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Exclusive Preview: Carnage: Black, White, and Blood #2 (of 4)

Carnage: Black, White, and Blood #2 (of 4)

(W) Chip Zdarsky, Donny Cates, Ram V. (A) Ram V., More (CA) Marco Checchetto (VCA) Kyle Hotz
Parental Advisory
In Shops: Apr 21, 2021
SRP: $4.99

• The symbiotic slaughterfest continues, in the second installment of the stomach-churning study of ultraviolence called CARNAGE: BLACK, WHITE & BLOOD!
• FIRST! The DAREDEVIL team of Chip Zdarsky & Marco Checchetto lends their brutal sensibilities to an eye-popping story pitting Carnage against THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN as you’ve never seen before!
• THEN! Al Ewing, who’s brought a nigh-unthinkable level of body horror to the world of the IMMORTAL HULK, lends his terrifying talents to a tale – and if you thought his HULK stuff looked painful, you ain’t ready for what he’s done with Carnage!
• BUT WAIT! Because you readers out there in Mighty Marveldom deserve the best, we’ve brought comics heavyweight RAM V aboard for a story sure to make your skin crawl!

Carnage: Black, White, and Blood #2 (of 4)

Review: Carnage, Black, White, and Blood #1

Carnage: Black, White, and Blood #1

There’s been a string of anthology releases with a “color” theme about them. Black, white, and red has been a popular combo. Then there’s also blue and red. There’s the “blood” direction that Marvel has gone as in “black, white, and blood”. Carnage: Black, White, and Blood #1 is the latest anthology that focuses on the ruthless killer.

With a trio of stories the anthology is an interesting one delivering three very different adventures. The first is a very tradition superhero affair with Carnage drifting off to another life. The second takes place in the Wild West with a lawman on the hunt for Carnage. The final is a brilliant choose your own adventure story.

Each has their strengths and weaknesses and each are intriguing takes on the character. There’s still some underlying themes with each, specifically how much of a force of nature the character is and how uncontrollable Carnage is as a symbiote. There’s some stumbles in a few of the stories but it’s an entertaining read, especially the roleplaying like choose your ow adventure, an entry I’d love to see more of.

The art delivers on the chaos as well with visuals that match the death and destruction within the comic. There’s some solid work, especially with the western, that really fits the stories they’re telling and the use of minimal colors makes things interesting. With such a focus on “blood”, it’d be easy for the comic to overdo the red but it’s done at a level that doesn’t distract.

Carnage: Black, White, and Blood #1 is an interesting comic. If you’re a fan of the character, go for it. It’s entertaining and has some interesting takes. For those new, there’s not enough that really jumps out. It’s good one-and-done stories that has some “fun” with a despicable character.

Story: Tini Howard, Benjamin Percy, Al Ewing Art: Ken Lashley, Sara Pichelli, John McCrea
Color: Juan Fernandez, Mattia Iacono Letterer: Joe Sabino
Story: 7.0 Art: 7.0 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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Preview: Carnage, Black, White, and Blood #1

Carnage, Black, White, and Blood #1

(W) Al Ewing, Ben Percy, Tini Howard (A) Ken Lashley, John McCrea (A/CA) Sara Pichelli
Parental Advisory
In Shops: Mar 24, 2021
SRP: $4.99

Witness the cerebral chaos caused by CARNAGE, brought to life by some of the greatest creators at Marvel!
But beware, True Believers, true to their titular character’s namesake, these spine-chilling tales are not for the faint of heart and presented in BLACK, WHITE AND BLOOD!

Carnage, Black, White, and Blood #1

Carnage is Unleashed on Peach Momoko’s Carnage: Black, White, & Blood #1 Cover

Recently announced as a member of the inaugural class of Marvel’s Stormbreakers, superstar artist Peach Momoko continues to turn out bestselling variant covers for Marvel’s hottest titles. Fans can now see her latest creation, featuring a depiction of Spider-Man’s scariest foe reimagined in Momoko’s trademark style, for Carnage: Black, White, & Blood #1.

Featuring all-star creators such as Donny Cates, Ken Lashley, Sara Pichelli, Benjamin Percy, Tini Howard, and more, Carnage: Black, White, & Blood will present Carnage’s most spine-chilling tales in BLACK, WHITE, AND BLOOD. See Momoko’s cover below and don’t miss adding this latest variant cover masterpiece to your collection when Carnage: Black, White, & Blood #1 hits stands in March.

CARNAGE: BLACK, WHITE, AND BLOOD #1 Peach Momoko variant cover

Patrick Gleason Delivers a Mesmerizing Variant Cover for Carnage: Black, White, & Blood #1

In the same vein as his iconic Amazing Spider-Man #55 cover, Marvel Stormbreaker Patrick Gleason delivers another stunning cover for the debut issue of Carnage: Black, White, & Blood and Cletus Kasady has never looked more frightening. These striking illustrations have become a major hit with fans, selling out at comic shops across the country.

Featuring all-star creators such as Donny Cates, Ken Lashley, Sara Pichelli, Benjamin Percy, Tini Howard, and more, Carnage: Black, White, & Blood will feature Carnage’s most spine-chilling tales presented in BLACK, WHITE, AND BLOOD. See Cletus Kasady cackle at the horror he’s about to unleash on Gleason’s cover below and don’t miss adding this extraordinary cover to your collection when Carnage: Black, White, & Blood #1 hits stands in March.

CARNAGE: BLACK, WHITE, AND BLOOD #1 Patrick Gleason cover