almighty Colossus of the Nature Civilization.

An exclusive new creature card, Vicious Squillace Scourge, is featured in the Competitive Deck release: Choten’s Army

Taking place on Saturday, November 9th, the Set Premiere is the first chance to crack open packs of Invasion Earth and play with all of the new cards in the latest Kaijudo expansion. The tournament format is Sealed Deck, so participants will be building decks using only the cards found in their booster packs. Winners of each tournament match will win promo card prizes! The Set Premier takes places at local participating stores around the country.

Kaijudo Shattered Alliances Now Available; Set Premier Today

Kaijudo – Shattered Alliances is now available at retail! The new card set, by Wizards of the Coast, is a game-changing expansion, adding 90 brand new cards and introducing five new civilization combinations, among other new features. And today, Saturday, September 14, players can crack open new Shattered Alliances packs at the Set Premiere taking place at local stores around the country.

Here’s more of what you can expect with this release:

  • Shattered Alliances: Clash of the Duel Masters introduced the first multi-civilization cards, but now Shattered Alliances follows up with the remaining five civilization combinations, enemies that are unlikely allies in a huge war that’s gripped the entire Creature Realm. These new combinations make building multi-civilization decks even easier for players and open up new strategies for Kaijudo.
  • New Cards: Shattered Alliances adds 90 brand new cards to Kaijudo, giving players dynamic options for deck building that redefine the meta game. The set introduces powerful new mechanics and two new Super Rare foil Monarch cards: Haven of the Light Civilization and Queen Kalima of the Darkness Civilization.
  • Booster Packs: Each booster pack contains 9 cards plus a code card!
  • Competitive Deck: An exclusive new creature card, Death Liger, is featured in the Competitive Deck release, Solar Eclipse.
  • Set Premier: Taking place on Saturday, September 14th, the Set Premiere is the first chance for players to duel with cards from the Shattered Alliances set. Winners of each tournament match will win promo card prizes!
  • Duel Day: Join the Kaijudo Community in your local store with weekly Kaijudo Duel Day tournaments. Visit www.wizards.com/WPN to find a store near you.


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