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The Fall: Vengeance & Justice #5 Out Now from PLB Comics

Independent comic book publisher PLB Comics will be releasing their fifth issue of The Fall: Vengeance and Justice series, due out just in time for Christmas. This twenty-eight page anthology style book features six tales of The Fall’s never-ending quest to rid the streets of the crime and corruption that plague his city.

Containing a multitude of differing styles, this book is bursting with writing and artwork from such notable indie creators as Josh Shockley, Brandon Spicer, Brian Spicer, Nathaniel Johnson, Grim Rascal, Chris Fischer, Frank Dawson Jr. and James Dufendach. The diverse and intriguing work produced by such an innovative group of creators gives The Fall: Vengeance and Justice #5 a little something for every taste, and a chance for readers to discover styles not often represented in the comic medium.

The Fall: Vengeance and Justice #5 finds The Fall continuing his battle with a seemingly unstoppable serial killer and underworld forces controlled by the mysterious General. Allies are gathering to The Fall’s side, though not by his choice. His war on crime has attracted others to take up his cause, Vida and the C.O.F. are joining the fight but not without a cost. Finally a small spark threatens to ignite the city as rival crime syndicates start to clash for dominance. All in all The Fall: Vengeance and Justice #5 brings together many stories published in previous issues and puts The Fall firmly on track for the most harrowing battles to come.


Baltimore Comic Con 2013: Review: PLB Comics 2013 Halloween Special

plb halloween special 2013Debuting this weekend at Baltimore Comic Con, independent comic book publisher PLB Comics have released their second annual Halloween Special. The hefty thirty-six page book is jam packed with tales of terror, suspense and revenge. The anthology overall is entertaining with some stories standing out more so than others, but the entire package is worth picking up.

Featuring a multitude of differing styles, this book features five self-contained stories with writing and artwork from such notable indie creators as Josh Shockley, Nikkol Jelenic, Cheltsey Vann, Ryan Thompson, Brandon Spicer, Brian Spicer, Miranda and James Dufendach, as well as a pin up by Buz Hasson and Ken Haeser creators of The Living Corpse.

While this Halloween Special has a higher page count than most comics, PLB has decided to keep it at the three-dollar price point, a great value for an independent comic. And overall a great jumping on point for anyone interested in checking out what PLB has to offer.

Overall the stories are pretty entertaining with the majority standing out in the good category. The art too is really good for an independent comic produced by a small publisher. Overall, it’s a solid entry.

The only knock I have at all is not all the stories fit a “Halloween” vibe. A greater focus on that would have made this a stronger release. Though overall, the stories are still good, so it’s not all bad.

PLB continues to show off their strengths. Their releases are consistently entertaining and the company deserves a dedicated following, one I hope they’re getting. Overall, the company is doing everything right as a micro-publisher. Finding interesting stories to tell with interesting characters and talented individuals to make that all happen.

If you’re at the convention this weekend are looking for a fun independent comic to grab, do yourself a favor and swing by their booth to check this one out.

Story: Josh Shockley, Brian Spicer, Miranda Dufendach, James Dufendach, Cheltsey Vann Art: Josh Shockley, Brandon Spicer, Ryan Thompson, Nikkol Jelenic, Cheltsey Vann
Story: 7 Art: 7 Overall: 7 Recommendation: Buy

PLB Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review