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Super-Articulate: DC Multiverse Kid Flash and Imaginext Catman

Last week, we took a look at DC Multiverse Vixen and two of the DC Series 6 Blind Bag figures from Imaginext. I’d planned to go in a different direction this week, but the shifting tides of internet orders and such put other stuff in my hands first. So we’ll stick to a general theme and hit another DC Multiverse entry and one more Series 6 Blind Bag.

DC Multiverse Kid Flash (Mattel): You can probably all guess my first comment, right? Variation on “It’s a damn shame that Mattel has been leveling up so much only to have the license depart at year’s end.” Today, we consider the New 52 Wally West (though it’s also the costume he wears in Rebirth with the Teen Titans. Just go with it.)

This one is another fine sculpt with good costume details. The figure also comes with two sets of hands (fists, shown & flat hands). As you can tell, the face and head came out nicely, including the lightning bolt ear pieces.

However, this figure has an obvious flaw. I’m not sure if it’s across the entire production run or just this figure in particular, but the shoulders are a noticeable color mismatch from the rest of the arms and torso. It doesn’t kill my enjoyment of the figure, but it doesn’t withstand the close inspection that you can make of Vixen, The Ray, or Wonder Girl, for example.

Overall, this Kid Flash is a good figure, but that distracting color problem denies it from greatness. It does look good on the shelf with the other Titans, though.

Imaginext DC Super Heroes Series 6 Blind Bag Catman (Fisher-Price): Last time, we looked at Zan and Signal, this time up we’ve got Thomas Blake himself, Catman. Catman was a middling Batman villain until he received a mega-upgrade in Secret Six a decade ago from Gail Simone and Dale Eaglesham. Together with Deadshot and Bane, that gives you one half of an Imaginext Secret Six.

This one’s great. Funny expression, nice cloth cape, good paint opps, and the claws. The claw are pretty amazing, actually. The continual evolution of Imaginext sculpting is always impressive. Catman also comes with a briefcase (my son Connor believe that it contains the get-out-of-hell-free card from Gail’s classic story). We’ll stay on the lookout for the other three (Jayna, Dr. Fate, and Super Lex Luthor).

Super-Articulate: Back to DC

After a few straight weeks of Marvel Legends, it’s time to pivot back to DC. Mattel’s DC Multiverse distribution has been spotty in my area; you can find the Aquaman movie figures, but good luck with just about anything else right now. However, I did acquire a Vixen.

DC Multiverse Vixen: This is another straight-up solid sculpting job from the folks at Mattel. What I’m most impressed by is the fact that they were able to capture the look of the hairstyle that Vixen wore in Justice League of America (which was a fun book, now dead). I know I wasn’t the only fan of that title, as a number of Multiverse figures were drawn from that particular Rebirth run (Lobo, The Ray, the forthcoming Black Canary, Vixen). As such, Vixen is sporting the costume from that run, as well. It’s just a figure with overall good presentation.

Vixen comes with one accessory; in this case, it’s a translucent purple eagle that’s mean to replicate the visual from the comics when Vixen accesses one of her animal powers. Going with the bird makes sense because it’s a power that she uses often and it’s small enough to be an easy pack-in. I like the look of the accessory, although I would have liked a stand or some kind of attachment with it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m sad to see Multiverse go at the end of this year after it really got on track. It would have been nice to see this group of sculptors get to the JSA and the Legion after the fine work they’ve done on the League, the Titans, and the Batman family. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

DC Multiverse Vixen

Imaginext DC Super Heroes Blind Bag Series 6:One DC expression that Mattel gets to keep is the Fisher-Price housed Imaginext line. The current series went with some excellent and crazy choices. There’s Zan and Jayna (the Wonder Twins), Superman-armor Luthor, Dr. Fate, Catman, and The Signal (Duke Thomas). My boys and I have only found two so far, so we’ll go ahead and take a look at Zan and Signal.

The Signal is Duke Thomas, one of the Robins from the We Are Robin series. Duke became more involved in the official Bat Family and received his own individual costume and codename. Signal comes packed with a pair of ninja kama. Imaginext has really upped their sculpting game in the past few years, and the Signal is a good example of that. While the bodies are frequently basic with (admittedly  great) paint jobs, the heads are increasingly unique. This has a good look overall and the vibrant yellow stands out.

Zan and Jayna are no-brainers for a line like this. Zan looks like a decent adaptation of his cartoon self; no real surprises. The best thing is his accessory. As you know, Zan can change into forms of water, and would regularly be carried by his bird-form sister in a bucket. So, of course, Zan comes with . . . the bucket. And the water has his face! Yes, they actually did that. Major kudos, Fisher-Price. Major.

The Imaginext line remains a terrific kids’ focus line, though I know more than a few adult collectors that like to display them as well. While this line-up seems to be a little bit harder to find, these two indicate that their commitment to DC is still in good form.

New Batman Mini Releases, Harley Quinn, Hawkgirl, Court of Owls, Cyborg and More

Knight Models have released January’s new models for their Batman the Miniature Game. The figures are an interesting mix adding some more non-Batman specific DC Comics characters, expanding one faction, and expanding the Batman: The Animated Series line of figures.

Brand new figures include an Animated Series version of Harley Quinn, a new set for the Court of Owls, Hawkgirl, Cyborg, Catman, and some other items for the game.

Check out the images below and you can get the figures now!

Review: Secret Six #1

secret six - covBy my count this is now the fourth version of this DC Comics’ team.  The original debuted in the late 1960s, a group of people brought together by the mysterious Mockingbird working together towards an unknown goal.  This format has continued throughout the various other versions, the 1980s version where each member had been handicapped in some way, of the 2000s version where the villainous characters were brought together and where Mockingbird was finally known.  This version seems to be a combination of all of the previous, and although the most recent version of the series had a dedicated fan following, this series is quite different.

The story here brings the same six characters together, though the reader is likely only to be familiar with one or two of them.  Most of the action here focuses on Catman, the lone holdover thus far from the previous run of the characters.  As he is brought in to the mix of the other characters, things are for the first time shown to be very different from previous.  Although this is a group of supervillains, their connection to each other is very different than the most recent version, tying instead more into the previous versions, where group of strangers must learn to work with each other.  In a bit of Saw-like inspiration, the characters are forced into situations where they are stuck together in a room and forced to comply to demands from the voices directing them.  The other characters are introduced in this way, but the readers will be left with more questions than answers going forward.

Those fans of the previous incarnation of the team that read this might find themselves a little lost.  Although still written by Gail Simone, this is not the team that won so much attention a few years ago.  The pace here is different as is the focus, but the potential is still there.  This is starting out less on a bang like some might have expected, but the pieces are all there for the development of an engaging series.  Readers will have to wait and see if Gail Simone can make lightning strike twice.

Story: Gail Simone Art: Ken Lashley
Story: 7.8 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7.8 Recommendation: Read